I wake up the next day as a pair of lips meets my forehead. My eyelids flutter open and Deidara's face comes into view. He smiles at me and I return it without any hesitation, though I believe it is looking quite sleepily, because his smile widens and he tells me how cute I am.

"I've got work in less than fifteen minutes, so I'll come back around to pick you up later, alright, yeah?"

I nod, and he gives my forehead yet another kiss. We're not supposed to be so lovey-dovey, but I don't exactly mind it at the moment, besides, I still don't want his feelings for me to fade away while he's waiting for Christmas. I have to admit I want the holiday to come quickly as well, because I don't ever want to lose my interest and love for him. Deidara stands and ruffles my hair before he turns and leaves the room. I realize that he hasn't taken the bed with him and I curse him once; I have to clean up after the both of us.

Right now I'm not seeing this as anything huge though, and I'm far from bitter about it. Besides, if I put the mattress away later, we can use it to relax or something.

I sigh and get up a few minutes later; walking out into the corridor with clothes and other things I need to get ready for school. I round a corner and enter the second door to my right. In front of me is another two doors, both leading to toilets. To my left is a mirror, which I turn to almost immediately.

I run my right hand through my hair several times before I find it looking good enough. I never bother to really do anything about my hair other than cut it when it becomes too long. Deidara (and some of my friends) tells me that it looks good no matter what anyway, and he even told me it would be cool if I spared some of it for a little while, so it at least became a little longer than now. If I remember it right, I bluntly told him no, and left the car.

It didn't take too long for me to get out of what I'd slept in, and into new clothes (which Deidara picked out for me yesterday… and I swear I won't let him close to my closet again), that being a white tank top, a dark gray jacket over (he told me not to zip it up, so I'm actually going to listen to that) and loose, blue jeans. I'm not really feeling very comfortable in these clothes, but it isn't that bad, and if I just get used to them, I bet I can wear things like this much more often.

I enter the classroom again as everyone else begins to wake up. I don't pay any attention to them though, as I head straight for the bed Deidara left behind for me to clean up. I open the small hatch in it, and all of the air begins to fleet out of the mattress.

"Is he any good?"

I turn to see Sakura sit down next to me, smiling lightly. I usually don't talk to her at all, but now that she's come all the way off the throne to talk with me, I guess I can't disappoint her. A bit embarrassing that I can't understand her question though…


"Is he any good? Deidara, that is." She repeats.

This time I understand her perfectly well and I feel my cheeks heat up; they really did hear us. I bet rumors are going to be flying throughout school for the rest of the year now, which is something I don't want. Not that I don't want anyone to know that we're `together´ or anything, it's just that… we had sex in the bathroom, the school's bathroom none the less.

"I don't think that's any of your business." I reply bluntly. After all, I don't want this to be spread around. At my words, the rest of my class gathers around me though, and I can pretty much say I'll die from all of this pressure.

"Come on, Sori, tell us; you're gay, we're girls, you can talk to us about this." Isabella says, but her words doesn't do anything for me.

I mean, just because I'm gay… I can't just share how my sex with Deidara is just because I'm gay and they're girls, right? Because if I don't want anyone to know, then I don't want anyone to know, and I can just keep my mouth shut about it.

"It's good." I say, surprising myself. Then again, when I think about it, telling them won't be that bad; I'll have someone to share it with, because there's no way I'll sit down in Deidara's lap and tell him about how good I feel when we have sex. No way.

"Define `good´." Sakura demands as she grins in victory. I groan and blush even more; girls always wants to know the details of such stuff.

"He's gentle, caring and such, but at the same time it's… it's hard to explain"


As Deidara promised me earlier this day, he comes driving into the schoolyard in his car just about the time I finish my last lesson and walk out of the science classroom. I can see both the car and him outside of the window, and I pick up my speed as I walk through the corridor, towards the exit, with my schoolbag, another bag with pillows and quilts, and yet another bag, though this one is for Deidara's mattress.

I took my sweet time packing it all down during lunch, as well as I scanned the room for any other things that could be the blond's. I found nothing though, so the packing was done within the start of our third lesson for the day.

I somehow manage to open the door - with all of those bags in my arms - and step outside. The weather is cold, and I immediately find myself wanting to go back inside. I don't, though, because a small walk over to Deidara's car will be nothing, and just the thought of it being his car makes me want to run over there. I don't do that either though, seeing as that will look rather stupid.

Steps are coming my way, and I look up to greet whoever it is; Deidara.

He kisses my cheek and takes the two heaviest bags from me, an action that I'm rather happy of, before he motions for me to follow him back to the car, which I do all too happily.

It's first now though, that I realize what he did just now, and the shock and surprise just washes over me. I almost stop walking, but I manage to take a hold of myself and continue moving my feet. Deidara just kissed my cheek… he kissed my cheek when he knows we're on a `break´.

Does this mean he thinks we're back together again? Didn't I explain to him that it was just to let out some steam and tenseness? Okay, so maybe I didn't… damn it. I don't want to ruin it all for him now; he looks so happy where he walks, smiling and looking back at me now and then just to make sure that I'm still following.

We both climb into the car, and Deidara presses the gas down slightly, making the car roll forwards. Within a minute, we're driving out of the city and back towards our street, which is still too far away for my liking.

10 minutes passes by quickly as we listen to the radio and speak with each other. I have, for some reason, told him about my classmates wanting to know how our sex was like.

"What did you say, yeah?" He asks me as his lips curve up into his usual grin.

I feel my cheeks grow warm and I look out of the window, which I often do when I'm a little embarrassed; it's so that Deidara won't see my blush. "I didn't tell them anything." I reply simply. I hope that he will buy my little, sweet lie, but I know he won't.

"Right; you always blush when you lie to me about this kind of stuff." He retorts, turning to look at me as I do the same, which causes our eyes to meet.

I see his grin fade, and suddenly he pulls over on the side of the road and kills the engine. I send him an expression of confusion, and I have to admit that when he doesn't reply, I become a little worried for him. I know though, that there's either something bothering him, or he has to tell me something really important.

"What's wrong, Deidara?"

"Nothing is wrong." He replied after a few seconds of silence, making it obvious to me that he's trying to come up with a way to do… whatever he's going to do; even though I know Deidara very well now, he can still be quite unpredictable.

"Then what's up?" I ask and turn slightly in my seat, so that I'm facing him properly; it's much easier to sit like this too, and my neck won't turn so stiff from keeping it turned.

"I don't really know how to say it…" He begins. I don't interrupt, I don't say anything, just wait for him to continue. "I know you wanted to wait until Christmas, but honestly, Sasori, I don't think I can wait that long, yeah."

"B-but-" I start, he silences me though, by placing a finger over my lips. It's warm and soft, just like every other piece of flesh on Deidara.

"Just listen to me for a bit, okay?"

I nod, staring at him with a slightly tilted head.

"I like you, and even though I can't say that I love you yet, I want to be with you now; we've been through a lot these last months, and we've got to know each other even better, but Sasori, I don't care who you used to be, because that time is over, and it's this you that I like, yeah; I know this you perfectly well, and you know that, because it's the same with you."

There's a long silence, in which we just stare at each other. I'm not sure what to say, and I know he doesn't know what to say next either. So when he speaks again, it's much of a surprise for the both of us:

"Sasori, please be my boyfriend, yeah."

I can only smile and lean over to give him a kiss.