The Continuous Path

Author: Sora Hoshi

Universe: Inuyasha

Rating: T for Romance and swearing

Couple: Inuyasha x Kagome

Warnings: Swearing, Kagome's father didn't disappear-he's dead in this fic., Japanese words common in the Inuyasha series (IE- hanyou, youkai, miko, etc.), Grandpa (Jii-chan) is alive (not sure if he's dead in the anime/manga so if someone could let me know...)

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.

Summary: Kagome is a teacher now and Inuyasha is the past. The portal is open still, but Kagome vowed to never go to the Feudal Era again. Her whole life has changed from when the group had traveled together. The jewel isn't whole yet.





NOTE: Inuyasha is more mature rather than childish in this fic, I hope you enjoy the re-edited version of The Continuous Path


Chapter 1

Kagome looked up when the final bell rang to see all of her students looking at her expectantly.

Kagome hadn't aged since that fateful day when Inuyasha had marked her as his mate, but from that moment after things went downhill. She was older and wiser, but was given eternal youth because of mating Inuyasha; that was both a blessing and a curse. She hid the mark at the crook of her shoulder and neck with a scarf, or a shirt that hid it; if she couldn't get away with anything else, she put a skin toned band-aid over it so no one knew.

She inwardly sighed. She wasn't looking forward to today at all.

It had been her first year as a permanently hired teacher at a new high school in Kyoto, near the Shrine when she had made the mistake. It has been almost four years since then. She had gone to college after problems-and hurt feelings-between Inuyasha and herself had become too much. She finished school and got a degree as a high school history teacher of Feudal Japan. She had been a history geek before she had even went to the Feudal Era, and still was; but now she had her own stories from living what the books had said.

It started out when she was teaching at her new job. Every year after it was the same.

Two days before exams, she had been teaching 'the legend' of the Shikon no Tama. This had led her to think about things that hurt. Unknown to Kagome that day she had let a wince of pain and sadness flicker over her face and one of her students caught it.

"Higurashi-sensei, what's the matter?" Asked the girl as the class looked on hearing the worry in the girl's voice. Kagome was a good teacher, her kids liked her and she loved to teach them.

"When you get to be old-" the class started to protest, making her laugh at their protest before continuing, "Okay, well older than you are right now…there are hard lessons that every person learns."

"What do you mean by that?" The concealed boy snake demon asked.

Over time demons had learned to hide their differences. Almost all of the priestesses were killed off, except for the Higurashi's. For some odd reason that their lords didn't tell them about, a direct order from Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and Kouga had told them not to. There were a few priests or priestesses born throughout the eons that were taken and raised properly at a private school demons owned and controlled.

The demon children in the class knew this information, but all the Higurashi family knew was that there were demons, and if they said anything to anyone that person would die. They could defend themselves from attacks, and kill the attacking demon, but they couldn't out right attack the demons as well. This was the secret that the head of the family held close to his heart. Now that Kagome had trained enough she could tell who was a demon in hiding and who was human. Demon clans still fought, but they took place in remote areas.

"The Shikon no Tama is one of my favorite stories." She lied, trying to change the subject, "When I was younger…well, back when I was your age I heard a more, erm…detailed version of the Shikon no Tama."

"What's that got to do with anything?" Asked another boy.

While at almost the exact same moment a half cat demon girl asked, "Could you tell us it?"

"Hm…it did helped me to learn an important lesson. I don't see why I couldn't tell you it." Kagome replied smiling at the half cat demon.

The next year another person asked her to tell them the story at the beginning of the year, but she said she would tell them the story two days before their final, and they had held her to her promise.

After the first year of telling the story, it became tradition to tell it every year two days before the final exam. So, every year she dreaded the day she would have to dig up her memories of the half demon, and his party of the most unlikely people. She missed her family back in the Feudal Era, but knew that if she went back, there would be problems.

Kagome sighed out loud this time and grinned at her class, some of them had taken a video recording camera from home to record the story for their family, most of those were demons who had parents from that era and they were curious as to how the miko history teacher had learned such an accurate account of the story. None of the demon clans were allowed to say anything about that time on pain of death. But a couple humans brought in cameras so they could keep this story for the future.

When Kagome told any history story it was almost as if the students could see the banners and hear the war cries of the mythical battles. No one would ask her where she had learned it though, because of the look on her face when she told it.

"So, the dreaded day has finally arrived, hasn't it? Set up your camera's everyone. Then I'll tell you the story." Kagome said as she moved around to the front of the desk to lean against it. This was her favorite place to stand in the whole class. She could look at all the students and stare at the back of the room as she told the story, taking herself back in time without anyone finding out about it.

After a few minutes, she started.

"Long, long ago before Lord Sesshomaru of the Western Lands had even started to become the most powerful demon on this world, there was a powerful priestess named Midoriko. Back then the humans feared the youkai and hanyou of the world and wanted them to be exterminated off the face of the planet. The priestess could purify demons as they attacked. If she was killed most of the forces against the demons would surrender. However, no matter how many demons she was up against, she could vanquish them all.

"Then the day of the final battle came, she stood against the mightiest demon force that had ever been gathered in that time. She was protecting a village full of humans who had lost all of their men to their tyrant of a human lord towards the east. The priestess didn't approve of this but couldn't stop him, so she was staying at the village to try and keep it from becoming a burning hole in the ground. She sensed the force coming towards the village and told everyone to go to the cave a mile away to the south. She knew that the demons were coming after her and so she fled in the opposite direction of the villagers-north. There was another cave in the range of mountains that she was headed towards to set a trap. There was only one way in and she was planning on taking every single one of those demons with her.

"As the last demon pasted the point of where she wanted her barrier to be she summoned the strongest one she could manage while killing the demons that were already upon her in the large cavern over half a kilometer into the rock.

"They battled all night and into the next day without stop. There was a powerful demon though, that held back; never before had one thought to study her style of fighting before attacking. As she began to tire, that demon stepped forward. He was awed at her fighting ability as a fellow warrior, but knew she had to be destroyed at all costs. While their battle progressed the last of the demons comrades died and their souls sucked into her body to be held there, waiting to be purified.

"Finally the last strike was made, his sword plunged into her stomach as she summoned the last of her strength to stop the madness. While he was still living she took his soul and died with it inside her body. A stone, round as a ball, and pink as cotton candy, burst out of her chest as her last breath left her. The body of the powerful demon died a few moments later due to his wounds, his soul already gone.

"Not one of those demons escaped that night. And that was how the Shikon no Tama was born." Kagome cleared her throat and took a sip of water before continuing with the hard part.

"Many years later a descendent of Midoriko; another priestess; was guarding her ancestors sacrifice. Demons came after the jewel in order to possess its power. But soon a fate-filled, twisted, scheming, evil half-demon, who wanted the slavery or death of both the human and the demon races came to steal it. He set another half demon, the half brother of Lord Sesshomaru who had fallen in love with the beautiful, young priestess and she with him, against each other. The priestess died and the jewel burned with her body as half demon fell into an enchanted sleep, pinned to the Sacred Tree, Goshinboku, by the priestess' last arrow where he was supposed to sleep forever.

"But, the fates decided he was not to stay there. One day fifty years later the reincarnation of that same priestess the half demon loved came out of the well near the sacred tree. She was from the future. No one is sure exactly what time, but they do know that she was the most powerful priestess anyone had ever seen, or heard of since Midoriko. The young girl accidentally freed the half demon and awoke him from his slumber. She had the Shikon no Tama trapped inside her body somehow and when she was hurt by a demon nearby, it burst from her body." Kagome continued the story, trying to block the memories. Memories flickered around inside her head, each one treasured, yet full of pain. She knew she would never see her friends from that time period again.

"The girl had no idea she was a priestess and just wanted to go back home. When another demon attacked her for the jewel she accidentally shattered it. This started a search, their goal was to collect all of the jewel shards, but each had their own goals. The new miko wanted to correct her mistake, while the greedy half demon had his own goals in mind.

"Oi, wench! Where are you going? We need to find the shards so I can become a full demon!" Inuyasha said to Kagome a scowl on his face.

"I'm going back home! You find the shards yourself! I didn't ask to be here and I don't want to be! Sit!" Kagome screamed turning around and stomping back to the well. "Stupid insufferable…"

"They were then joined by a kitsune, then a perverted monk, and then the last demon slayer of a destroyed demon slaying village, in that order. A shock came when the hanyou realized the new priestess' soul was that of his decease ex-loves. She, who had betrayed him in the end. The two struggled through the new knowledge and were able to overcome that obstacle. As the years rolled by the reincarnated priestess and the half demon fell in love. But, it was not meant to be. Early in the groups crusade the reincarnated priestess' soul was ripped in half and the priestess who had died protecting the jewel was reborn into a clay body.

"The half demon was still in love with the priestess from fifty years ago and in the end, he chose the old priestess over the one from the future and broke her heart. So, before the Shikon no Tama could be whole again, she disappeared into the future sealing the well that was the portal between their times, with her miko powers and vowed to herself that she would never willingly go back to the half demon." Kagome smiled sadly and shook her head at the end, almost like she was saying someone had been foolish. No one knew why, but everyone knew to never ask her about it.

"No one knows what happened to the girl, the half demon, and the Shikon no Tama, except for a few people. Sesshomaru and his mate, Rin; Kouga- Sesshomaru's second in command and his mate Ayame; and of course the half demon in the story-Sesshomaru's brother, Inuyasha." Kagome finished her story and finally allowed the memories to fall back into the box she kept them in and sighed again.

The video recording cameras were shut off before she continued on. "Of course, this is only a legend, however much it may seem amazing. I will let all of you talk until the end of class, good luck on your exams." She finished softly, smiling slightly at the class before she went back to her desk and sat down. The humans in the class were already chatting while the beings with demonic blood in the class remained quiet until the bell rang signaling them to their final class of the day. Some of the students were still deep in thought when they left and instead of their usual chatter and teasing thought about the story.

In all of the years that Kagome had told this story no one seriously thought she might just be that girl from the future. She had learned to suppress her miko powers so that she could look like she had only a little power, instead of the huge amount that she knew she had. She played with the almost full quarter of the Shikon no Tama that was strung around her neck and hidden below the line of her t-shirt, hiding the jewel from sight as well as sense with her miko powers.

Kagome had moved away from the Shrine to a small apartment a block from the school after college so she could get away from the memories. But, every summer her mother forced her to come and stay at the shrine so that she could see her grandpa, mother, and brother again.

They were the only ones who knew where Kagome was and how she was doing; her friends didn't know about any of the things that had happened in the past or why she had changed the way she dressed; just that it had something to do with her 'ex-boyfriend'.

Five more day's and I'll be back at mama's house for three months. She thought as she sighed heavily and packed up everything for the night, before locking the door to her room and leaving for the day.


Story originally posted: October 7, 2008

Finished: July 27, 2009

1st Chapter re-posted: May 23, 2011