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Back on the road and headed toward DC, Temperance was having difficulty focusing. She didn't understand what it was about her life. Before she met Booth, she had never had this kind of problem.

He was like a fungus. Hardly noticeable at first, but once it starts growing on you, it's damned hard to get rid of. She was suddenly struck by the thought that maybe she didn't mind it though. Booth was her best friend. Angela had always been there for her, but was constantly trying to pressure her into things. With Booth, he always let her do things her way, and if he did try to pressure her, he somehow managed to make it her decision.

She shook her head at the thought. She had never in her life shared that kind of bond with anyone. The closest she could think of was when she and Russ were younger. Russ always looked out for her and made sure she was okay. Even when they were no longer speaking to each other, he would call to check up.

Booth was almost like her brother, but different in so many ways. In truth, she admired Booth for his abilities and expertise as a law enforcement agent. He was always doing what was right specifically in terms of looking out for her. She knew that she didn't need anyone looking after her, but after a lifetime of not having it, it was comforting to know that he would always be curious as to where she was and how she was doing regardless of whether she let him know it or not.

As if on cue, her cell phone rang. Digging it out of her purse she hit the send button, "Brennan." She said into the receiver.

"Bones. Hey, where are you?" he asked from the other end.

She smiled, "I'm on my way back from a drive. Why?"

"I'm at your door with a puppy and some Thai food. Are you close?"

Brennan laughed thinking about the cute puppy, "Yeah, I should be there in about fifteen minutes."

"Oh," he sighed, "Okay, we'll just wait for you."

"Don't be ridiculous, Booth. Use the key I gave you. You know where the plates and everything are, by the time the food is out, I'll be back. You should set out some water for no name as well." She laughed.

"Okay, I'll see you soon then?"

Brennan smiled, "Yeah." Brennan hung up the phone and sped up slightly; intent on getting back to her apartment as quickly as possible.

Twenty minutes later, she walked through her front door and found dinner laid out on the table and a small puppy jumping at her ankles the moment the door opened. Smiling, Temperance scooped up the puppy in her arms and let him lick her face as a welcome home. She laughed and then saw Booth coming down the hallway from her bathroom.

"Hey." He said taking the puppy out of her hands and closing the door for her.

"Hey." She smiled and took off her coat and bag.

Booth shooed the puppy into the kitchen where there was food and water for him and turned back to Temperance and gestured toward the food. They both moved toward the table and sat down and started eating, "So, where did you go for a drive?" he asked.

Brennan shrugged, "I didn't have a planned destination, but I ended up in this small town that was actually quite eerily perfect." She said, biting down on some pad Thai.

Booth nodded, "Are you okay?" he asked, avoiding eye contact with her.

Brennan smiled, "I'm fine. I just needed to get out of the city today. I had some things on my mind."

Booth nodded again, "Okay. Well, you know if…" he started, but was cut off by Brennan.

"I know…" she said, "Oh, and by the way, Officer Rick DeMarco says hello."

Booth looked at her suddenly, "Rick DeMarco? Where did you run into him?" he asked.

"He pulled me over on the freeway. Oh, and if he asks the next time you talk to him, we met at a crime scene today."

Booth leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms, "You were speeding." He said flatly. Brennan guiltily nodded, "And then you wonder why I won't let you drive the company car."

Brennan stopped eating and eyed him up, "I wouldn't have been speeding if I wasn't upset. Besides, I've seen you speed down the road before, so stop being hypocritical."

"I only speed when official business demands it, and I use my sirens." He said defensively.

Brennan was becoming angry, "Well, I didn't get a ticket so I must have not been going all that fast!" she retorted.

"You didn't get a ticket because you pulled the crime scene card and because the officer knows me personally!" he exclaimed.

"Well if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been speeding in the first place!" she said standing abruptly and throwing her napkin on the table. She moved into the kitchen and picked up the puppy, hoping that he could make her feel better.

Booth stood and followed her into the kitchen, "What is that supposed to mean?" he asked, still angered.

"Nothing. Never mind. I feel better now." She said, paying attention to only the puppy in her arms.

Booth reached over and grabbed the puppy from her, "Tell me what I did. If I'm the one who upset you, I have the right to know so that I can fix it. I can't fix problems when I don't know what is broken." He said, the puppy's calming powers working on him.

Brennan sighed, "You didn't do anything intentionally. Nothing is broken. I just, I had to sort some things out in my head and it mainly had to do with you. But it isn't your problem and there is nothing that you can fix. It just… it is what it is and I have to deal with it. But don't worry about it, in a weeks time, I will be fine." She said reassuringly.

Booth shook his head and put the puppy down on the floor, "Why do you always do that?" he asked.

She was confused, "What?"

"Friends take care of each other, Temperance. Don't push me away. Tell me what the issue is whether I can help or not it has something to do with me. I think I deserve to know what is going on inside that head of yours."

Brennan scoffed, "My thoughts are my thoughts, Booth. Just because they are about you doesn't mean you have ownership of them in any way. If I feel like there is something you need to know then that is my choice. I know that you think things about me that you would never tell me, but because I'm the more so emotionally scarred of the two of us you make it seem like I need to spill every thought and feeling all over you just so you know how to fix me. You can't fix me Booth. No one can. I just have to deal with things the way I know how."

"I'm trying to be a good friend, Bones and you just won't let me do that." He said shaking his head.

Brennan turned away from him and huffed, "I don't know why I thought having dinner with you today would be a good idea. I should have known better." She said under her breath.

Booth turned her back towards him, "Why?" he asked, now fully angered, "Why is having dinner such a horrible idea, Temperance? I feel like I'm in a debate but don't know the topic I'm discussing. Clue me in so I at least have a level playing field with you."

Brennan's emotions were matching his on every level. She was so angry by his pushing buttons that she was about to loose it and she wasn't sure whether or not that was a good thing, but it sure felt like the right thing to do, "I have been trying to get away from you ALL DAY, Booth. Everywhere I went today there was some reminder or someone talking about how good of a guy you are. I attacked a waitress for asking me where I wanted to sit in a diner! You are everywhere. Even my computer is telling me that you are so ingrained into my life that it's too late to turn back.

Even this morning. I broke up with my boyfriend because he found items in every room of my apartment that either are yours or are gifts from you. It's like we're dating but we don't have sex. Every time I date someone they always break up with me for one reason or another that usually has something to do with you. I think that I might be going crazy!" she exclaimed. She was out of breath now and Booth was looking at her as though she were amusing which only made her angrier.

That is, until he put his hands on her shoulders. She started to calm down, now feeling slightly embarrassed for her sudden outburst.

Booth cleared his throat and looked her in the eyes, "In my kitchen," he said, a smile coming to his face, "there is an apron from the barbeque I had at my house. In my living room is a stack of books that you have left there since I've known you. In my bathroom you have a hairbrush and a toothbrush next to the sink and I have a collection of hair ties in my bedroom from when you stayed at my house after you were injured. I also have your alumni sweatshirt in my dresser and Parker's room has the set of encyclopedias you bought him for his birthday last year. That is all just things you left there; not including gifts from over the years and photos of you and I that are sporadically placed throughout the house. You are just as ingrained in my life as I supposedly am in yours. You are not going crazy Temperance.

And for the record, Tessa broke up with me because she thought I was more interested in you. Cam admitted that she knew that I was more in love with you than I would ever be with her and every date I have been on in the past year has no distracted me from thinking of you." He smiled at her, knowing that she now understood what he was trying to say.

"You're in love with me?" she asked shyly.

Booth nodded, "Why do you think I hate every guy you date?" he chuckled.

She laughed as well, "That explains a lot." She said.

He smiled and brushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear, "You want to have sex with me?" he laughed, wiggling his eyebrows.

Brennan scoffed, "That is not what I meant and you know it." She blushed.

Booth smiled widely, "Admit it, you think I'm sexy."

Brennan put her hands on her hips, "Yeah, you obviously think you're sexy too."

"Damn straight." He said, pulling her into him and finally kissing her. Brennan put her arms around his neck and he lifted her off the ground slightly. When they broke apart Booth put her down on the floor again.

"Okay," Brennan said, "I'm starving now." She said, walking back out to the table and starting to eat again.

Booth followed her out and sat across from her, "Yeah, you should eat up because we have a long night ahead of us." He laughed.

"You mean a long twenty minutes?" she joked.

Booth threw his napkin at her, "If you're expecting only twenty minutes then I will exceed those expectations by hours. You're going to be impressed, little lady. I'm a stallion."

Brennan laughed and threw his napkin back at him.