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Author's Notes:

I need to say thank you to a few people who have supported me in writing this. Firstly to the love of my life – thank you for giving me the push to give writing another go. Secondly to dragonwine – thank you for answering my call for a beta that day. Your support and advice has always been very much appreciated. Reviews are always very much appreciated please take no offense of I don't reply straight away.


This fanfic describes scenes of domestic abuse in the beginning chapters, as well as brief flashbacks of abuse throughout the story, although this is not in every chapter.

This chapter describes scenes of domestic abuse. If this may offend you please do not read.

Chapter 1

"Hey Andrea, how's the devil been treating you this week?" Roy asked as she got herself comfortable in the back of the luxury Mercedes just new this week.

She gave a heavy sigh as she put her seat belt on before replying "Devil? Ha devil is too kind a word. She's been . . . she's been, well she's been a bitch. To be honest I'm surprised that she's let you pick me up to deliver the book this week. I was half expecting her to make me walk from Runway to the townhouse."

Roy looked at her in the rear view mirror "That bad?"

She nodded her head once meeting his eyes "Yeah, she just seems to have gotten worse this week. She probably pissed that she can't make Paris this year."

At this last part Roy manoeuvres himself so he faces Andrea and says "What is with that? Why isn't she at Paris this year?"

"Well she said that she couldn't make it, Emily made the mistake of asking why? And she replied with the death glare and . . ."

"That's all." They said in unison.

Roy just nodded "You know she did it again earlier, she asked me to go the long way home" he said.

Andrea just raised her eyebrows. It was only a couple of weeks ago that she and Roy began to discuss their boss's behaviour. Roy admitted that in the past year there had been several requests from the editor to 'get lost in traffic'. While Andrea admitted that Miranda had actually shouted at her a few times, every time had been whenever Andrea had answered the phone to Miranda's husband. Eventually it was decided that if Miranda was in her office she would automatically transfer the call straight to her office phone otherwise Emily was to answer it, and even then it was just to acknowledge his call and to transfer it straight to Miranda.

She gave a slight frown and leaned forward slightly "Do you think there is trouble in paradise?" she said in a low voice.

"I don't know. Some thing is wrong. I've worked for Miranda for fifteen years. She's never been like this, well actually when she was going the a rough patch with the first husband, she went a bit odd but-"

"Not like this?" Andrea cut in. "Sounds like it's going be fun then" with a sad sigh she regretfully said the next part "Maybe she really loves him, maybe that's why she's being more weird."

"Andrea . ." Roy began softly.

"I know I know I gotta get over it I just didn't expect to actually fall for her. It's . . . hard." She said mournfully

Roy just nodded and gave a sad smile to the young girl he had become quite fond of.

"Well" He said quickly changing the subject "its 8.30 so this time we definitely won't be getting our ass's whipped by the devil" He said turning back to face the maze known as New York.

"That wouldn't be so bad" she quipped.

"Yeah sometimes she let's you wear a gimp suit to get into the feel of things-"

"Lalalalala" Andrea's says loudly while closing her eyes and placing her fingers in her ears "You in a gimp suit not good. I'm only young don't scar me for life with that mental image. Drive for god sake drive." She says while giggling.

"Yes ma'am" he says tipping his hat, and starts to pull away from the Elias Clarke Building.

She leans over to get out her i-pod from her bag, "Hey do you mind if I listen to some music on my pod, just need to not think about stuff" she asked.

He smiled "Go for it Andrea, just make sure it's not up too loud this time, your singing nearly burst my ear drums the last time."

She went red with embarrassment as she recalls the last time; she'd been singing her heart out to Vogue. "Shut up" she says trying to stifle a smile as she puts the headphones in.

The drive was relatively quick and they managed to get to Miranda's town house with ten minutes to spare. Andrea leaned forward ready to unbuckle her seatbelt, and pulled the headphone out of her left ear, ready for when Roy finally came to a stop outside. She got the book and dry cleaning ready so she could be in and out and start her weekend off of doing absolutely nothing, since for some reason Miranda decided that Emily, Andrea and Roy weren't needed at weekends anymore. Yet another new change since Paris last year when Andrea walked in on Miranda crying over what was supposed to be her divorce, a whole lot had changed. When they arrived back to the states, Andrea was just saying one final goodbye to Nate when Miranda called, saying to cancel the meeting with her lawyer, as they were no longer getting divorced. It seems they decided that they would work on their relationship, which led to Andrea realising that she had a huge crush on her very famous and still married boss, and that there was no way in hell that the feeling would be returned.

To say Andrea was shocked and hurt would be an understatement. Shocked because it would seem that she is in love with a woman, not that big a deal but still a surprise, and hurt because there was no chance of Miranda realising the fact that Stephen was just a drunk out for her money and fall hopelessly in love with her.

She sighed, a single thought fluttering to the surface 'Geez I have got to get over this.'

The car came to a stop, startling her from her thoughts. She shook her head, forcing herself to focus, unable to hold a second sigh leaking from her lips.

"You OK sweet?" Roy asked from the front of the car looking concerned.

"Oh, yeah, sure, you know me just thinking too much" she replied grinning back.

"OK - try and be quick I want my weekend to start already."

She looked over her shoulder, feet falling on the sidewalk as she stepped from the car, "I'm pretty sure that I'll be out within the next ten minutes, considering it's 8.55 now." She leaned back into the car and whispered "Got to be specific with delivering the book haven't we?"

Roy just gave a look and nodded.

She made her way up to the front door of Miranda's townhouse, hands fumbling with the keys to get the door open, happily bobbing her head to a dance track her friend made last week. Once in, she did the normal routine of getting the dry cleaning in the closet, before making her way to Miranda's study.

As she opened the door to the study she heard something. It's not like any other sound you would usually hear in any situation, but never in a million years would you dream of hearing it in Miranda's town house . . . It just sounded so odd, so foreign and out of place. She took out her right headphone, ears straining, attempting to hear it more clearly. At first there's nothing, she shakes her head, confident it's her mind playing tricks.

She'd stepped forward, hand reaching out to open the door when she heard a women's voice echo out, whimpering in obvious pain, while saying "Stephen, please it's nothing . . . nothing would ever happen, there's no need to do this, please thump OW!"

"Shut the fuck up you whore, do you want Cassidy and Caroline to walk in and hear you're whining? Are you trying to scar your own children for life?" Stephen slurs very obviously drunk.

Andrea snapped her head back and looked at the door in horror, while hearing Miranda, whimper again as a result of another hit as she replies "No", just barely above a whisper.

Andrea can't believe this. Miranda is getting beaten up, she blinks back the tears as she realises that, Miranda is sniffling, and very obviously crying. The woman that she loves is in their getting beaten, by her drunk of a husband.

She knows she has to do something and realises that she can't do it alone. So ever so slowly, she heads back to the front door, being sure not to make too much noise, clutching at the book with her hands till her knuckles went white. The second she passed the entrance to the townhouse she rushes to Roy's side of the car. He quickly opens the window down.

"Whoa, I don't believe she would have scared you that much, where's the fire?" He asks.

Andrea look at him breathless from running from the house, eyes wide with fear, and replies "Stephen's hitting Miranda", his face drops as he registers the words that came from Andrea's mouth, he jumps out of the car, and rushes towards the townhouse, while Andrea opens the back door nearest to the curb, throws the book inside, not really caring where it lands just as long as she can bundle Miranda in the back.

With that she rushes into the house, and straight to the study where the door is now open, at this point she sees Miranda stumble across the view, with Stephen going towards her while screaming obscenities at her, only to be pulled back by Roy as he restrains him, shouting at him to calm down.

Without thinking Andrea rushes forward and grabs Miranda's arm intent on pulling her out of the room so they could call the police and get the hell out of there. All of a sudden she hears Stephen scream with blind fury while breaking free of Roy's hold, and rushing towards her shouting "YOOUUU".

The next thing she sees is Miranda crouched over her body, with her face streaked with tears and in pain from Stephen, as he throws punch after punch at Miranda's back and then

He finally hit his target.