A Twisted Role in Intimacy

By: GrimmjowIchigoforever

Pairing: Ichigo/Grimmjow (Be surprised! If I can do that…)

Rating: M, which is strictly for adult, or people who doesn't mind fucking

Warning: Male/Male Sex, don't like don't read don't flame, comments and reviews welcomed

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Summary: Errr…read for yourself lols, by the way Grimmjow had both his arms in this story okay, I don't like him WITHOUT well who does…uh on with the story…

Chapter 1

There's nothing better than a late night...

Grimmjow opened a garganta to the human world, already snickering at the thought of engaging battles with his favourite shinigami.

He landed on what seemed to be a park. It was late night and so no one was there. Grimmjow walked at a brisk pace amongst the trees and benches, masking his reiatsu to nonexistent; he decided he was going to sneak into the Strawberry's room and taunt him outside to fight.

'There's nothin' better than a late night fight.'

He was sneering at that thought when he noticed a group of cats playing around some patch of funny looking plants.

True to his nature, he was curious, and they say curiosity killed the cat. But he approached the pack anyway.

The cats seemed to greet him as he walked nearer. Grimmjow smelled something funny as he sniffed around and hurried his way towards the patches.

Suddenly his senses heightened, his emotions rocketed high as he jumped towards the plants. The cats merely played along, surrounded him and the plants. Grimmjow never felt so, giddy before.

He started to chuckle and laughed as he played along, leaping along and almost forgetting the reason he came to the human world.

However, he suddenly felt another urge; something hot at the bottom of his stomach. He grimaced at the feeling, and tried to shake it off by standing on four feet and rubbing his head to it.

He still couldn't shake the heat off, and it became more uncomfortable by the second. Grimmjow nearly panicked; he leapt out of sight and limped around to the streets like a lost kitty, heading particularly nowhere.

Ichigo was wearing his white pyjamas with little blue kittens all over it, sleeping soundly when he heard banging on his window. He yelped up and quickly went to open it, though he didn't need to worry of the noise as his father was on a medical seminar in Tokyo and his sister decided to stay at their friends' house.

He gasped when he saw who it was. Looks like Grimmjow still had some of his senses back for he remembered to go to the substitute shinigami's place. But he still looked far from his usual self.

Grimmjow stumbled into the room, staggering towards Ichigo who leapt backwards when he opened the window.

"G-Grimmjow, wh-what are you doing here?" to say he was shocked to see Grimmjow was an understatement.

Just a while ago he was fantasizing about the teal haired wonder before he went to sleep. Ichigo secretly held quite a liking to his sworn enemy but hiding it.

And he was gawking at the sight before him. Grimmjow was flushed, he looked somewhat, possessed. He stared at Ichigo as if wanting to devour him. The Arrancar staggered towards Ichigo and the berry found his back hit the wall behind him, trapping him between the Espada.

Grimmjow placed his right hand on the wall beneath Ichigo while his other hand gripped weakly on the shinigami's front shirt.

"Fight…now…." It was barely a whisper and Ichigo strained to hear it.

He noticed that the Arrancar was breathing heavily and was sweating profusely. He looked so hot right now Ichigo was almost breathless himself. He shifted his leg uncomfortably.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, Ichigo hit something between the legs of the poor Arrancar. Grimmjow let out a sound of whimper and a soft moan and he dropped the hand that was gripping on Ichigo's shirt as Ichigo felt a lump forming under the Espada's hakama.

The shinigami couldn't help but grinning as he watched Grimmjow who struggled to control himself between his panting and shivering. The teal haired eyes were slightly drooped as he made another voice that sounded more like a plea.

"So…hot…" Ichigo frowned a bit, what could possibly turn a mighty Espada into…this?

"Grimmjow." He stated calmly, his tone as if speaking to a child.

"When you arrived was there something different? Something you encountered on your way here?" Ichigo breathed to the taller man's neck.

Grimmjow was shuddering as he mumbled something that sounded like, "Strange…plants…cats"

Ichigo frowned, "I didn't quite get that."

Grimmjow made a low rumble from his throat, gulping for a second before trying to make a comprehensible answer.

"Park…I was in a p-park. Strange plants…cats s-surrounding them, lots and lotsa cats, ugh..."

Grimmjow couldn't take the heat in his groin no longer as his head suddenly slumped to Ichigo's shoulder, his heavy breathing intensified, making Ichigo shuddered.

Ichigo thought for a while, then remembering his enemy's nature, his frown was turned into a wide naughty grin.

"Cats huh, so do you think that the plants could be catnip by any chance, ne Grimmjow?"

As he said this he flipped their position so that Grimmjow's back was on the wall as the Arrancar could no longer stood on his legs and dropped himself to his knees.

"I d-don't know nggghhh…."

Grimmjow stuttered and let out another desperate moan as Ichigo slid his leg along his erection, the shinigami's hands was holding Grimmjow's shoulders to steady him.

The heat was overwhelming and he couldn't take it anymore, he was barely his own self as he struggled with the slipping control over his body and he felt very, very odd.

"P-please…" he plead pitifully towards his enemy, not knowing what he wanted, he just needed the heat to go away…

"You want me to make the heat go away?"

Grimmjow nodded feebly; too overwhelmed by the sudden pleasure as Ichigo slid his leg once more into his throbbing erection. He let out another choked moan as he completely lost it.

Ichigo grinned and began unbuttoning his pyjamas slowly, leg still stroking at an excruciatingly lingering pace. Grimmjow groaned as he gaped at the almost blurry sight before him. Ichigo had a slim but finely muscled built, and the desire to leap on the figure was unbearable.

When Ichigo was completely naked he stood and smirked towards Grimmjow who had a string of saliva down his mouth as he watched Ichigo undress. Ichigo bent down to lick the fluid as he started to undress Grimmjow, then nipping and sucking on his neck, eliciting more moans and whimpers from the longing creature writhing at his mercy.

Ichigo started to wrench the Espada's pants, his last piece of cloth as he licked and suckled on a pert nipple, drawing more excited pants and gasps.

Then without warning, he bit on the nipple and stroke Grimmjow's length at the same time.

"Oahh…ahhh…ah…!" The dual sensation was too much for Grimmjow. He fisted both his hands on the redhead, tugging on them softly.

Ichigo kept stroking and licking and biting until Grimmjow came hard on both of them with a loud wail. He was seeing stars and his visions blurred as he was shuddering and shaking wildly.

"Ugh…" after he recovered from euphoria the Arrancar glazed his eyes on Ichigo and noticed that the shinigami was sucking on his own fingers. The sight made the still unsatisfied Grimmjow nearly hard again.

Ichigo noticed the hungry look directed his way and secretly grinned. He drew closer and kissed the Arrancar, softly, but demanding. He pried his tongue on the slightly parted lips and travelled his way in; exploring every part of the moist cavern he could taste, drawing moans and shudders on his opponent.

As he did he slowly positioned Grimmjow so that he was laid on the rug covered floor. Ichigo lay on top of him; his legs are placed between the Arrancar's spread limbs.

Grimmjow was kissing back with both his hands on Ichigo's shoulders, desperately battling his tongue, trying to gain dominance, but gave in finally as the force that Ichigo imposed was too strong, and that the Arrancar wasn't quite himself tonight.

As he explored his prey's opening, Ichigo positioned his fingers on the other opening in Grimmjow's body.

He slowly drew a finger in, Grimmjow winced at the intrusion; the sensation was new to him. He let out another whimper, which indicated slight pain and discomfort.

"Shhh…Relax…You will feel better…" Ichigo cooed softly as he continued to kiss Grimmjow, letting him get used to the feeling of being inserted.

Grimmjow began to relax and actually starting to feel good, he let out an appreciative moan as Ichigo scissor his finger in and out of him. He didn't mind when a second finger was inserted and kept on motioning inside his body.

All of a sudden Grimmjow felt another peculiar sensation coursing through his body; he let out a shocked gasp as he arched his hips towards the intruding fingers, his hands who were previously gripping on the redhead's shoulders fell back to his sides.

Grimmjow began to push towards the fingers, trying to get Ichigo to hit on whatever caused him such overwhelming pleasure.

The intruder just snickered and inserted another finger, hitting on Grimmjow's prostate over and over again, making the victim nearly went wild with immense amount of pleasure he's been feeling.

"Nggghhhh…." Grimmjow felt that he was nearing his release when Ichigo pulled out abruptly, which caused the Arrancar to made a sound of protest despite his sex-high-induced state.

"Shh…" Ichigo calmed him as he positioned his length on the entrance. He thrust in slowly, and Grimmjow let out a choked cry, eyes widened, tears started brimming on the side of his teal orbs.

Ichigo calmed him by caressing Grimmjow's soft mane, kissing him tenderly until the Arrancar relaxed once more. He lifted Grimmjow legs with his hands to give him better access.

Ichigo began pushing in deeper, and he himself was entranced by how tight the burning hole was. It took all of his effort not to fuck his enemy senseless.

Grimmjow started to moan and gasp as he got used to the feeling of being filled as Ichigo's movements became faster and faster. And then he felt the maddening pleasure once more as he arched his back, moaning uncontrollably, helpless to the feeling of being constantly hit on his prostate. He gripped the rug so hard he pulled some of the thread away.

Ichigo went on a steady pace, but kept increasing it as he felt that he was nearing his release, and Grimmjow's dripping and twitching cock showed that he couldn't hold it anymore either.

Ichigo changed his position; he lifted Grimmjow's left leg and used his other hand to rub on the neglected length. Grimmjow shuddered and moaned on the new sensation.

He began to feel dizzy as Ichigo kept pounding on his prostate at different sensational angles. Ichigo then started to stroke on Grimmjow's length and at the same time pound into him very quickly it drove the Arrancar on his edge.


Grimmjow came abruptly with maddening force, arching so high and shaking all over the place.

The sudden tightening of the Arrancar's hole made Ichigo woozy with pleasure. He thrust one last time before releasing his seeds into the searing heat with a low grunt.

Ichigo collapsed on Grimmjow, both are slicked with sweat and breathing hard. Grimmjow felt extremely spent, and he slowly closed his weary eyes, fading into unconsciousness.

As Ichigo came down from the sex-high, he rose up slowly and went to the bathroom; he cleaned himself with a wet towel, and went back into his room to clean the worn-out unmoving Espada.

With astounding strength, he lifted the vulnerable being on his arms and laid him carefully on his bed. He then lay beside him, pulled the covers on top of them and soon joined to doze off.


Grimmjow stirred awake as he noticed that his bed felt different. He always slept on a hard mattress and the bed he was laying down now was certainly a soft one. He slowly opened his eyes, cringing to the fact that the morning sun shone into the room he was in, trying to make him blind, or so he thought.

'Wait, what room?' Grimmjow sat up abruptly and felt a jolt of pain at his back.

"ARGGGHHH!" With that he fell back on the bed, seething.

'Urgh damn it hurts so bad, what the hell happened?'

Grimmjow was so busy in his own thoughts that he did not notice the presence of a certain redhead who had been watching him the entire time, smirking.

"I can fix that if you want."

Grimmjow's head snapped to look at the direction to which the voice came from. His eyes widened at the sight of his arch enemy.

The Arrancar tried sitting up again, but the pain sent him back to the bed. Grimmjow growled, frustrated. He drew a hand on his face, closing his eyes as he let out a low growl.

He just remembered what happened.

And he was blushing like mad, not wanting to believe the occurring, or fucking of the previous night.

"Gah." His misery barely a whisper as his watcher became more and more intrigued by his actions.

Grimmjow noticed that Ichigo was slowly approaching him, and the boy was smiling strangely, to which Grimmjow felt fear. He didn't know why, but he just felt it, maybe because he was fucking him-

"Oh god no." Grimmjow let out a frustrated sound and averted his gaze to the window. Ichigo just sat beside him, looking down, clearly amused.

"Not so though now huh, Grimmjow?"

"Go away."

"How could I? This is my room in case you haven't notice when you came yesterday."

"Shut up, shinigami."

"Oh now it's shinigami? I thought you already taken to call my name…last night?"

The sky-blue eyes snapped right away to chocolate-brown orbs glinting deviously at him. He slowly tore his gaze away, his visage turned into the colour of his opponent's name (strawberry).

Ichigo merely chuckled, and then he made a move as if to touch-

"Don't touch me!" Grimmjow growled loudly.

"Hm, if I remember correctly last night-"

"Don't!" Now the face was the colour of tomato.

Ichigo just smiled as he ignored the stubborn command that sounded more like a plea coming from a person in that position. He turned the pained Arrancar on his stomach and started rubbing on the back, massaging the lower area.

Grimmjow hissed at first, but soon turning lax as it felt really good, and that the pain he was feeling slowly eased down. He was suddenly feeling drowsy with comfort, but struggled to keep awake.

The redhead grinned as he watched Grimmjow's expression alternating. First the Arrancar looked tensed, the slacked, then tensed again.


"Sh…Just sleep 'kay"

Grimmjow didn't need to be told twice. His stamina was still out of the question, and he was feeling too relaxed to complain. With few soothing rubs he fell asleep once more, trying not to care where he was at this bizarre moment.


Grimmjow was awake at a different position. He was on a sofa somewhere and on a soft but bony and breathing cushion. He grunted, even though not knowing what room he was in he knew whose lap his head was on, the scent was all too familiar now.

Ichigo knew that the Espada was awake and he smiled and stroked the teal hair, making the creature beneath him shudder, relieving memories of their…intimacy once more.

"Just let me go already, you had what you want."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "I thought that was what you want. And I'm not holding you back or anything; you can go anytime you want."

Grimmjow propelled himself up, drawing himself away from the comforting caress; for god's sake he wasn't to feel this way, he thought.

He winced as he stood up, looking at a calmed and unfazed shinigami staring at him. He looked away, ashamed and defeated.

'I'm an Arrancar, an Espada at that, and I was…with a…'

"This isn't over shinigami." Grimmjow stated, too depressed to add a threatening tone to it. He walked towards the window, trying hard to mask the slight pain as he disappeared.

"You bet." Ichigo just smiled knowingly.

Maybe the phrase is that-

There is nothing better than a late night fuck.

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