It was completely fitting that he was in a terrible mood, the rain was pouring like another Great Flood was about to occur, his house was a dark, looming Victorian manor, and he was a vampire.

It was like a bad Tim Burton movie. Except it was his life.

Roxas hanged his coat up in the hall closet, where it promptly fell with a wet smack back unto the ground. The whole Axel situation was leaving him so strangely emotional, uncaring, and, dare say, angsty, that the simple act of retrieving his fallen coat from the floor was deemed unimportant in comparison to walking over to his couch and just laying there.

That is what he would have done, if someone wasn't already sitting on it.

Roxas pulled himself out of his stupor to register the still being sitting casually on his couch, and no, he wasn't entirely sure who it was. Through the numb haze Roxas had been in since school let out, the shock and anxiousness that the current situation provided in started to sink in.

"Well, it has been a while, hasn't it Roxas."

Roxas, like most other people who had been unceremoniously dumped by their lover, had mentally prepared a cool, suave speech in the case that they ever met their ex-paramour. Countless scenarios had played through Roxas' head throughout the centuries, scenarios which ended in various amounts of nudity and/or murder, depending on the mood. However, the murder ones had played more prominent as the decades passed, until they were almost a comforting thought. In fact, Roxas had been planning on indulging in a detailed imagining of the ex in question in various states of dismemberment, before seeing him, very much alive and attached, sitting on his couch.

His favorite couch, as if the situation wasn't already infuriating.

"Um," he croaked.

So much for that speech.

As the man stepped closer to him, his features were highlighted by a brief flash of lightening from the window. Of course, being a vampire, the man's features were perfectly easy to see for him. This made it hard to miss the fact that the bastard was still appallingly beautiful.

Roxas cleared his throat. "Wh-what are you doing here, Riku?" And didn't he just want to die for stuttering like a complete girl.

Riku gave him a long stare from behind silver fringe, and then proceeded to smirk.

"Someone let it known you were currently attending high school. Of course, I was extremely curious to test the validity of that rumor. And lo and behold-," Riku paused, giving Roxas' a quick once over, noting the backpack and the clothes.

"-It's true."

Dammit, Roxas internally groaned, Riku would find out through his connections with the Organization.

Riku stepped slowly around Roxas, so close his breath was warm on Roxas' wet, cold cheeks. When he stopped in front of the blonde, Roxas took the opportunity to observe him. Riku looked like he had been pulled directly from Roxas' memory, then polished and made gloriously real for his torment. His clothes were modern and simple, yet still had an unidentifiable trait that made it glaringly obvious that Riku was rich and knew how to use his wealth well.

Roxas was wealthy too, but this particular day had not been his best, and he didn't want to face his devastating ex in a pair of ripped jeans and a shirt that proudly proclaimed, yes, I am in chess club! But, such was the comedy of his life. It was times like these that Roxas thought, if there was a God, He must have created Roxas for his general amusement.

"That wasn't the only thing I heard, either."

Roxas' self-pity was abruptly replaced by a blind panic. Of course, he had been thinking about possibly asking Riku to help with his Plan, but that was only abstractly and theoretically, and damn if he wasn't ready for this. Obviously the Organization would be watching him to make sure he didn't accidently expose their community.

"I didn't know that human was your type nowadays." Riku was very close, way too close, but the only thing Roxas felt was embarrassment and a vague inclination to wash his hair. Eternally grateful that his body wasn't betraying him in this awkward situation, he gently stepped out of Riku's prowling range, and cleared his throat.

"What business is it of yours what my type is? And I haven't heard from you in centuries, what do you want?"

The rain was pounding a dreary soundtrack in the background. Riku picked at an imaginary piece of lint on his jacket, and quirked an eyebrow at Roxas. "I do owe you one. I am willing to offer my help for you to win this....boy."

The blonde was shocked. Just the fact that Riku had suggested to help with the Plan without any prompting from Roxas was strange, and a little creepy, but Roxas had always thought that Riku was weirdly perceptive and maybe just a little psychic. And really, he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Roxas pretended to think about it. His act was getting a bit dramatic, with a lot of "hmmmm-ing" and crossing of his arms, until his silver-haired ex turned to walk away, rolling his eyes.

"OK, yes yes, I'll accept your help."

Riku looked over his shoulder, and turned to face Roxas again. "Good. We can finally settle the score. And you won't regret it." Riku walked closer and cupped Roxas' cheek. He leaned down, and whispered a "sorry" over Roxas' lips, before his tongue followed the word. The blonde's mouth opened of it's own accord, and he moaned into the bruising pressure. Although the attraction was very much present, the emotion that used to accompany it was long gone. Roxas pulled back, and shakily smiled at his old companion. "Thank you."

Riku's face was turned away, and he raised a hand in acknowledgement.

Roxas was left alone. He ran a hand through his half-dried hair, and unconsciously licked his lips. The bitter taste of salt was on them, the taste of tears.


"Why are you being so jumpy?"

Roxas jumped at the voice, and turned to face Sora. "I am not 'jumpy'. You startled me."

Sora looked at Roxas skeptically, but didn't say anymore on the subject. It was lunchtime, and Roxas didn't know when Riku planned to show up, much less where, and all in all, it was making him distracted.

The sounds of Sora inhaling his food was familiar, and Roxas closed his eyes briefly, resting his head against his arms.


Without moving, or opening his eyes, Roxas responded. "Yes, Sora?"

"Axel is totally staring at you."

After spending over an hour in his closet, trying to find something especially flattering to wear, Roxas felt satisfaction that his work paid off. A dark, form-fitting collared shirt and black trousers were a bit formal for high school, but not unusual. Besides, after the chess-club shirt disaster, he would be damned if Riku would see him like that again.

Roxas lifted his head and looked at the corner of the cafeteria, where Axel was surrounded by his clique. Roxas thought the caste system of the school was ridiculous, but Sora informed him it was inevitable. Roxas sat with Sora, who was popular and well-liked. As a result, those sort of people sat with them. Axel, on the other hand, was popular and well-liked, but he sat with the outcasts and drug-addicts. Sora informed him that those unfortunates were Axel's friends.

Axel was indeed staring at him, although when Roxas' eye met his, they quickly looked away.

Maybe I'm finally having an effect on him. Perhaps I won't require Riku's assistance.

When Roxas finally tuned backed into the noises around him, he heard Sora rambling to someone about the various liaisons of the soccer team. When Tidus' name came up, Roxas looked over at the boy, who was just a table over.

"Yeah, he and Axel were talking for a while, but you know how Axel is. Seriously, if Tidus screws up another match because he's moping all the time, I will kill him."

Roxas looked over a table, to where Tidus sat, and saw the evidence of Sora's words. Tidus' blond hair looked uncharacteristically not styled, and the boy in question was pushing his food around his tray in between longing glances at Axel's table.

When Sora paused in his narrative to eat, Roxas leaned in and hissed into the boy's ear. "Why did you refrain from telling me that they are no longer dating?"

Sora quickly swallowed his food, and shrugged. "I thought you knew. Besides, I told you Axel doesn't stay with anyone for long."

Roxas opened his mouth to reply, when the bell rang. His next class with Axel was soon, and he was going to make his time worth it.

This chapter is unbeta'd. because it's been 7 months, and I lost my beta's email. (if you are reading this, email me!)