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Summary: We know the pain Derek went through after losing Emilio, but what about what Angie went through?


Angela Blackwell Thompson was guilty. This was a rare occurrence; normally she only opened her mouth when it was responsible of her. When Derek had first started operating she had scolded him for being negligent, and he had deserved it.

However, this time she was not so sure, and it was eating her alive.

The crash echoed through the operating room, and Angie flinched by instinct, biting her bottom lip, "I'm sorry Dr. Kasal, I'll be more careful next time."

Sidney sighed and looked at Angie, "It's not like you at all to fumble with equipment like that. I don't think it's necessary to remind you, but if you're having personal problems…"

"I'm sorry, sir… it won't happen again."

"Maybe you're just working a little too hard," he said softly, the nurse was his employee second, and his friend first, "You should take some time off Angie."

"No thank you… I'm… planning to go see my father."

"Professor Blackwell? Just don't push yourself, I'm worried about you."

Angie nodded softly, cleaning up the mess she made and not saying another word. Sidney wanted to say something, but figured it would be for the best if he didn't, 'They'll work it out on their own,' he thought to himself.

That night, Angie was in her small apartment, sitting on her bed and reliving everything she had said to Derek.

"Derek, you made the right decision, but weren't you a little negligent? You relied too much on the healing touch!!"

The sentence replayed over and over in her head, and she began to pick it apart, 'I was wrong,' she thought, 'Derek had just lost a patient, and not because he relied on the healing touch, even if he did his best, Emilio still would have…'

"Derek lost a patient, and I… I yelled at him for it…"

Alone, her chest aching and throbbing, she began to sob. "I'm sorry Derek."

She was lying to herself and her boss, yes she was going to see her beloved father, but that was not the purpose of her time off. Her real purpose was to see Derek. She did not know what to say, there were so many things to say.

Hope Hospital, she hadn't been there in a long time. Out in the front parking lot a nurse was fumbling around in her car for something, Angie approached her, "Um, can I ask you something miss?"

"Yes?" inquired the nurse, pulling herself from whatever she was doing to face Angie, she was a little shorter than the blonde, with brown hair in a tight bun. "Wait… Angie Thompson, right?"

"Ms. Fulton?"

"You must be here about Dr. Stiles, I'll go fetch him for you."

Her nerve shattered and her stomach did a backflip. "Wait! No, I just wanted to see if he was doing okay is all." Angie mentally kicked herself, 'Coward.'

Much to Angie's chagrin, Mary laughed, "Dear, men and women don't always get along, but when you get to be my age you realize just how stupid these little spats are, I'll go get Derek."

Before Angie could get another word in Nurse Fulton had already started towards the building, "Thank you," she whispered, and she could swear Fulton was smirking at her.

When she faced Derek again, she didn't expect it would be the room they first met in. There were so many things she wanted to say, apologies being at the forefront of her mind. However, when she looked into her doctor's eyes, she knew an apology wouldn't be enough. The fire was gone, it was like whatever she respected in him was dead.

No, an apology would not be enough…

She would never leave his side again.