A Twisted Role in Intimacy

By: GrimmjowIchigoforever a.k.a. BabyRain

Pairing: Ichigo/Grimmjow (aha!)

Rating: M (with uke! Grimmy)

Warning: SUPER SEXUAL CONTENTS, LOLS, KIDS DON'T READ. Male and male sexual relationship, swearing, well it's all natural desire, no?

Disclaimer: Ichigo's hair red, Grimmjow's blue, I don't own Bleach, so please don't sue! Heheheh…

Chapter 5

Disconcerting Tremor with Blackmail on the Side (whew the title sounded like a kind of food name, yum…O.o)

Kurosaki Ichigo dabbed his injured left eye warily with a piece of frozen red meat fresh from the fridge, which would look better fried or grilled into a juicy steak, but no, it had to be wasted on his blackening piece of body part, or part of his features for that matter.

The shinigami dirtily eyed the blue-haired figure curled up like a kitten on his side, peacefully and exhaustedly snoozing as if he did not just commit an almost blinding attack on the wounded redhead. He sighed dejectedly while taking a seat, stroking the vibrant cerulean strands distractedly, since in reality he just wanted to smack the perfect countenance awake. After all Grimmjow Jeagerjaques was the one to cause him this kind of misery and pain, literally on his face.

The 'kitty' around the vaizard's body shifted slightly and leaned into the touch, twisting his body closer into the shape of a ball, head now contentedly positioned on Ichigo's lap. The shinigami groaned frustratingly, keeping his voice to the minimum so as to not wake the fucking Sexta. He would not want another unseeing eyeball. Then he took a glance at the figure.

Ichigo watched the Espada slept awhile; then turned his head away, blushing. Damn he was cute. For a moment he thought he could let go of the fact that Grimmjow punched him after the violated bluenette (this is really NOT a word, mind you XD) had awoken. It was his fault in the first place for taunting and ended up molesting the older one.

But a sudden soft nuzzle from underneath reminding him of the words said earlier, a speech he wouldn't forgive, not in his lifetime.


Ichigo sneaked back into his room, carrying a completely blacked out Arrancar on his arms, and placed him softly on his mattress. The figure instantly curled up into one of a kitten's sleeping position and continued his slumber on the redhead's bedspread, oblivious to fact that he was still entirely exposed, and bounded. His rapist grinned at seeing this exhibit.

The equally naked teen crawled onto the bed and snuggled his way so he and Grimmjow were covered by the quilt; the teal's head was safely tucked in between Ichigo's arms as he inhaled the scent of aqua strands.

And Ichigo fell asleep just like that, not noticing the still diminished aura that made Grimmjow's reiatsu felt nothing more than a mere human.


Waking up a few hours later, the sky-blue haired Arrancar blanched at his position, one of his cat positions huddled in holy fucking shinigami's grip! He felt sick. No, literally, the Sexta sensed himself about to throw up shit at that moment of time.

"S-shinigami…" Grimmjow rasped weakly, doing his best attempt at clawing at the redhead, despite his shackled wrists, still hating how everything that came from his mouth sounded similar to a whine.

Ichigo woke up slowly, blinking at the sound his lover was making.

"Grimm…" Then he jumped out of the bed and yelled loudly. "Shit! You…" He noticed Grimmjow's pale expression and quickly dragged him to the bathroom, where the Arrancar let out whatever his stomach contained into the toilet.

The taller one's eyes were brimming with water as he seemed to be vomiting nonstop. Ichigo kept rubbing circles around his back to soothe the pain, until the queasiness disappeared and all the Arrancar did was coughing a few.

A glass of water appeared in front of him, and Grimmjow drank it greedily from the berry's hand. The vaizard then eased the sapphire-eyed back to bed, and clothed him once more.

"Now where did I put the key…?" Ichigo mumbled as he searched around the room for the piece. His opponent just stared at him through hazy orbs, feeling too tired to even make any sound of protest.

Finally, the redhead located the little ornament and inserted it to the chain, smirking in apology to the Espada. Grimmjow just glared accusingly while his power returned, providing him his true supremacy.

"Ahahah…I forgot that I was supposed to remove it right after we had sex…"

*BAM* the Arrancar punched Ichigo in the face, seething.

"You fucking bastard! I fucking came to sort this shit out and you fucking raped me! Your type only fucking should be fucking uke!" Grimmjow fumed as the redhead stepped back, covering his left side of face, yelping in agony.

"Cheh, you deserve it." And the Espada was back to his slumber in a second, not realize the major mistake he created.

End Flashback

Ichigo growled silently, glaring at his serene lover, promising that there would be…revenge.


The Sexta woke a few hours later, finding the berry fast asleep, beside him, his eye had an unsightly shade of black, blue, and green of some sort, the mixture certainly did not blend well. The taller one winced as he got up, one part guilty for causing the injury, the other ecstatic, for the pain on his backside probably equaled the wounded flesh.

Grimmjow then leapt out of the window and opened a garganta to take him back to Hueco Mundo.


Stark was yawning as he strolled to his chamber when a black hole opened and revealed the eccentric blue-haired Espada. The brunette took a sleepy glance at the Sexta, who proceeded to walk limply towards Aizen-knows-where. He raised one of his eyebrows, shrugged, and entered his room.


The wasteland of Hueco Mundo lay unfazed as Grimmjow sat to blankly stare at the wilderness. He could see some Hollows lurking around, fighting for survivals. The Espada sighed; he would not want to go back there, when he was still an imperfect adjuchas, but somewhere deep inside his heart, he wished that things would not be as complicated as it was now.

"Damn shinigami, messing up my mind." He sighed, getting up slowly to have a long, wobbly walk back to his bedroom.

Then the Sexta felt it.

Grimmjow let out a loud howl as he fell to his knees, shivering uncontrollably. He supported his body barely, laying on his hands and knees while struggling to even out his ragged breath. Then another wave of pleasurable euphoria hit him.

"Nggghhh…Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…nn…nnn…ughnnn…" The Espada now lay sprawled on his stomach, squirming in frenzy. His hands roamed around the air as he tried to reach to nothingness, just something to hold on to as batches of vibrations shook him repeatedly.

Strings of saliva trailed down the teal's lips as he turned on his back on the cool floor, closing his eyes with a mixture of tortured pleasure coursing through his complexion. "Nn…nn…ohhh…oh damnnnn…hhhhhaaaa…no…" He covered his face with his hands, trying not to think about the consequences if someone were to find him stuck to the floor, looking as if he was pleasuring himself in inappropriate places.

The poor Arrancar desperately tried to reach his rear to discover anything down there. Then he felt a small object at the tip of his hole, pulsating leisurely. It resembled a ball of some sort, just the size to go into his wanton ass.

He barely thought anything of the item, when it rudely went into his anus once more, this time heading straight to his prostate.

Grimmjow let out a hoarse scream, throat dry from yelping so frequently, lolling his head sideways, and kept moaning loudly.

"R-roommm…" He whispered breathlessly. "I…gotta go…Nnnnnnnnn…" The Arrancar let out a frustrated sigh as he felt the tightness and naturally wetness in his lower area.

With great effort, Grimmjow stood up shakily, still experiencing slight tremors as the vibrations seemed to die down a little. As if commanded, the teal fell back to his knees, gasping as the tightness became hotly unbearable. The Sexta reached his white pants impatiently, opening it with haste as he crawled on fours with great effort.

He was halfway to his rooms when the small object started to pound at his prostate mercilessly. And the effect should not be doubted.

"AAAARRGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh-oh…oOOHhhhhhh…Sh-shi…unnnHnnnnhhh…"

Grimmjow let out a few hoarse screams as he now lay sprawled on his stomach, unable to move but just shook with the amount of pleasure he was receiving. The Sexta shut his eyes tight, sensing that he was close. His appendage shook with the force as he emitted a mind blowing orgasm, complete with a yell of total bliss.

The teal lay panting as he calmed his breath, still closing his eyes as he shuddered while getting on his fours once more, very determined to not allowing anyone to see him crawling with his pants half-undone.

He nearly succeeded as he arrived to the door with the number (you know) "6" pasted on the ashen door. Yet apparently, the device did not give up just there. The Arrancar was about to reach the handle when it started drilling through his hole once more, leaving him muttering incorrigibly while dropping to his side, shivering.

"S-stop…Hnnnnnn…Ahhnnnnn…" He tried to speak to the emptiness, muffled by his whimpers. "Can't…do…Ohhhh…a-a-a-a…"

Feeling his hand began to reach his cock, the Arrancar sighed in euphoria whilst pumping it up and down, feeling the heat approaching with every thrust.

And finally the ecstasy engulfed him for the second time. It was too the exact moment the teal's mind cloud over and he was barely functioning, for the tremor he suffered was back, full course so as to never giving him a chance to recover.

Grimmjow howled, voicing his frustration and maddening elation in incoherent cusses. He was rolling on the cold, pristine floor by now, cursing at Ichigo for sending him to the hell of seventh heaven.

"Nnnn…" Grimmjow was back at his sides, nursing himself after his third orgasm. He tried to not think about the berry and his mistakes, for he now knew well what got him into this situation.

"Ichi…nnnngghhh…W-wha? Wait-t nnn…aaaa.." His musings was cut out short. Apparently something just had to strike back.

Grimmjow closed his eyes not quite apathetically, he was overwhelmed by the constant pestering, exhausted to the point where he just laid on his back and constantly moaning about. The teal's hand reached tiredly towards his crotch, and proceeded draining the bulge as his head limped to the side. "Hnnnnn…mmmm…ahhhhhh…"

This time however, the sphere decided to take its time and moved back and forth slowly, not at all hitting the bundle of nerves as expected.

Grimmjow made a frustrated sound when he seemed to be hard for eternity. He commenced on shifting his position, sprawling on his stomach with his ass up in the air, hand on his dick and the other hand and head on the floor. Then the device attacked.

"Ahhh…Mmnnh…Uhhh…Ah…" The heated Arrancar kept moaning in pace with his hand. He was feeling faint as stars erupted in his vision; his naked body was covered in sweat and a string of saliva adorned the side or his lips. He no longer could comprehend his surroundings, stroking blindly at his bulging appendage.

"Oooooohhhhh…" The small unseen vibrator kept ramming the bundle of nerves and Grimmjow felt a pool of warmth at the base of his stomach.

With one final thrust, the Sexta Espada came, emitting a strangled cry as he felt his cock spurting out the white hot liquid out. The device seemed to have calmed. It was perched at the end of Grimmjow's ass, err…innocently.

The exhausted Arrancar tried to reach the small piece of oval, shakily fingering the thing. He craned his neck slightly to take a peek, gasping in the effort as the ball slipped back in to hide.

Spent up from multiple orgasms, the teal's ass slid down until he was flat on his stomach and started to blackout into the welcoming darkness; half-naked in front of his own room, the cool tiles be damned.


The Primera Espada ambled lightly among the Espada corridor, getting to the storeroom where they kept extra pillows. Sauntering from rooms to rooms, he noticed rather peculiar scenery.

Oh yes, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, the Sexta Espada, was laying butt-naked on the floor, cum pooling underneath his lower area was not an everyday view. Stark also perceived the damp condition of his body and hair, complete with the drying saliva and the breathing of the Espada, meaning he was unconscious at the moment of time.

The goatee's owner frowned. He was about to approach the teal but a current more important issue was in hand. Thus the brunette turned and walked on, imagining the softness of the feathery goodness ahead (the pillow!), the teal Arrancar forgotten.


The first thing Grimmjow became aware of was voices, echoing lightly around his head, but the meaning blurred. Then he recognized shadows, and the sound of numerous tapping against the ground. What did the voice said again?

"…Wake up Sexta; we have a meeting with Aizen." Ulquiorra stated matter-of-factly. No he did not desire to discern why the Sexta was lying half-bare; Furthermore, looked like he just did something highly inappropriate. The Cuatra would not bother with such acts; he just wanted to be prior to the meeting as always, and Grimmjow bothered his sight.

Grimmjow seemed quite awake at this point, but he could not regain his vision completely. The Arrancar blinked a several times, and noticed a foot close to his head. Now this woke him up.

The Sexta slowly forced his arms and legs to cooperate and got up very slowly on his fours, then on his two legs, wobbling to stand upright. He gasped as he felt the device who still resided comfortably in his ass, though motionless. Finally Grimmjow turned his gaze to the owner of the previous tone, Ulquiorra Schiffer.

Ulquiorra stared blankly, obviously not amused by the show. "We have a meeting with Aizen in five minutes; you better hurry up and make yourself look decent."

"Huh?" Grimmjow replied dumbly. Apparently he had slept through the evening, night, and morning; nonetheless the tiredness refused to vanish.

"The very least you can do is correct your hakama."

Oh shit. The Arrancar glanced down to locate his white pants, now stained with cum, gathering around his ankles. Oops. He pulled them up briskly, muttering about something around nearly murdering some innocent bystander. Ulquiorra resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"Erm…yeah, haha, maybe I should take a shower, yea that's it. I'm gonna go right now, heheh…" Scratching his not-so-itchy scalp, the Sexta stumbled to his place; sounds of knocking over stuff could be heard through the closed door as he scrambled to get his new clothes and clean up.

The emerald-haired Espada stared bleakly at the "6" door; then swiftly strode to the meeting room.

"Welcome Ulquiorra, as always, you are early." Sosuke Aizen greeted the ever goody-two-shoes Espada as he entered. Ichimaru Gin was seated to his side, grinning as always. Ulquiorra examined the long tea table. Apparently Halibel was present prior to the Cuatro.

The pale man cursed inwardly. "Damn that stupid Sexta, I could have come earlier!"

But he simply replied civilly. "Thank you, Aizen-sama."

"Ne Ulqui-chan," Ulquiorra cringed at Gin's tone. "Did ya happen ta see 'kitty' on yer way?" Was the grin wider than usual?

"I happened to see Grimmjow, Ichimaru-sama." He replied while taking his seat.

"An' where did ya happen ta see 'im?"

"He was sleeping in front of his room." Ulquiorra stated at the same time Gin chuckled evilly.

"Very well, Ulqui-chan." The Fourth Espada sighed inwardly; he would not want to elaborate further.

Meanwhile the fox-faced man kept giggling and fidgeting in his seat as Espadas rushed in, plotting another evil plan…

Aizen decided he did not want to know.

It was then that the meeting room's door was opened and closed with a sudden harshness that most of the Espada jerked their heads in the direction of the loud crashing noise. With exception of Halibel and Stark, even Ulquiorra threw a quick glance and hoped nobody noticed.

"My, my Grimmy-chan. Woul' ya mind tellin' Aizen-sama why yer late?" Ichimaru cut off any word that might come out of Grimmjow's slightly opened one.

"I…" Was Grimmjow blushing? "I-I'm sorry Aizen-sama." He bowed slightly before taking his seat. Now every occupant in the room was staring at him.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Nnoitora could not resist. He jus HAD to ask! What in the name of Aizen (God) could make Grimmjow say "sorry"?

"What?" Grimmjow shot back.

"Now now Nnoitora, Grimmjow," Aizen nodded, signaling them to stop.

"You're excused Grimmjow, now let us begin."

Grimmjow glared at Nnoitora as the lanky man stuck his Quinta tattooed tongue out in a childish manner, before finally paying a sliver of attention to Aizen-sama.

Grimmjow directed his glare to another person. Ulquiorra. He wondered whether the well-behaved Cuatro had told Aizen about the little "accident". The receiver of the glare of course was busy paying attention to his God, and pretended not to notice the death wish aura.

However, a sudden strangled noise from the Sexta forced his head to turn in the direction.

Grimmjow shut his eyes as the fucking ball apparently decided staying still was a hassle. He let out a silent moan as his mouth parted, his hand desperately reaching backward in a futile attempt to stop the device.

No luck.

"…substitute shinigami comes to save his little friend…" "Uhn…"

Aizen stopped his "oh so wonderful" speech to comprehend the inexcusable noise. Hearing none of the voice, he continued, albeit suspiciously.

"We are going to retrieve the key…" "Ahn… "

This time the shinigami traitor's eyes quickly caught his Sexta Espada, all the while catching Ulquiorra's undivided attention for…Grimmjow?

Now the "God" would have gotten ballistic had he not seen the back of the teal Arrancar arching and the person himself was writhing in what seems to be total pleasure; even though his face might seem to show the slightest discomfort.

"Ah…ahhh…" The Sexta could not hold it any longer. He fell wit a loud *THUD* from his position and curled himself into a fetal position, whimpering and cursing, again. And of course, he got all the attention in the world.

"Ah…Oh…N-noo…" A string of saliva started to trail alongside of his unmasked face as he wriggled in panic. It vibrated up against his ass…Mnnn…

"…jow…" What was that? Someone calling him?

"Grimmjow. Do you mind explaining the display you are putting us through?" Aizen spoke, vaguely in Grimmjow's euphoric hazed mind.

"H-huh? Aah…"

The former captain sighed traumatically. He did not need any disturbance right now, especially when the Winter War was approaching.

"Hey Grimmjow, are you fucking down there? I could see the mountain under your pants!" Nnoitora snickered.

"Sh-shit..He c-caught meee…Ohhhh…"

Aizen paused his musings of incoming "VVIW (Very Very Important War)" to stare with a widely opened and calm eyes (er…that could happen right?) at the revelation.

Indeed, the Sexta was masturbating. That would explain the one hand under his pants. But that did not explain why the hand was at his backside, not the front, and certainly did not explain why the Sexta would be pleasuring himself there. In this important meeting.

In his meeting.

"Grimmjow," Aizen's face looked uneasy as the teal's eyes rolled back in his head in what seemed to be an overwhelming pressure slash pleasure.

"I suggest that you leave the meeting place right now." Really, how could the poor Arrancar obey his God command? The little device just did a massive slaughter of his prostate. Hitting the tiny little bump over and over and over…

"Aaahhhh….Ahhhhh…..Ahhh….Ah-ah-ah AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Now the insolent Sexta appeared to have cummed judging from the wetness in his frontal lower region.

The supposed God shuddered. Gin, the only one rooted to his seat as everyone stood up to get a clearer view, was clutching at his side in a pained expression, his grin wide as always.

Aizen cast a suspicious look at his lover. If he was not mistaken, Ichimaru was containing a colossal laughter.

Which is what Nnoitora was doing; not containing.

"HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA…Grimmjow is sooooo screwed." He said, crying. Tears welled up in Quinta's black orbs before falling down I heaps, as he was now too, on the floor; laughing his ass off.

Various expressions filled the witnesses in the room. Stark's was, uncaring but understanding; something about getting used to Grimmjow's drama before him, so he went back to putting his head on the table and slept, not even pretending not to this time.

Barragan glared at the inappropriate display, huffed, and sat down with Stark, waiting for the former shinigami leader's reaction. Thank goodness Tousen and little Wonderwyce were not present at the moment. God forbid the "innocent" young Margera to this, God as in Aizen. Although he did not know one significant truth, Wonderwyce were no longer a virgin (but I would not elaborate further thankyouverymuch, lols).

Halibel just stood there like…well Halibel; though the slightly hefted eyebrow was an indication of her amused mind. Zommari was sighing, "Great, more problems," while shaking his head disapprovingly. Aaroniero grinned in his Kaien form (I would like to make him dead but that is just so wrong), Yammi growled his discomfort, though slightly aroused.

Szayel Apollo Gratz however, looked quite fascinated in the vulgar demonstration. There was no doubt from the gleam in his eyes a wondering thought just passed his mind.

Ulquiorra was…breathless.

The Cuatro's normal stoic expression vanished completely while he gaped widely at his inferior fellow, gasping when Grimmjow wetted his pants and did not close his lips ever since. No, Ulquiorra was not doing this because he was aroused like Yammy, nor he was disapproving like Stark, and surely he was not fascinated like Szay.

He wanted to fuck Grimmjow's ass through the wall.

Aizen's lips formed a single super-thin line. "Ulquiorra, bring Grimmjow to his room this instant and return immediately. We need to finish this meeting."

The now whimpering wreck that was the Sexta opened his eyes weakly, slowly realizing his position and his act. He quivered, partly terrified for punishment from Aizen-sama, partly from coming down of his high-induced state. Embarrassed was not enough of a word to describe the feeling.

Schiffer snapped shut, reverting to his normal pokerfaced demeanor, stared at Aizen, then Grimmjow, then back to Aizen, then Grimmjow, then every occupant in the room.

"Nobody saw that right?" The Cuatro thought cautiously. He nodded a "Hai, Aizen-sama," and proceeded with his task, to transport the teal back to his stimulated sta-room. To transfer Grimmjow back to his room, right, that shouldn't be so hard.

With an unnoticeable gulp, he grabbed the taller one by the back of his collar, and sonidoed out of the area. Dragging was the appropriate word.

Nnoitora blinked, "Wow he's fast."

"Everyone please sit down. I would be very much pleased if you disregard the incident, thus we can carry on with the meeting at once."

Murmurs filled the room as everyone obeyed but still intent on discussing the matter just passed a second ago. Aizen extended his reiatsu and they stopped talking in an instant.

"Now let us begin."

You would be guessing where Ulquiorra would be, as Aizen requested him to be back immediately. However this seemed to slip the God's mind as he continued boring everyone to death.



"Aaahhhh!!! You bastard, stop!"

"Maybe this will teach you not to mess with Aizen-sama."

"No! Hhh—you pervert fucking bi…Ahh…!"

"You are not in a position to call me such, trash."

"Owwwhhhhh! Ah!"

"Perhaps you would behave in the near future."

"Ah! That hurts, st-ah!"

"I would never attempt causing you feel otherwise." And with that, Ulquiorra smacked Grimmjow's already crimson ass once more with his…hand, stood up, and left the room with sonido.

The Sexta slumped on his stomach, his head half buried in the pillow, gasping for breath in his exhaustion.

When the Cuatro and he arrived to his room, the younger one had deliberately brought them to his bed, positioned Grimmjow on all fours, revealed his naked behind and slapped the teal's bare ass over and over.

He screamed, willing the pale one to stop, while it hurt so badly and he knew that Ulquiorra was doing it as a punishment, he could not help but to wonder why the method of sentence should be this kind.

Of course, he too wondered why his cock twitched and his mouth had a trail of saliva and his body quivered in anticipation with every spank.

That could just be teenage hormones, yeah that was it.

The teal, however, missed the barely controlled thrilled expression from the tear-faced man.

(Haha you think I'm gonna have them fuck each other?)


"Here ya go, Ich-chan, hope ya like it."

A wary glare was the answer. "Thank you Gin, but no word to anyone, you understand?"

"Heheh, no problem, yer the one doin' the blackmail. Ol' me just wanted a show, an' little ol' me got some show."

"Che, too bad I wasn't there to watch."

"No worries mah friend, ya'll get to see real fast, very soon, I have no doubt 'bout tha'."

"…Yes, so do I get to keep the roll?"

"Ah ya wanted to keep da film too?"

"I know you have more than enough pictures printed Gin, I will give back the film roll after I'm done with it."

"Ah, I see…very well Ich-chan. Neway, Szay confronted me tis' mornin' sayin' if I know somethin' 'bout his little device."


"Well, I tol' him tha' he's sharp enough ta know, ya see he thought I borrowed da thing to use it on Sosu-"

"I do not want to hear about that!"

"Aheheh, very well, mah mistake. So he smirked at me, sayin' he will make more anyway, so I coul' have it, or ask fer more if I wish ta do so. I said okay, I want one more fer Sos-"


"Ehm, he gave me one more, an' so ya coul' keep tha' one Ich-chan…"

"Stop calling me that, and that's good then, I'll keep it."

"Heheh, nice ta know ya like it."

"I don't know that, I haven't got to see it."

"Ah, ya'll love it in no doubt."

"I'm sure I will; now if you'll excuse me, Gin, I have my homework to do."

"Sure, sure mah little 'berry, although I wish ta see tis meself too. Afta' all I found da key fer ya…"

"Not a chance this time, Ichimaru Gin."

"Ah, too bad indeed. Very well, ya'll see him soon, 'berry-chan."

"I hope I'll never see you again, Gin."

"Maa…that's yer choice isn' it?"

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