Summary: What if Terra didn't try to kill Robin at the end of AfterShock pt 1. What if Slade had other plans for the boy-wonder.

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Chapter 1: Apprentice vs. Apprentice

"Excellent work, Terra. I couldn't have done it without you. But...our conquest is not yet complete."

Terra walks away from the chemical plant with evil satisfied smile on her face. Her smile gets wider as she hears her master's approval through their com-link.

"I know. Four Titans down, one to…"

She is unable to finish that sentence before we hear the revving of a motorcycle. She looks up and sees Robin's R-cycle flying at her. As the bike hurtles over her head, he jumps clear for a flying tackle that lays her out flat. They struggle, but he has the advantage of leverage and keeps her pinned.

"Do not move." He say fiercely in her ear.

"What's the matter, Robin? Feeling lonely since I exterminated all your friends?" She spats back just as fiercely.

"They were your friends too."

"I don't need any friends."

"What did we ever do to make you hate us so much?" He asks trying to understand her.

"You were born." She say menacingly

Suddenly her eyes flared up and a fresh tremor cracked the ground, throwing them in opposite directions.

"I promised Beast Boy I'd give you one last chance and this is it!" He said as he charged at her and started raining punches.

She dodges the first, blocks all the others, and returns the favor; he avoids her blows and catches her off balance by throwing her away. She sails away and lands in a crouch, then brings up a chunk of rock and rides it back to deliver a high-speed flying kick that sends him reeling. Now he is the one on the defensive before a storm of punches, but a green-gloved hand locks around an armored wrist and stops her cold. She widens her eyes in shock as he flings her against a chain-link fence. She hits it face first and is pinned there, Robin not relaxing his grip on the arm he has twisted behind her back.)

"Look at yourself, Terra!"

She looks in front of her and sees her reflection in the window.

"Is this really what you want to be?"

She grows and with one swift motion, she reverses her position and Robin's.)

"I'm just never gonna be good enough for you, am I?"

Flipping his legs up the fence, he breaks her grip and somersaults away; she raises herself on a tall stone column. He looks up wide-eyed as the shadow falls over him,. The mass slides at him, throwing showers of earth and boulders everywhere and forcing him to run for it. A long leap gets him clear; he whips a disc up at her, and it explodes at her feet to throw her to the ground. The whole column crumbles into a thundering avalanche of fragments, but she brings these under her control, suspending them in midair, and stands up.

"You don't belong with Slade." He says almost desperately.

"You don't know anything about me."

She sends the stones at him; in a heartbeat, he has his fighting staff out and twirling as he charges. One rock after another is crushed to gravel by his powerful swings, and he jumps along the tops of others to drill a huge roundhouse that skids Terra at least fifty yards downrange. As she starts to come around, the end of the staff pins her back.

"It doesn't have to be this way, Terra! I was Slade's apprentice once. I got out. So can you!"

"I don't need you to save me."

"You can only save yourself." He said flatly.

"I don't need saving!"

She kicks him away, breaking the staff, and flips up to her feet. He leaps away from the melee; the ground starts to tremble beneath his feet. He looks up at her and sees her approaching him as she talked.

"I'm not some sad little girl who's waiting to be rescued."

As she's speaking rocky masses emerge from the earth and are followed by the opening of fissures that send up curtains of dust and wind.

"I wanted to be this way. I wanted to go with Slade. I wanted to annihilate you and your pathetic friends!"

With a flick of her hand she aims a boulder toward him. It crashes down just to one side, but the shock wave puts him down. As he struggles to rise, she continues her steady approach and directs a second stone; this one also lands short and knocks him flat. He labors for breath after taking the one-two punch; Finally, she stands over him and raises both hands.)

"And now I never want to see your face again."

Just as she is about to crush him with a huge boulder he com-link echoes around both of them.

"Terra, stop."

She immediately freezes and Robin looks up at her in shock.

"I have something better in mind for him" Slade says loud enough so Terra and Robin can hear.

"I'd rather die, Slade" Robin says loudly sure that the villain can hear him. Robin shivers as he hears Slade's laughter.

"Robin, don't you remember how this works? It doesn't matter what you want. You are mine now."

The last thing Robin heard before he drifted in unconsciousness was Slade's laughter.

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