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Pairings: nejiten, sasusaku, naruhina, shikaino

Summary: 5 years have past since the girls had left…now how will the boys react to their sudden reappearance?!

Prologue: Confessions Among Friends

Sakura was sitting in the nearby cheery blossom park bawling her eyes out. "Why?" She asked herself mentally. "Why did I ever love him to begin with?" She thought, while beating herself mentally to try and ease the pain. Nearby, she noticed, was a head of blonde hair up in a ponytail beside a head of navy blue hair. "ino and hina-chan" she thought, "maybe I can talk to them about it…" Heading over to the bench they were sitting on, sakura didn't hear the muffled sobs of both girls until she reach their bench.

"Pig," Sakura asked concerned, "Hina-chan, what's wrong?"

"Oh, it's just you forehead…" Ino said, while trying to wipe away her tears.

"S-s-sakura-chan, h-hello," Hinata said, obviously trying to hide her own tears from spilling.

"Forehead, you look like you've been crying, what's wrong," Ino asked, concerned for her best friend

"Well…it was something like this…" Sakura said, recalling the sad memory from earlier yesterday…


Sakura was walking to Sasuke's house to make him lunch. Wondering around the compound (yes she has a key!) she decided to surprise her Sasuke-kun by coming in through his bedroom window. She knew he would be waiting in his bedroom, probably reading a scroll or something waiting for her to arrive. She walked up the tree that led to his bedroom and she jumped and landed on his windowsill with a barely audible "tap." She looked around and what meet her wasn't a pretty site. Sasuke was laying there on his bed with his shirt off and some purple haired slut was under him. What's more was that they were KISSING! Because of a bookshelf beside the window, and Sasuke's bed in the perfect position so as he can't see the window, he didn't see her. Sakura left as quickly and as quietly as she had came. Forgetting her packages that was suppose to be their lunch…

End Flashback

"I AM GOING TO GO KILL THAT BASTARD!" Ino yelled enraged. As she got up, she felt a small tug on her sleeve setting her back down to her seat. Hinata had pulled her back down to listen to what she has to say.

"I-Ino-chan," the heiress asked quietly, "you promised to tell me what happened with Shikamaru-san after you stopped crying."

"Alright," the now calmer Ino said, "but I warn you, it ain't pretty…"


Ino was walking toward Shikamaru favourite grassy hill. He was bound to be there, she was certain. She turned the corner and found him. He was there alright, but he was sitting up, with another girl in between his legs. They were both asleep and she was using his chest as a pillow while he leaned against the tree trunk for support. Ino went up to him, gave him a hard slap on the face, yelled "cheating bastard!" into his ear, and ran. Ran like she never did before.

End Flashback

"Omg…I never thought that Shikamaru would do such a thing!" Sakura exclaimed.

"M-me neither," Ino said then added, "Why were you crying Hina-chan?"

"Na-Naruto was w-with another g-girl in his bedroom…a-and…" Before Hinata could finish saying it, she was crying again. Sakura comforted Hinata and was very shocked to hear that even Naruto was a cheater. She hoped that Tenten was having more luck in love then the three of them were, but something in her gut told her that something was seriously wrong with Tenten.

"Sakura," Ino asked, concerned for both her and Hinata, "Are you alright…you kinda zoned out there."

Sakura nodded before turning to her friends and saying "Guys, I think we should go find Tennie-chan; I'm kinda worried she might be in as much trouble as we are."

"S-sakura-chan i-i-is r-right," Hinata said, her voice still shaking from crying.

"Well then let's get a move on," Ino said with as much enthusiasm as she could. With that, our three kunochi left to find the weapons mistress.

Two loud thunks could be heard from the top of the hokage mountain as Tenten impaled one of the poor unfortunate rocks. The wiped out another kunai and did the same to another innocent rock. Tenten wasn't in a good mood. Usually she would be training with her so called "boyfriend" Instead she was at the top of the mountain, small glistening tears escaping from her eyes. She had never really cried much in her life but she felt that this type of situation should enable her to do anything she wanted. Including impaling those poor rocks.

"Tennie-chan!" She heard someone call her nickname. She looked down and below were three tiny specks. One pink, one blonde, and one midnight blue. She yelled to them from the top of the mountain, not bothering to go down anyways.

"I'm up here," she yelled from the top of the mountain.

"Where?" asked the blonde.

"Look up," she yelled back, hoping they would get the clue. They did as they slowly ascended the mountain and quickly ran to sit beside her.

"So what's all the big commotion about?" she asked as her friends copied her and swung their legs over the mountain. If you were at the bottom, it'd probably look like they were about to jump off and perish, but back to the story.

"We wanted to know if anything was up Ten-chan." Asked Ino.

"Oh, besides the fact that I just dumped the love of my life and I'm pregnant, nothing really" Tenten replied. It took a while to slowly digest that information, but once it fully sunk in, two loud screams of "WHAT!!" could be heard from the mountain as Konoha citizens tried to cover their ears so to keep their hearing intact. Poor Tenten was right next to them when it happened.

"L-l-let's all calm d-down," said Hinata, who was obviously very shaken up about the news. Tenten shrugged, and started to take out more kunai.

"Tennie-chan, put the weapons down," Sakura said, "You might hurt yourself." Ino nodded.

"This helps me vent out my anger, and I'm not the weapons mistress for nothing you know" said Tenten as she chuckled and chucked one last kunai at the rocks.

"Tenten, what happened with you and him," Ino asked out of curiosity. Tenten gave a very vicious death glare to her, went and pulled out all her kunai from the rocks, and proceeded to whip them now at trees.

"Alright," said Ino. Looks like someone doesn't want to talk."

"I think we should go find the boys and see what happened." Sakura said. "Maybe it was a mistake…" she trailed off. The others slowly agreed with her and within minutes, they had hopped down from the mountain, Hinata keeping a careful watch on Tenten. Hey it was her relative Tenten was carrying.

The girls reached the forest where they thought Neji would be training, wanting Tenten to sort out her problems first, but instead they found Sasuke, Neji, Naruto, and Shikamaru all talking in the clearing. They his behind a bush to listen in.

"She is just so weak; fate must've decided that she will never be as great as the legendary Sannin, Hokage-sama." Neji said.

Tenten gasped quietly. "So this is what he thinks of me huh" she thought. "Well looked like fate decided that Hyuuga-san will never see his own child be born" Tenten vowed to herself that she will kill this child if it means breaking her last ties with Neji. Secretly she fingered a kunai, as if she expected Neji to jump out at her and tell her to keep the child.

"I have to agree with Hyuuga this time, they are just so weak it's ridiculous," Sasuke said.

Sakura fought to hold back tears. Sasuke had said something she will never forget. She felt the first salty tear roll down her cheek as she tightened her hand that was intertwined with Ino, feeling Ino do the same.

"Maybe it'd wiser if they got married and stayed at home to take care of those weak kids." Shikamaru said as Sasuke and Neji chuckled at the thought and Naruto burst out laughing. Tenten's hand quickly flew to her stomach as the hurtful words stabbed her again and again with their every laugh.

Naruto had finally managed to calm down enough to say something. "Maybe they should quit being kunochi altogether, it wouldn't be a big lost to society anyways." The boys gave one last laugh and walked away.

Behind the bush the girls were a blubbering mess. Hinata was whimpering softly and beside her Ino and Sakura still had their hands locked together as they sobbed quietly. The three younger kunochi stopped crying long enough to look over at Tenten. She was just sitting there, crossed-legged staring at nothing. Small tears roll down her cheeks as each and every word replayed over and over in her head. Hinata spotted Tenten fingering her kunai, and before anyone could stop her, Tenten pulled it out and thrust towards her lower stomach. Three voices chorused "NO TENTEN!" Before any of them had time to blink though, Tenten stopped right before her stomach. She dropped the kunai and said "I can't do it."

The other girls heaved a sigh of relief but all went to Tenten when she started crying even harder. For the next few hours they sat there on the forest floor crying. Then they slowly walked back to Tenten house, sinced she lived alone. No one would bother them while they discussed what to do.

Now that the sadness numbed, all Ino felt was pure anger. "I think we should ripe out all their organs and spread them from here to Suna" she said confidently.

"Ask much as I like the idea piggy, I don't want Tenten's child to be born in a prison cell." Sakura replied.

"Who said I wanted to keep it," Tenten said.

"You are keeping it and that's FINAL" Sakura yelled. Tenten just hmped and looked away. It was silent for a while and then Hinata spoke up.

"W-when my father still did not accept me into the c-clan I thought a lot a-about escaping to a d-d-different place and taking shelter there for a while to train." She said, unsure if she should go on. All three girls urged her on and she continued. "I did some r-research and found out that some of the h-hidden villages are s-s-so small that no one would really look for you there."

"Hinata that's perfect!" Ino suddenly yelled. "Ok, the bastards say we're weak right?" They all nodded. "They say we're not good enough to be kunochi right?" they nodded again. "Well then why don't we prove them wrong by running away to train."

"That's not a half bad idea piggy," Sakura said, "We could keep moving around so ANBU don't catch us if they even decide to look for us. Tenten could also have her kid in peace without bastards interrupting."

"That idea just might work." Tenten said thoughtfully. She could train, get used to new environments and avoid people she didn't want to see.

"So it's decided then, we go pack and we meet back at Tennie's house at midnight ok?" Sakura asked. A quick nod from everyone and they all left to pack.

At precisely midnight, they all meet in front of Tenten's house. All of them had big packs with only the essentials in them. Sakura signalled a ready to them as they hopped onto the roof tops toward the hokage office.

Tsunade sighed for what like the hundredth time that day. She whisked another drink of sake before resuming her forgotten paperwork. Suddenly a knock was heard at her door as she was just picking up her pen. "Come in." she said as Tenten, Sakura, Hinata, and Ino piled into her office. She noted the huge packs on their backs and sensed some thing unusual. She quickly looked over each girl and her eyes lingered at Tenten a bit longer before she began.

"What can I do for you girls?" she asked them, afraid of the answer.

"We need permission to leave the village temporarily, we're not betraying the village it's just that…" Ino trailed off.

Tsunade gave a knowing look to them and then turned to Tenten. "Will you come back to deliver the baby?" she asked the 17 year old.

"I may and I may not," replied Tenten, "I am still not certain."

"Are you positive you don't want to think it over before you leave?"

"We have discussed this already and we wish to leave immediately."

Tsunade sighed. "Very well, how long are you going to be gone?"

"At t-the very least 3-3 years," Hinata said.

Tsunade gave them the permission slips as she watched them hop out of her window and toward the gates of Konoha. "This village," she thought, "Was going to suffer one major blow."

By the time they got to the gate, it was two in the morning and the guards at the gate had fallen asleep. They quietly did the paper work themselves, and turning back for one last look, they stepped into the dark forest eagerly awaiting the adventure the four of them will have together.