Technical Difficulties

Spoilers- general S3 for NCIS and none really for Buffy.
Disclaimer- The characters belong to those who created them, in other words- they aren't mine.
Note- Last in this section of the series, working on adding some more supernatural (not the show) elements and I can't forget Abby.

Graham growled lowly at the box in front of him. He tapped at the keyboard.

A loud obnoxious beep filled the office.

"Damn computer!"

"I- I can fix that."

Graham looked up at McGee. He was shifting from foot to foot, a pinched, nervous expression on his face. It was like McGee expected Graham to bite his head off.

"The damn thing keeps freezing." Graham pushed his chair back. "It's all yours."

McGee smiled awkwardly and slid into the empty seat. A few seconds of industrial typing and McGee pushed the chair back.

"All fixed."

Graham checked the screen.

"Thanks, McGee. I owe you a beer."

McGee walked away, grinning. Marines and technology, they just didn't mix.