Here is my first ever, and most likely only, DBZ fic. Obviously a drabble. Oh yeah, did I mention this is pure crack?

There were times when Bulma was asked, both by her mother and the girls that worked the graveyard shift for Capsule Corp, just what it was about Vegeta that she was so devoted to. Always she would answer with a devilish smirk and a wink: "Because the sex is fantastic."

The sex was fantastic. (Both she and Chichi were in firm agreement that there was something about Saiyan men that just made them so much more…virile then the average Earthling man, and it really was a shame that they were in such short supply.) She particularly enjoyed the nights when Vegeta had a particularly aggravating training session. He somehow managed to channel all of that frustration into raw sexual energy and focused it on her.

Which was a damn good thing, or he would have had a hard time carrying on that precious Saiyan legacy.

It was those nights when her every nerve was alive with his touch, and she would quickly find herself reduced to a whimpering, puddle of girlish goo. She treasured the way that he would allow her to stroke his spiky, untamable, raven locks as he held her close in the afterglow, while pressing slow kisses to her shoulders.

Oh, how it caused her heart to ache that those nights were only too far between.

Sometimes, after talking to the girls of the graveyard shift, she would find herself alone in a cold, empty bed and she ached. It wasn't just his touch or the mind blowing sex. It was those nights, the only time when he allowed himself to relax and rest in his quest to get stronger then Son-kun that she got to see the side then no one else was allowed to. It was only on those nights that Vegeta allowed Bulma to touch the lonely man that craved affection. The brief moments during the late hours were the only times when she could see the softness that she had known lay beneath the layers of hard arrogance that the Saiyan prince had erected as a protection.

Those precious moments, that were all too brief for her greedy heart, when her lover was bathed in the silver light of a full moon as he held their lavender-haired infant son. The curiosity, wonder, and adoration that only she could see on those rare nights were why she was with him. The feel of him, holding her close, with little Trunks gurgling in his sleep in the crib by their bed, and feeling safe, loved, and content…

That was why she loved him.

Like I said, pure crack. I couldn't help it. I just the uncut season four and I'm currently watching the Trunks saga. TrunksLove! I just got this scene in my head and it wouldn't leave. I will never write a multiple chapter fic for this series, simply because it's not one I'm as passionate about writing like Escaflowne, Naruto, or Inuyasha. However, this could probably evolve into one shots...

about fluff...and sex...must have sex.

Ok, some of this is definately influenced by non-massacre Itachi (God of Sex). Review to let me know if you love or hate it.

Yes, I am very aware it is horribly OOC.

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