Ode to the Breast

Kagome woke to a horrible pain in her chest. Turning slightly, she noticed the now squishy feeling of the once clean sheets. Not again.

"Problems, miko?"

"Can it, Chihuahua man. I know with your perfectly tuned sniffer that you can already smell it." Really, why was she attracted to his arrogant assholiness?

Slowly gaining her feet, Kagome grabbed a new shirt and bra on her way to the bathroom. She would wash the sheets in the morning, for now a towel would work. Why had this happened? Kagome was growing more and more suspicious of her ever-proper mate.

A dejected sigh escaped her lips as she tried to change her bra and pads without having the annoyingly present milk shower spray the entire mirror. It was almost mind boggling the distance she gained when her breasts were full.

Changing the waterproof mat under her side of the sheets and then spreading out the towel above them, she climbed back into the bed. No one had told her that weaning would be this hard.

Sesshoumaru could not suppress the smirk that graced his face as he listened to his beautiful little mate mutter about cabbage as she fell back into the land of slumber.

When she had stated that she was going to start weaning their son he had responded with his patented noncommittal "Hn." He had not told her that he truly enjoyed her scent while she was breast-feeding. It was beyond delicious. Not to mention how much fun they were to play with.

Therefore, the ever-brilliant tactician came up with his own plan to thwart her efforts. The great tai inu-youkai of the West resorted to whining like a hungry pup. It was beautifully simple. He would whine and she would lactate.

He had done it to her a couple of times in public and her flustered reaction had been just as delicious as her scent.

He was Sesshoumaru and he always got what he wanted. Pulling his mate into his warmth, he too followed her into sleep.


The damn cabbage was not working. She threw the leaves from herself as she continued to search her wardrobe for something to wear. Kagome was going through more laundry than her toddling son, and she did not play in mud puddles!

A light whining noise caught her attention as her breast yet again began to ache. Spinning around she found her mate standing behind her with a predatory gleam in his eyes.

Standing there half-naked spraying her mate with milk, the puzzle pieces finally fit into place.

"It's been you this whole time!" she yelled while pointing an accusing finger in the tall silver-headed male's direction.

"Hn," was his reply while one fang poked out of a lopsided smirk.

"Well Sesshoumaru-sama, if you ever want the protruding part of your body to leak fluid in my presence again, you will stop now. I am tired of being a bovine!" Shirt in place, the tiny woman stormed out of the room.

"Hn," that game had ended entirely too soon.


AN: Ah, the joys of breast-feeding. I hope you enjoyed.