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Taking Chances


"Do you think they'll get the message, Doon?" Lina asked.

"I...I don't know," He started "we'll just have to wait."

Lina looked down, almost as if the whole trip was for nothing.

"You know what? I'm sure they will," Doon fixed himself, trying not to discourage her. He attempted to change the subject. "But for now, we're alone...what should we do?"

Lina looked up at him with a light blush on her face. Doon looked puzzled, asking himself why she was blushing, but then he realized what he had said.

"No, I mean...uhhh..." He stuttered.

"I've got something we can do," Lina interrupted, "Find you a shirt!" She laughed.

Doon scratched the back of his head, with a tint of red covering his cheeks. 'So that's what she was blushing about?' He thought.

"So...we're finally out of Ember, we can do whatever we want, whenever we want and no one's here to tell us otherwise." Doon said.

Had Lina heard him correctly or had she been dozing off in her own little world again? Did he feel the same way she did?

"What?" Lina thought aloud.

Doon inched closer to repeat what he said.

"There isn't anything rushing us anymore!" He cried as he got a bit closer and placed his hands on Lina's shoulders, "We have time to do anything we want now..."

'Wait, WHAT am I thinking!? If...if I do, she'll probably never talk to me again!!' He thought, but he couldn't stop himself. 'Unintended consequences', He kept thinking, 'Unintended consequences...but if I don't...then I might lose my chance!'

He contemplated.

The blush on Lina's face at this moment was more noticeable than day, as Doon's personalities argued within him.

But he won.

Leaning closer, but slightly pulling Lina toward him, their lips brushed. Doon gently grasped her arms and they caught hold of each others lips.

To Doon, it wasn't just lips touching. It was... It was like a ray of light beaming through the dark clouds of his past. In that kiss, he forgot everything. He forgot when the lights would flicker in Ember. He forgot about the dying generator. He forgot about the crimes of the Mayor. One thing he didn't forget was when that guard put his filthy hands on Lina and dragged her away, but he was happy she was with him now, let alone in his arms.

It was almost like Doon stole her breath away from her, the way he kissed her. It didn't feel real, it felt like magic, and she wanted to believe it was. Was this it? Were they going to stay like this forever? They hoped so.

Caught in time, they absorbed the magic, hoping they could stay like that for the rest of their lives, but at the same time, knew they couldn't.

They gently pulled away; an almost unreal tint of red covered their faces. They stopped in a moment of silence.

"D-Doon?" Lina began to stutter.

Had he really done it? Had he really taken a chance?

'Uh-oh,' Doon thought, 'here comes the unintended consequences.'

Why had they ended their friendship before? It was stupid of them.

"I-I'm s-sorry" Doon managed to say," I-I didn't m-mean to. I-I mean, I d-did but-"

He was surrounded by that sudden feeling of warmth, an odd feeling, sort of like warm chills running down his spine. He realized what it was, and remained mesmerized. Lina had kissed him.

If taking chances leads to unintended consequences like that, he'd be taking chances a lot more.

'He always knew how to fix things.'

'She was always the adventurous one.'


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