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Chapter 9: Our Beginnings


At once, there was a rustle in the bushes. All nine pair of eyes snapped up to see…

…Lee and Gai?



"HELLO MY YOUTFUL NEJI!!!" Lee said even louder then Gai. Neji went to whack him over the head.

"Will the two of you please shut up?" Neji gritted through his teeth before he went back to tend to Satsuki's wound. Sakura escaped from Sasuke's arms and went over to help. Sasuke followed her like a puppy. Then an idea came to Shikamaru.

"Lee, we need a big favour of you…"


Tenten's POV

"Where am I?" I thought. I was surrounded by nothing but darkness. "Who turned out the lights?"

From a distance I could hear several people talking. It sounded like they were arguing about something. All I heard was the word "damage" before I drifted back into unconsciousness.

When I woke up again. I tried to open my eyes. No stream of light came in or anything. It was still dark. I sat myself up when I was sure I was in a bed. Then I sensed chakara very similar to the once I sensed earlier. I couldn't hear them. I tried to get off the bed. My arms and legs didn't do what I willed them too though. I tried yelling for help but I opened my mouth and no sound came out. I was helpless, sitting and waiting for someone to come in and help me. At once, a hand lightly touched mine. I looked towards that direction with my sightless eyes and sensed something familiar about that person. Then I realised what had happened.

Normal POV

Seiji went back into his mother's hospital room. His mother had been unconscious since the accident with the assassins from Kira. She had been unconscious for almost 3 months now. He had just switched shifts with his sister. His tou-san, his sister, and he have been keeping watch around the clock by her bedside. Seiji had just watched his sister go down the hall before exiting the hospital, going home to try and get some sleep. He sighed before opening the door to the all too familiar room. His eyes widened as he saw that his kaa-san was sitting up in her bed. At the same moment, just by looking at her, he realised something. The hokage's predictions had been true.

Satsuki kicked a small rock as she headed back to the Hyuuga compound. She was recalling the events just 3 months ago and how lucky they were that Gai-sensei and Lee just happen to come back from a mission. Shikamaru-san had thought of the idea of asking Gai-sensei and Lee to take Tenten back to Konoha as fast as they could. Lee had carried her on his back and Gai-sensei had followed along behind him. Both dropped their weights before they proceed, with inhuman speed, to sprint back to Konoha. She just hoped that with all that effort, her kaa-san would wake up soon.

Seiji approached his kaa-san very slowly. He knew the dangers of this and he was fully aware of what his kaa-san might be going through right now.

"Kaa-san" he called softly. No response followed. Seiji's hopes dropped. He finally reached her and he touched his cold hand slightly to hers. She turned to him, her sightless brown eyes piercing into him as if asking him to explain all this to her. He saw her open her mouth and them close it. He patted her hand softly before he went to call the hokage and the rest of his family.

Tenten felt the smaller hand pat her own before the presence disappeared. He had wanted to ask this mysterious person what was happening before she remembered that her voice wasn't working right now. She sat their waiting silently. Then she felt several people's auras heading her way, all running towards her direction in a hurry.

Tsunade rushed towards Tenten's room. Behind her Shizune, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Ino followed. They had gotten information from Seiji that Tenten was awake and it was true. They had just contacted Neji and Satsuki who were at the Hyuuga compound and the rest of the Konoha 11 in other various places. All were heading there right now. Tsunade arrived at Tenten's room and opened the door gently. Tenten turned to look at them with clouded chocolate eyes. She didn't speak nor did she get off the bed. Tsunade, Shikamaru, Shizune, Ino, and Sakura approached her very slowly. She just started at them, her sightless gaze asking them silently about what had happened. They couldn't tell her. She couldn't hear them. She reached out and Sakura took her hand in her own. Tenten let go and indicated that she wanted paper and something to write with. Shizune whipped out a pen and a notebook.

"What's happening?" Tenten wrote. Sakura just patted her hand twice before she and Ino stepped out of the room. Seiji came back in with Satsuki and Neji and Tsunade, Shikamaru, and Shizune left to give them some time together.

"Tenten can you hear me?" Neji asked desperately. Seiji just sat on the bed and held his kaa-san's hand. Satsuki went to her other side and held her other hand. Neji then turned to Satsuki.

"Watch your kaa-san. I'm going to speak to the hokage." he told his son. Seiji just nodded and Neji stepped out of the room to see Sakura waving at him from down the hall.

"Come with me." She told him. He jogged to her and she led him through another door to a big conference room. The other Konoha 11 plus the hokage and Shizune were already there and seated. Neji took the seat beside Sasuke.

"What is happening?" Hinata asked quietly. Her grip tightened on Naruto's hand.

"Tenten woke up and we've confirmed she is in the condition we thought she might be." Tsunade replied swiftly.

"The condition about the damage to her nerves right?" Sakura said. Tsunade nodded before continuing.

"You see, when Tenten was kidnapped she had gotten hurt really badly. Along the line somewhere, someone had damaged her nervous system. The poison from Kira had already gotten to her eyes before we could do anything about it. Her hearing and her ability to move were slowly disintegrating when she got here. We managed to save some of her ability to move from waist up. She might still be able to move and walk on her own someday. Her ability to hear really depends on herself. Her voice will come back eventually, but it will take an extreme amount of time and effort. We still have no cure for the venom in her eyes. She is blind with no cure at this moment." Tsunade finished a sad look on her face.

Changes to Hinata's POV

No one said a word. I looked over to Naruto, hoping he had a determined look on his face that we can save Tenten. But even he looked like it was hopeless. He out of all people who were to never give up. I was angry. Everyone else looked like there was no chance of her ever recovering. I was furious at this point. I let go of Naruto's hand and I stood up and slammed my hands on the table. Everyone looked at me. I started yelling.

"Why do you all look so hopeless? Even you Naruto-kun. You all look like she's doing to DIE any minute. Can't you see that we still have hope! We can save Tenten. I know we can. Even you Neji! You look like you pity her and you blame this all on yourself. That's not the time for that. Save it for after when Tenten get her hearing back because I know she will. Then we'll try to help her eyes and her legs. I won't give up. I refuse to give up this time." I panted and sent glares around the room. Everyone looked shocked, especially Naruto-kun.

Normal POV

"Hinata-chan, please clam down." Naruto said standing up, a dazzling smile erupted his face. "You are right though. We should get started on helping Tenten-chan to recover. The more time we have now, the less time Tenten will need to recover." Naruto said, looking at everyone in the room. Neji still had a bit of a deadpan look in his eyes, but everyone else looked all hyped up.

"Let's get started now. Ino-pig and I will work on trying to find a cure for her blindness-" Sakura was interrupted when a knock came from the door.

"Come in." Tsunade said.

A nurse came in wheeling a person in front of her.

"Tenten? What are you doing out of bed? Nurse take her and go back immediately." Tsunade said, getting angry at the nurse.

"Please don't be angry at her hokage-sama. I asked her to wheel me in here because I heard Hinata yelling." Tenten said softly.

"Tenten? You can hear me?!" Tsunade asked. All of them headed over to her immediately.

"I just realised I can hear myself. When I heard you talking about the disease details and Hinata yelling, I wanted to come down to see if I could be of any assistance. I got Satsuki and Seiji to help me into this wheelchair and then asked this nice nurse to help me get here. " Tenten said a small smile brightening her face.

"Neji, take her back and then come join us later. As for the rest of us, we will start working on a cure for Tenten." Tsunade said, the tension in her voice relaxing a bit. The group nodded and Neji took the nurses place to wheel Tenten back to her room.



"Do you still love me even after all this?" Tenten asked curiously. Neji stopped walking and went around to face her.

"I always have and always will. Nothing can separate me from you Tenten. Not again. I love you too much for that." He said quietly, taking her hand in his. She smiled at him before he bent down to kiss her lightly on the lips. Tenten felt something being placed in her lap.

"Neji, what did you put in my lap?" Tenten asked him. She couldn't see it but he was nervous.

"Tenten. After your health gets better and everything is in place, would you consider marrying an idiot like me?" Neji asked, a smirk replace his smile as he took the thing and put it on her finger. Tenten looked a bit shocked. There was some silence. Neji was starting to lose hope. Then Tenten's face broke out into a grin before she responded.

"Only if you would take an idiot like me to be your wife."

Naruto walked outside. He'd only be a bother if he was in the medical room anyways. Ino, Sakura, and Shizune were working on a cure for Tenten's blindness, hoping to find something to counteract the poison that's affected her eyes. Tsunade was working with Hinata to see if physical therapy will help Tenten walk once again. At once, he heard familiar footsteps behind him. He turned around, alarmed, only to realise the person would never hurt him.

"Hinata-chan…" Naruto grabbed her and hugged her, nuzzling her neck. Hinata blushed a faint red before she felt Naruto had stopped nuzzling and was staring straight into her eyes. She looked at him in question.

"Hinata-chan, I was just thinking…"

Half a Year Later…

"Tenten, hurry or we'll be late for the wedding." Neji said, peaking into their bedroom. He noticed she wasn't getting dressed when she walked out of the bathroom, in a sky blue strapless dress. The top half of the dress was beaded with wonderful flower designs and the bottom half was made of sheer. The hem gently cascades to floor length in the back (a/n: if you want to see any of these dresses, go to my profile and look it up).

"Don't you mean weddings?" Tenten said, twirling once for him. He smirked and held out his hand. She took it and together they went to join their son and daughter who were getting impatient with waiting.

"Hinata, do you know where my dress shoes are?" Naruto yelled down the hallway. His wife peeked out from their bedroom to yell back.

"Try the closet!" Naruto look in the small closet and found his old pair of dress shoes.

"I love you Hinata!" He heard a giggle from their bedroom. Then a loud wail came from the room across. He watched as she rushed in to pick up their son. Their son. Naruto smiled at the thought. Hinata had given birth to a beautiful baby boy just 3 months ago. They had named him Gin, because he had the most beautiful silver eyes any of the Hyuuga's had ever seen. He watched as Hinata rushed out with Gin in her arms. Her long lavender dress made her look even more radiant then she already was. Naruto frowned. He'd have a hard time keeping all the men from her tonight. Hinata giggled as if reading his thoughts. She pushed herself up on her toes and pecked him on the cheek. His smile instantly returned before the three headed out the door.

Sakura and Ino were both such beautiful brides. Sakura's dress was a white wedding dress. The top half was stitched with diamond like beads, and when it reflected off the sunlight, it sparkled like a million diamonds. The bottom half was ruffled and reached the floor.

Ino dress was a typical white coloured wedding dress. Her dress also had beads stitched in though not as many as Sakura. There was a floral design along on of the over layers and the hem brushed the red carpet while she walked down the aisle. Shikamaru looked like he was hyperventilating and Sasuke almost had his eyes pop out from seeing Sakura.

It was the evening party that everyone was looking forward too. Hinata and Tenten already had a lot of very embarrassing things planned for the two couples. After what Sakura and Ino did at their weddings, they were looking for revenge. Let's just say that this will include blushing prodigies, fainting (while screaming) fangirls, and a whole lot of cake and cherries. Not to mention a few hungry kisses here and there.

Tenten stepped outside to get some fresh air. After a rather embarrassing event between Shikamaru and Ino, Tenten as the host of course, she wanted some fresh air. She looked up and saw all the stars glimmering tonight. Suddenly, two strong arms wrapped themselves around her waist. She wasn't scared. She knew who that was. The two stood in silence until Tenten spoke.

"This is how life is suppose to be…" she whispered quietly.

"Careful Ten, or you'll jinx it." Neji joked.

"I don't think anything can jinx us now." Tenten said, turning to smile at him. He smile one of his most beautiful smiles and leaned down to capture her lips on his.

"Are the two of you just going to make out like that all night?" Sakura yelled from inside. The two instantly released and blushed. Then, Neji wrapped one arm around her waist and the two headed back into the party to join the grinning couples and their happy drunk friends. This was only the beginning.


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