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Chapter11: It begins again…

Bella POV:


"Renesmee, honey can I speak with you for a seconded?"

"Yes! Momma,"

"Honey, we are moving."

"But why momma? I like living here with my aunties and brother."

I smiled at her love for her family. She adored her aunts and brother. I hated that I was taking her away from her other family. But we were getting to much attention, and I would never do anything to cause the Amazon coven harm, they helped me so much. Moving was the only solution.

"Honey, I was thinking, how would you like to go stay with Uncle Jacob…?" Once that name left my mouth, I knew she was on board. "UNCLE JAKE! YEAAAAA!" I laughed at her antics, she loved Jake so much. He was like a father to her, and I loved him for it.

(End Flashback)

Coming back to Forks was unreal. It was almost the same, but with some different people, and others that never left. Jake and the other Quileute members were still there, at First Beach. The wolf pack had grown since I left. But every time I came to visit they had a new edition.

As I set foot on the Quileute land I was surrounded by wolfs the same second. Renesmee jumped off my back and ran to a big russet wolf. I just laughed as they started rolling on the ground. "UNCLE JAKE!" "NESSIE!"

They finally noticed I was there and Jake ran into the woods and sifted in his human form and wrapped his arms around me. I missed my sun so much. He was still the same man that saved me. "Jake, it's so good to see you again!" "Bells, I missed you!" The other wolfs that knew me and Jake changed and joined in on the love fest with a big group hug. "Guys! I love you all, but there is so much of the wet dog smell I can handle at once." I laughed as they all let me go and pouted. "Oh, you big babies!" They laughed and started heading toward First beach.

"Now Jake where is that beautiful wife of yours and my handsome Godson?" Jake had imprinted a year after I left, on a nurse working at the hospital. Angie was beautiful inside and out. She accepted Jake for him and treated me as a sister. She was alive and as young looking as Jake. I had a power that could connect two souls together and live with each other for as longs the other shall live. I had bonded many of the Quileute wolfs and their imprints together. It was one of the reasons I was accepted by the pack as a member.

Angie came out the front door "Did I hear someone call me?" I laughed and ran and hugged her. Ren did the same. "Oh, Bells it's so good to see you again, and my lovely niece as well!" She hugged me and Ren. And I also noticed she was pregnant! I Hugged her again and Jake and congratulated them. I was so happy for Jake. I had broken his heart, but I was glad that he had found someone to love him back.

Then I was attacked by something small from behind. I laughed and flipped him over holding him upside down and tickling him. I laughed as my Godson wiggled and screamed. I put him down and hugged him. "Auntie Bells!" I loved my godson; he was one of the reasons that made me want to live on before Renesmee. William looked exactly like Jake. He was a year older then Renesmee, but since Renesmee started growing at a normal pace, like a human she would soon be the same age as Will. Ren and Will is best friend, I smiled as both of them ran off to play. Jake noticed me staring and said "One day those two are going to get married and then we will be in laws" I slapped his arm. "Hey! They are still babies it's too early to be thinking about marriage!" He laughed and wrapped an arm around my shouldered and said "Just you wait it will happen" I laughed and knew he was right.

We went inside to have dinner and catch up. "So bells how long are you staying?" Jake asked.

"Well um… I was wondering if Ren could stay here with you for a week. I have a council meeting to go to and will be staying with the Denali Coven." Jake and Angie agreed and looked at me like I had three heads for asking. "No prob, Bells I was wondering where you were going to live after that?" I looked at Jake knowing he was asking me to move back to Forks. It's been a while since I have been in the states, but I missed Forks so much. I smiled at him "Jake, do you know any houses on sale in forks?" He jumped up and hugged me. I laughed and pushed him off of me. After they had dinner and Ren and Will were asleep. Angie went right to work finding me a new house. We spent the rest of the night finding possible new homes for Ren and me. Once Angie and Jake went to sleep, I spent the night finding the perfect house from the list. And by morning I found the perfect house. The house was right outside of Forks. It was a mile away from the Cullen's old house, but far away that I would come across it. I got ready that morning and called to realtor to check out the house. The house was little big, for just two people but not too big. It was perfect if I had any guest come over. I made an offer and bought the house. When I got back to Jake's house everyone was just getting up. I decided to give Angie a hand and make everyone breakfast.

"So, its official! We're moving to forks!" Jake and Angie hugged me and Ren jumped up and down with Will. It was good to be home. This Town was my home, with good memoirs, but it also had some painful ones. But I had to get over them soon; it wasn't like I was going to run into the Cullen or anything. I wanted to make my Family happy and if moving back was it then, so be it.

I told Renesmee about me leaving for a week, but she had no problem as long as she was staying with Jake. I trusted them with my life and had no worries about leaving her with them.

I was packed and ready to head out to Alaska, for the century gathering. "We'll see you in a week Bells!" "See you then Jake" "Bye, momma sees you soon!" I hugged everyone and drove off.

But before I left town I drove to the cemetery to visit Charlie's and Sue's grave. Charlie had gotten remarried to Sue Clearwater and had a happy peaceful life, and then he passed away quietly in his sleep after Sue. I couldn't visit him, after becoming a Vampire. But I wrote to him as much as I could. I was glad Charlie lived a happy, peaceful life. I left him fresh flowers on his and Sue grave. And then went to visit my half brothers and his family's grave. I never got a chance to meet him, but I had gotten pictures of him growing up. And I loved him as my brother. Seth and Leah are happy that there mom was able to find love again. I was happy to have them a part of my family even though they already are, my family and pack members. I left and headed to Alaska after that.

Once I got the Denali's house, I was once again attacked by hugs but this time by Vampires. I loved my families. Even though I lost a family, I gained new ones that have stood by my side and loved me.

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