So here I was, sitting in my dirty clothes in the police helicopter, Paris slowly fading from view

Chapter 1:

So here I was, sitting in my dirty clothes in the police helicopter, Paris slowly fading from view. For weeks I had been hiding in the basement of the Louvre, staying in the shadows, too scared to breathe incase the infected came.

Within weeks of the helicopter from London setting itself on French soil, the infection had been upon us. One drop of the blood of the infected was all it took. Not even blood, saliva, anything. One drop and you were infected, overtook by a thirst for blood so great that humans were turned into terrifying creatures, any shred of humanity and love ripped from their hearts by the rage the virus created.

They were the stuff of nightmares. But I was living it.

Our helicopter was bound for Germany, I wanted to go further, get as far away from France as possible and Germany was too close. I would have preferred Australia, at least that is an island, and as far as I know, the infected have no ability to swim.

I first heard about the infection a month ago, and within two weeks it had spread across the whole of France, yet the remaining survivors had managed to prevent it from entering another country. They had somehow rounded up enough people from surrounding countries to help put up a loose fence around the area where the infected most haunted, and had been instructed to shoot them on sight.

I looked out of the window of the helicopter and saw Germany beneath me, the buildings, the people, healthy people getting bigger and bigger as we got closer to the ground. This was my new home, because there was no way I was ever setting one foot in France ever again.

As the helicopter landed, it was surrounded by news reporters and cameras, and other nosey people, I was bombarded by well-wishers and camera crews and journalists eagerly awaiting their next story, and it was a big one. I wanted to shove them all out of the way and scream at them, I had lost everything, my husband, my children, my whole family. They had all become one of them, even my youngest, she was eight years old, and to see her overcome by the virus was enough to make me want to kill myself, yet my need for life was too strong. I had to go on, and get out. For her. Her little body overcome by anger and hate. Rage. She had lunged at me, her small legs stumbling over themselves to get to me.

There were other survivors other than me, five of us. Five! From a country as big as France, just five survivors, and a dog. One other survivor, Oliver, had helped me hide from them, helped me survive. He had held me when I cried for my family. We had built up quite a relationship in the days that we hid out, and, as I looked out at the country we would call our home and the people that now surrounded us, I looked up at him and he smiled reassuringly at me.

"It's gonna be okay." He said, leaning forward and placing a calming hand on my shoulder. I smiled back at him and then looked around the helicopter at the other three survivors.

Savannah was ten, and we, me and Oliver, had seen her hiding inside a hospital, tables and chairs pushed up against a door, she had been curled up asleep next to her dog when we had found her. The poor thing had been eating scraps of food from a mini-fridge, which didn't have much food in it. She had been sharing the food with her dog, Sasha.

When we had banged on the window, Savannah had jumped up and revealed a large plank of wood. Sasha, a giant red-setter, had jumped up too, baring its teeth. Savannah told us later that she had named the dog after a dog in a film, 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'.

The two others, Danni and Natalie, are brother and sister. We found them after we raided a shop for food. They were hiding out in the store room.

The door of the helicopter was slid open and we stepped out one by one. As soon as our feet touched the ground, it was as if a switch had been flicked. The people around us erupted into a frenzy of questions, microphones and cameras. We covered our faces with our hands and made our way through the mob, it was like trying to swim in a ball pond. It was nearly impossible. As soon as we got past one person, five others got in our way again.

Suddenly, I heard a scream, and as I turned around, I realized it was Savannah. A man had grabbed her by the arm and shoved a microphone in her face. He was shaking the microphone, and she looked just as terrified as she had when the infected has surrounded us in the church. I lunged forward and screamed at the man, pushing him out of the way.

"Leave her!" I yelled, my face close to his so he could see the hate in my eyes. "Don't you think she's been through enough!?" I screamed at him.

He looked shocked for a minute, then lifted his microphone and stood up straight. "How did you survive?" He asked, as cool as if we were sitting in a café drinking tea and eating biscuits. Right at that moment I wanted to punch him in the face. I was tired, I had just been through probably the worst experience of my life, I wanted to sleep. And here he was asking how it went!

"By feeding stupid people like you to those monsters!" I yelled. I could feel my cheeks blazing.

Oliver placed his hand on my shoulder and pulled me round.

"Come on Eve. Don't give him the satisfaction of your attention." He said, I was about to walk off when the man grabbed me by the shoulder and shoved the microphone in my face again.

"Did you really feed people to them?" He said. I could have gouged his eyes out at that point.

"Leave me alone" I said feebly, fed up. I couldn't be bothered anymore. I wanted to cry in frustration.

"Wait." The man said, shaking me lightly.

"She said, leave her alone" Oliver stepped in front of me, shielding me from the man. The other reporters and media people were quiet for once, a few people supporting heavy cameras on their shoulders, all pointing them at Oliver and me.

"I just want to ask her..." The man started but he didn't get far, all of a sudden, Oliver raised his fist and swung it into the side of the man's face. He toppled to the floor. Gasps sounded all around us.

"Leave us alone." Oliver spat, talking to every one in the crowd. After that, they separated to let us all through. Savannah stuck close to me, her arm was wrapped around my back.

When we got past everyone and into the hotel, we were showed to our rooms. Me and Oliver were in one room, Savannah, Danni and Natalie were in another. As soon as I got into the room, I collapsed on one of the beds and let out a sigh.

Oliver walked in and smiled, he sat on the edge of his bed and looked around the room. He looked so calm, so... normal, as if nothing had happened, and he hadn't just broken some guy's nose. He looked like someone who had come out for a holiday. I respected him for it.

"Are you okay?" He asked me, seeing me staring at him.

I nodded, though I wasn't okay, I was the complete opposite. I hated this, as soon as I stepped off that helicopter, I wanted to get back in. "I just wish the media would go away"

"They're just as bad as know, except, they don't want blood, they want a story."

That made me smile. Oliver got up and muttered that he was going in the shower. I nodded and shifted on the bed so I was more comfortable and after a few minutes, I fell asleep.

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