It's night time, around ten or eleven, and I'm out walking. In the rain. This because my stupid grandmother wanted eggs for breakfast tomorrow (classic thing to go buy, huh?). It's also blowing a lot, or at least enough for umbrellas to blow away if you try using one, which is, pretty much, why I'm wet from head to toe already. It didn't blow this much earlier and I did have an umbrella, but, as said, it's blowing very much right now, and it blew away fifteen minutes ago.

I live with my grandmother at the moment, not because I don't have any parents or anything (I actually don't, but I live with my uncle and his three children in another town), I just tend to visit her now and then.

Sighing, I wipe away the water on my face for one too many times this night. I also find myself wishing that the old hag didn't live so far away from the damned downtown; two miles is a bit too far in my opinion (I took the bus to get downtown).

I could've gotten a taxi to drive me back up, but I don't have enough money left, and from my experience these taxi drivers always smells like smoke.

Suddenly a car drives by, going right into a pit of water as it does so, causing most of the liquid to hit me. Not that it really matters; I'm already wet all through. First now am I thinking of the fact that I'll probably get sick either later tonight or tomorrow. Though I'm not one to easily get sick, I can't deny that getting away from this without getting that result will be almost impossible.

Right now my life sucks ass.

Especially since I'm supposed to visit the high school here tomorrow, because apparently they don't have autumn break like my school does and my grandmother wants me out of the house for a while. At that thought I almost find myself pitying them.

Poor kids.

I pout childishly as I suddenly realize that I'm getting colder than I was only a few seconds ago, meaning that the temperature was sinking. Great. I feel a shiver run through my body and it makes me want to walk under a tree, sit down and hold around myself so I at least get some kind of heat.

"Hey kid, yeah!"

I turn towards the road and blink when I find a car standing there. When had it stopped? I surly haven't heard anything.

The man inside has long blonde hair, which is mostly collected on the left side along with the fringe; which is covering the left side of the man's face, and it would've looked stupid in any other situation, but now I actually find it pretty cool.

Moving down to the man's face I discover that he has blue eyes, the visible one prettier than I expected it to be. The rest of the guy's face is very angelic, but masculine at the same time. Very handsome actually.

I shrug it off and ignore the blonde man inside the car after that and I turn back to face the smaller road in front of me. Slowly, but surly, I start to walk again.

I hear him call after me, telling me to stop, but I don't listen and continue on my way like I haven't heard him at all.

Suddenly his car is driving next to me, and he's glaring at me through the open window. I, on the other hand, just stare at the man with confusion; I don't really get what's going on or what he's trying to do, but I'm not good with people, so it is to be expected by me.

"It's rude to ignore people trying to help you, you know, yeah" the man states simply, almost as if he is trying to learn me that. I already know it of course, so I don't see why I'm bothering to listen to him.

I continue to ignore him, which, much to my pleasure, makes him irritated. Apparently he is one of those people with short temper.

"Okay, fuck this! I'm trying to help you, so get into the car before you get sick, yeah" he demand and uses a hand to point at the seat next to him.

"No" I reply, finally giving up ignoring the guy as I spare him a quick glance.

Suddenly he laughs and I find myself looking back at him with curious eyes. This isn't the reaction I was expecting.

"It all makes sense now, yeah! You're one of those who listen to their mommy when she tells you about the big, dangerous men trying to molest you!" he grinned as he watched my expression turn hard.

I am about to retort, but stop myself as I realize something.

Why would a guy as handsome as this one stop for a boy walking alone? Surly this man isn't gay. At least he doesn't look like he is. I bite the inside of my bottom lip lightly in thought; I can't see why he stopped for me, unless he's one of those who like to help other people, and he sure don't look like he do.

I hear him sigh, "listen, if I wanted to screw you I would've gotten to know you first. Besides, you don't look really strong, so I could easily force you into my car, which I will do if you don't get your little, pretty ass in here. Now. Yeah".

I feel my face twist up in a frown at the insult he gives me (I'm not that weak), but there's also a warm feeling spreading through my cheeks when he finish speaking.

I have a pretty ass?

I don't think more about it before I sigh myself and walk around the car. I open the door to the passenger seat and get in, closing the door behind me. I look at him, but I quickly turn away when I see him smirk at me.

"I'm Deidara, yeah" he tells me as the car begins rolling forwards in a quicker speed.

I look at Deidara again, just to show him that I heard what he said. I have to admit that the name is pretty… and it fits him.

"Sasori" I reply, doing as he did and leaving my family name out of the picture.

"Pretty name, yeah; it fits you" Deidara says and look over at me again, giving me the same smirk. But this time I think it's because I'm blushing again. I don't know if he can see it though, but it sure looks like it. Especially since he haven't stopped smirking yet.

"Where do you live, yeah?" he finally asks, which tells me that he really didn't want to molest me.

"White street, number 19" Deidara nods, but then seems to register what I said and look at me in disbelief for a second (he turns back to the road).

"And you wanted to fucking walk, yeah?!" he suddenly say, "you're fucking stupid".

I just stare at him in return and he sighs before he spares me a small glance.

After ten minutes in the car, Deidara pulls over by a gas station and climbs out of it. He then bends down slightly to look at me, "you want something to eat, yeah?".

I think about it. Food would have been great right now, but I don't have enough money for anything so I shake my head and he nods, closing the door and then he walks into the station. Deidara comes back just a minute later. I can see that he's carrying a small, white box and a soda. My stomach growls and I curse silently.

Deidara gets back into the car and gives the box and soda to me, telling me to hold it for him for a minute. I do so and soon we are back onto the road.

He asks if I can open the box and I do that as well, immediately regretting it. In the box lie chips. Good smelling, warm chips.

"Thanks, yeah" Deidara says and reaches out for one. I watch as he eats it and takes another. This continues for about another three minutes before my stomach finally growls again. I hate it when I can't keep the growls from coming out.

Deidara blinks and looks at me. Then he laughs lightly as I blush in embarrassment.

He picks up another one and eats it. Then he pulls over and stops the car before he turns on the light above us. I watch him as he reach out for yet another chip and at the same time he's coming closer to me. Right now I don't know what to do, say or even think; all I can do is watch as he moves a bit down and then he licks my neck.

I gasp in surprise because I hadn't expected this and because I actually like it. Then the chip is placed in my open mouth and Deidara pulls back. He grins at me as I turn a shade of red, much darker than the previous ones. I know this because of the damned heat in my face just kept increasing.

"For someone who doesn't want to be molested… you sure look like you enjoyed that, darling, yeah"

And Deidara leans towards me again.

- - - - -

I lie in the back of the car -naked- my legs spread apart while my hands has a firm grip around the handle on the door. Deidara is above me, running his hands all over me. And God it feels so good. I can hear myself moan over and over again; his touches are driving me crazy. I'm panting rather harshly as well, but I know he loves hearing it, because he told me that earlier.

"I'm going to enjoy making you breathless, darling, yeah"

Deidara nibbles on the skin covering my neck and I can feel him lick it as well. I moan again and tilt my head to the side, giving him more access to my skin.

I know he's older than me, but it's really only a three years difference, so I don't give a fuck. I don't think I'd even care if he was ten years my senior; if he could still make me feel this great it wouldn't have mattered.

I feel one of his hands travel down and I throw my head back in a silent gasp as he touch me. Deidara rubs his hand against me and I let out long, pleased moans. Somewhere in the back of my mind I register that my legs and hands are shaking from all the pleasure and I also note that Deidara probably knows- sees- this.

Suddenly I feel his hand leaving me and I almost whine, but it's replaced by a couple of moans when he grinds against me instead. Faintly I hear him moan as well. He grinds against me again and again and again, and I think I'm going to release right here and now; it feels so good.

"Sorry darling, yeah" I hear him mutter in my ear as he moves down with his body enough to slide inside me without problems. I only grunt in reply and wrap my legs around his waist, silently telling him how much I want this.

I see him grin and he leans down to my face before he places a small kiss on my lips, "I think I might love you, yeah".

I scream.

I didn't even know that he was about to go in so soon. I want to reply to his words, tell him I felt the same way, but to have him inside me like this… right now it is so painful I can't think straight.

A few seconds flies by and I briefly wonder if it would have hurt just as much if we had used lube or if he had prepared me first. I don't know if it would have made much difference, but I think Deidara would have gotten into me easier.

I feel his hand run through my hair once and he bends down again, placing yet another kiss on my lips. It is surprisingly comforting and I find myself nodding.

He moves.