Summary: What if Terra didn't try to kill Robin at the end of AfterShock pt 1. What if Slade had other plans for the boy-wonder.

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Chapter 8: Punishment

"Slade is…"

"Slade is what Apprentice?" Robin froze as he heard a cold voice behind him. Far too late he whipped around only to be bashed in the head and knocked to the floor. Slade pried the com-link out of his hand and he barely heard Bruce's frantic voice.

"ROBIN! Robin, are you ok? Slade I swear to god if you hurt him…" He trailed off and Slade interjected.

"You'll do what Bruce? You have lost. Robin is mine and I will treat him how I see fit. If you want him and yourself to remain relatively unharmed I suggest you make yourself scarce. Now if you will excuse me I have an apprentice to punish. Do take care." Even though he was trying to stay calm and keep up a brave front the phrase "an apprentice to punish" caused Robin to scramble away from Slade. Suddenly his limbs froze and he was stuck on his back looking up as Slade loomed over him like an ominous shadow.

"You really need to learn your place my apprentice." Slade said as he put a foot on Robin's torso and applied weight little by little. Robin groaned as his already damaged ribcage is once again strained.

"My place it far away from you." Robin ground out. This caused Slade to apply more pressure. Robin groaned and grasped at Slade's foot. Slade quickly grabbed his wrist and twisted it. He kept twisting almost to the breaking point.

"Let's see if I can make you scream without breaking it shall we?" He applied slightly more pressure causing Robin to wail in pain. He smirked then released it. Slade stepped back and watched Robin nurse his arm and torso. Robin suddenly realized that he could move again so he scrambled until his back hit a brick wall.

As soon as his back hit the wall his limbs froze again. He looked up at Slade in horror and confusion. Slade smiled cruelly behind his mask. Robin was horrified when his body got up off of the floor and turned him around so he was facing the wall. His arms flew up above his head placed his palms against the wall.

Robin shuddered as he felt Slade's presence close in on him. He ran his hands up the boy's right arm and looked into the boy's eyes as he grabbed a shackle that was hanging on the wall. His eye never left Robin's and relished in the flinch that went through Robin's body as the shackle secured his right arm. He did the same with the left then allowed his body to move again.

"You are going to receive ten lashes for your disobedience, Robin. You will count each one out loud or we will start back from one. Am I understood?"

"Go to hell." Slade cracked the whip across the small of Robin's back and savored the scream that tore its way from the young hero's throat. He was certain the boy would hold his cries of pain back; he must have caught him off guard. "And that one does not count. Ready?"

Slade brought the whip back and cracked it again against the boy's exposed backside. This time Robin didn't scream but clenched his jaw so tight it hurt, but it didn't even compare to the amount of pain coming from his back. "O…ne." he said his voice already shaking.

Again Slade cracked the whip down on the boy's now red skin and Robin's cry slipped from his clenched teeth slightly. "Tw…two."

Another crack another shaky count from Robin. On the forth he broke through the skin as it collided with Robin. He bit through his lip as he tried to contain his scream which had come out muffled anyway. "Fo…ur." .

Slade released two cracks simultaneously before he paused to look at the bleeding streaks across Robin's back.

"Fi…five. S…six." Robin tried to hold back the tears that were rimming in his eyes and he continued to painfully bite his lip as he tried desperately not to break under Slade's whip. Robin thought the pain couldn't get worse but then as Slade brought the whip against his back once more and broke through his skin yet another time, Robin couldn't hold himself back anymore as he cried out in pain loudly.


"What was that Robin?" Another crack, another cry, "I couldn't hear that, you really must speak up my bird."

"Ei…eight!" Robin bawled as the pain was becoming overwhelming for him. Another swipe and a shaky nine from Robin.

For the last one Slade used his full body motion as he leaned back and then into the movement. Robin's cry echoed wretchedly around the small room as it seemed that the last blow was the hardest out of them all.

"What did I tell you Robin?" He asked as he listened to the boy's sobs.

"Ten." The boy whispered wearily then drifted off into blissful unconsciousness. The last thing he heard was Slade's chuckle and his silky voice whispering.

"That's my boy."

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