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Tony had been dating Doctor Temperance Brennan for a little over a month now. They were spending a lot of time with each other and he couldn't have been happier in the relationship. He had met her partner, Special Agent Seeley Booth a week prior and despite his best efforts to make a good impression on the Agent, it seemed no matter what he tried, he was unable to get on his good side.

Temperance reassured him that that was just the way Booth was and that he should ignore the man. As long as he didn't have a criminal record and treated her well, he would learn to like Tony, maybe even one day befriend him.

It was a Saturday afternoon and there was little to do in the city. Temperance was sitting at her kitchen table, lap top and files spread out over the glass. Tony occupied himself with a newspaper and while they both sipped on hot coffee and relaxing when Tony looked up at her.

"Temperance?" he called softly across the table.

"Hmm?" she said, not looking at him; her fingers pounding across the keyboard in a loud monotonous rhythm.

"Do you think that we should move in together?" he asked sincerely.

Temperance's head jerked up and stared at the man across from her, "No. Not at all. Why would you suggest such a thing?" she asked, an appraising and accusatory expression on her face.

Tony tried to comfort her with a smile, "I was just thinking that we spend practically every moment together, it might be more practical to move in." he said.

Temperance raised an eyebrow, "We do not spend every moment together, Tony. We spend every night together, and we split the time equally between your apartment and mine." She said.

Tony nodded and went back to reading his paper. He could no longer concentrate, so he put down the paper on the table and stared into the vastness of her apartment while the clack clack clack of her keyboard drummed in the background, "You should think about getting a new TV." He said casually, "That one you have there is somewhat out of date.

She looked up at the television and smiled, "It's actually new. Booth got it for me for my birthday. It suits its purpose. I rarely ever use the thing anyway." She said, returning to the task at hand.

A though suddenly occurred to Tony and he got up and walked over to her bookshelf and studied the figurines on it. He turned to Temperance and pointed at the figures, "Temperance, these figurines are quite charming. Where did you get them?"

Temperance looked up at the figures he was pointing at and smiled, returning to her work, "Booth gave them to me. The pig is because I want a pet pig named Jasper and the Brainy smurf, because of a story from my childhood." She laughed under her breath.

Tony nodded, "Huh…" he said pensively, and made his way to her bathroom. There it was. The thing that had been haunting him since he first was invited into her apartment. He leveled his playing field with it and stared it down, challenging it to prove him wrong. It just sat there… mocking him with it's presence.

He turned on his heel and made his way back to the living room and stood in front of her, "Temperance, whose toothbrush is that in the bathroom?" he asked curiously.

She was hitting one button on the keyboard repeatedly as though she were reviewing a section of material, she only glanced at him sideways before answering, "It's Booth's" she answered shortly.

"Why does he have a toothbrush at your home?" he asked.

"He has stayed here over night before. Sometimes it's because a suspect is after one of us or because he drank too much." She said, barely paying attention to her own words.

"And he sleeps in the guest bedroom?" he asked.

"Of course." She replied simply. She raised her coffee cup to her lips and took a sip. She wasn't even paying any attention to him, which made him suddenly happy that this relationship wasn't as emotionally satisfying as he had previously hoped it was. He shook his head and made his way down into her bedroom and opened the second drawer in her dresser. There is the last piece of solid evidence he needed. An extra large black t-shirt with the bold letters FBI plastered on the front. He had also seen at one time a shirt with army written on it, but that could have been from anyone, even though he suspected otherwise. This shirt was undeniable proof for him. He grabbed it and walked back down to the living room.

"Whose shirt is this Temperance?" he asked, turning to her, holding the shirt out in front of her.

She finally stopped her work and looked up at him, "What are you doing?" she asked, looking at him wide eyed and curiously.

"It's Booth's isn't it?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"Why do you care so much about Booth?" she asked grabbing the t-shirt away from him, "And for your information, I had a boyfriend who was in the FBI named Timothy Sullivan. Not that that is any of your business."

"Oh." Tony said, crossing his arms, "So that shirt belongs to him?" he asked. Temperance shifted in her seat and looked at her computer screen. Tony laughed slightly and felt badly for her, "Temperance, just tell me whose shirt it is." He smiled.

She looked up at him, "It's Booth's." she said softly.

"That is what I thought." He said, leaning down to kiss her on the forehead, "You are a wonderful woman, Temperance. But I know when to step down to let the better man through." He said, taking the last sip of his coffee and grabbing his newspaper and jacket.

"Wha… you're leaving?" she asked, suddenly standing up.

"You don't want me, Temperance." He said, backing toward the door, "You're in love with your Agent Booth." He said simply, "And it's quite obvious that he is in love with you." He shrugged, "Don't waste your time with me when you already have him to come home to."

Temperance took a step toward him, "What if you're wrong?" she asked, suddenly looking scared.

He smiled, and opened the front door of her apartment, "I'm not wrong, Temperance. It's quite easy to spot a man in love." Temperance watched Tony backing out of her apartment, unmoving, "Take care of yourself, Temperance." He said before closing the door and leaving her standing in the middle of her living room.