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A slightly different take on Ron's return to the tent.

Hermione Granger had stepped out of the tent with a mug of tea for Harry who was doing guard duty. Finding him missing she had almost gone into a panic, but the seeing his footsteps in the snow leading away from the tent made her courage come to the fore. Harry might be I trouble, he might need her help. Although she was unarmed apart from a heavy piece of wood she picked up she followed his footsteps keeping her self concealed as much as possible.

She ended up stood hidden behind an oak tree trying to see who the other person with Harry was. The small amount of moon light in the wood slightly increased as she watched Harry open the locket they had carried with them for months. She then saw who was with Harry as the half moon above became free of the drifting clouds. 'Ron Weasley' former best friend, the one who had hurt her so much by simply leaving her, deserting both herself and Harry thanks to his petty jealousies and bad temper. Leaving them and running home to mummy for a decent meal, and then she heard Harry tell Ron to stab it quickly.

Not wishing to disturb them as they did something that sounded dangerous, she watched with her breath held as Ron hesitated and two figures appeared out of the Locket they had been carrying around for months. She watched fascinated as a ghostly naked Harry and a naked copy of her self kissed passionately, she heard as Harry said "Ron stab it," and then the Horcrux began to speak as the two figures got more and more passionate.

"I have seen your heart, and it is mine Ronald Weasley."

"Don't listen to it!" Harry said harshly. "Stab it!"

"I have seen your dreams, Ronald Weasley, and I have seen your fears. All you desire is possible, but all you dread is also possible."

"Stab the bloody thing!" Harry shouted; his voice echoed in the quiet of the night, Ron trembled, the sword point wavered, and Ron gazed down into Riddle's red eyes.

"Least loved, always, by the mother who craved a daughter...Least loved, now, by the girl who prefers your friend...Second best, always, eternally overshadowed, always so insecure and wanting..."

"Ron, stab it now!" Harry yelled loud as he could.

Ron raised the sword still higher, and as he did so, Riddle's eyes gleamed scarlet and the Riddle-Hermione spoke.

"Who would want you, you are nothing, nothing compared to my Harry," said Riddle-Hermione while stroking the ghostly Harry's crotch, "and he is absolutely magnificent in bed."

Hermione watched it all and as she watched she found herself being turned on and then agreeing with what her ghostly double said about Ron, the double that was doing far more than just kissing Harry; as they slammed their naked hips together over and over the two joined in the flesh. Seeing them doing 'that' together, 'we are looking hot!' she thought while hoping to see more. It was that thought that finally made Hermione see things clearly and made her mind up for her. She wanted to be held and snogged and shagged like that by Harry, the real Harry.

Ron, she realised would always be a very poor substitute for a man she could live with and love because of all his insecurities, his inability to improve himself, that bad attitude that would be with him always, and his bad temper would always be there, always close to making him dangerous to be around. The realisation came to her again; she had been chasing the wrong man. She knew she could live very happily without Ron, she had been doing it for weeks almost forgetting about him completely, but she had known all along she could not live her life without Harry.

Turning to go back to the tent as the small clearing lit up brighter again as the moon light brightened the thin cloud that had covered it now gone. Ron finally managed to do the simple task asked of him and stab the horcrux. Her head shot back around as she heard Harry saying that he only thought of her as a sister. She almost stormed out of her hiding place to yell at him, but Hermione Granger was a very smart woman, her anger vanished just as fast as it had come, she knew Harry better than he knew himself. One look and she could see in his body language and hear in the pitch of his voice that he was lying to Ron. Looking at Harry closely she found the evidence that he most definitely did not think of her as a sister, young men did not get huge bulges in the front of their trousers looking at their sister. She knew in an instant that Harry was only saying things to placate the red haired one, the one who was not needed.

As quick as she could, unseen by the two men she raced back to the tent, a plan forming in her mind as she ran. Entering the tent she rushed straight to the sink and began to fill it with some warm water along with a conjured white bra. A minute later she heard Harry telling Ron to wait outside while he talked to her, it was time to put her hastily put together plan to work and hope it worked. As she heard Harry enter the tent she called to him over her shoulder just a little louder than she would normally do, "Harry love, have you seen the knickers I wore last night, I can't seem to find them. Be a sweetie and take a look under your bed for me will you."

Outside the tent, Ron, just as she wanted, heard every word she said and as usual his temper flared. Storming into the tent he yelled at Harry called him a liar for what he said about Hermione, and then he looked at Hermione, "You slut how could you do that to me?"

Hermione was truly annoyed, she had expected Ron to simply storm off into the darkness again going home to cry at mummy's knee not come into the tent. Still she managed to look shocked as she turned to face the red faced Ron, his anger way past boiling point. "Harry what the heck is 'that' doing here and why is it calling me names. After what it just called me, I tell you Harry, get rid of it, or I leave."

"I came back to be with you, but I can see I'm not wanted. I can see you chose him." Ron yelled at the top of his voice.

Hermione looked at Harry a strained look on her face, "Harry what good is he going to be to you? To us? Its weeks since he deserted us, weeks since I made the choice between you, and he is so slow he is only just beginning to get it. I mean it Harry if you want to keep the git around, then I'm done. I have put up with nearly seven years of him belittling me and hurting me making me cry, and he really upset me showing just how little he thinks of us when he deserted us, just so he could go home to mummy for some food. I know you're not gay Harry, so why do you cling to the jerk the way you do and… You're… not gay are you? Because if you are it would explain why you put up with his constantly letting you down, turning his back on you and all the other dumb stuff he pulls."

Harry was confused, he knew that when bringing Ron to the tent that Hermione would be angry at Ron, but he thought that they would simply have one of their arguments and then she would forgive him. After which they would get together as a couple and be happy. He had actually dreaded them getting together for a long time and after seeing what the horcrux had shown Ron he now knew why. A quick memory of how turned on he had been to see the naked Hermione kissing an equally naked Harry Potter made up his mind. Hermione was his mate, his life partner. She was the one he really loved with all he was, she was everything.

"No Hermione, no I'm not gay, and I don't have a clue why I put up with him except he was my first friend." He told her smiling nervously because that memory of what the phantom images were doing had caused a reaction in his pants again.

Hermione looked at Harry as if he had gone crazy, while at the same time taking note of the reappearance of the bulge in his trousers when he looked at her. "Harry love, I know you never had a friend before Hogwarts, but even you must know that some greedy git eating all your treats like he did on that first train ride was not being a friend. A bully who stopped other people befriending you like he tried with me, Neville, Dean, and Seamus is not a friend. The way he treated you like he did second year with the Slytherin thing, third year when he tried to get you to stop being my friend over a broom that was not even his business, I don't even need to mention fourth year do I, those are not the actions of a friend Harry. Those are the actions of someone using you for some reason."

Hermione was quite shocked at what she had said in her rant as she suddenly realised everything she said was true. 'How the hell could I have thought I fancied someone like that' went through her mind as she saw Harry going through the same realisation she had just undergone.

She did not need to say more as Harry said "We don't need you Mr Weasley. and I haven't forgotten that look of utter hate you gave when you left before, not sure if I could trust you if you lose your temper again."

Ron looked angry still, but there was a large element of disbelief creeping onto his face. "Hermione… I thought… I mean… I thought you liked me."

Hermione looked at him for a few seconds before she spoke "How can anyone ever like you, you treat everyone like something you stepped in, or someone you can use. No I put up with you, and your disgusting manners, your idle lazy ways that's all."

"But last year, you were jealous about Lavender," Ron said his anger vanishing and he was beginning to sound like a whiny child.

"No Ron, not jealous, down right annoyed because I knew you were using the girl... Now Harry love, about my knickers…" she said turning away from Ron and lifting the wet bra from the sink and hoping that Harry might even believe the bit about their previous year.

"Mr Weasley… er Ron, what Hermione says about you is true, and I should have seen it before. So if you don't mind leaving now… oh and don't come back, we don't have the food to cater to your greed." Harry said pointing at the doorway.

Ron looked defeated he knew if Hermione was not willing to forgive him then Harry would not want to have him around either. As he left with his shoulders slumped knowing he had screwed up royally. His two former friends watched him go; it surprised both Hermione and Harry as they watched him leave to know they had absolutely no sympathy for the red haired ex-friend at all. Both of them had finally seen the kind of superficial person Ron Weasley really was. Both of them had realised that he had never really been of any help to them in any of their adventures. Except maybe in that one game of chess during first year.

Harry pulled Hermione in to a hug as they watched Ron walking away and out of the wards they had erected around the tent. "He's not really who we thought he was, is he?" he asked her as she pulled herself tight against him.

"Harry, what have you got in your pocket that is pressing into my stomach?" Hermione asked as she pressed her self against him a little more, pleased that the thing pressing in her stomach was getting larger, Harry was not in anyway thinking of her as a sister, and she swore to her self she would see it stayed that way.

Smiling at the look on his face she whispered into his ear, "About my knickers, how would you like to see the ones I'm wearing now?" her smile grew as she felt the thing pressing hard into her stomach gave a very strong twitch.

"I'd like that very much he said as he kissed her for the first time. It was a little hesitant at first but they were soon making the image Harry and Hermione look rather tame in comparison. Twenty minutes later they were making love for the first time, and they both knew it was not going to be the last time. They had grown up together and they now intended to grow old together. Hermione wore a huge smile, what Harry was doing to her would most definitely be illegal to do to a sister.