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Chapter 4: The Thriller!

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Chapter 4

"Okay, we're all set. Now who are these allies you three keep talking about?" Sango asked, getting up to stretch her stiff legs.

It was night out now. Inuyasha and Kouga had just gotten back into the good graces of their mates, so they were being very careful around the two women. Ayame and Kouga nervously glanced from Inuyasha to Sesshomaru, but didn't say anything.

"Kagura and Kanna are free of Naraku's imposing rule. I killed them myself and then brought them back, just after they had come and asked me to. They should arrive with Jaken soon." Sesshomaru stated bluntly, taking the human's surprised looks emotionlessly and waiting for Inuyasha's predictable outburst.

"Those two whores are nothing but a pain in my ass! How are we supposed to trust them? We don't even-" Inuyasha started in, only to be cut off.

"Shut your mouth you insolent fool." A voice said from the outside. A moment later Kagura and Kanna came inside followed by a hard-pressed Jaken.

"Lord Sesshomaru. As always, a pleasure." Kagura continued with as she sat down after giving him a slight bow.

After a few shocked moments, the group went back to planning. They proceeded to put the final touches on their battle plans before bidding each other good night and almost everyone leaving to go sleep somewhere else.

The next day everyone woke up early and set off, having Kagome guide them towards the Jewel shards. After a half days journey at an average demon's fastest speed (so they could conserve energy), they came to a clearing where Kagome could feel the presence of the last two shards in a cave just a little ways further.

"Naraku sure has gotten lazy. No demon puppets, no incarnations…geez this might be easier than we planned." Sango murmured as the group prepared for battle a ways away.

"Probably because Kagome wasn't in this time and he could tell, also it was the jewel shards that made him powerful to begin with. He had to start absorbing his 'creations' back into himself to keep his power levels up before we had left…" Kagura said, fingering one of the feather's in her hair.

The group emerged from the forest and approached the cave.

"Well, well, well if it isn't the group of do gooders and their acquaintances. Oh, and you've brought back my last two puppets, I thank you." Naraku said, a sly grin appearing on his face.

"Wrong. We're fighting against you Naraku." Kagura spit out, her fan already opening, as Kanna gave a rare statement.

"Puppets…we are puppets no more." She said softly but clearly, her voice echoing throughout the silent clearing. She turned her mirror catching Naraku's reflection in it.

"Your time has come Naraku." Sesshomaru stated calmly, venom creeping into his cold tone at the last word. Tokijin coming out of its sheath with a hiss.

"My curse will be gone soon and my family will have no reason to live in fear anymore." Miroku said with a glare. One hand was gripping his beads that contained the Kazanna, while his staff was being planted in the ground.

"My family and village will finally be repaid the debt they are owed so their souls may finally rest in peace!" Sango raged, her Hiraikotsu being moved into the throwing position as Kirara snarled her agreement.

"This is for all of our youkai-kin and wolf-kin that you have killed!" Kouga and Ayame snarled moving into an attack position.

"This is for all the innocents you have killed for joy!" Kagome fumed, drawing her bow tight, making sure it was ready to fire.

Inuyasha was the last to speak, his voice hard. "Your time is now Naraku. Breath in your last few breaths of fresh air before the pits of Hell open their arms to welcome you for eternity. Die!" Tetsusagia slid out of its sheath.

The battle commenced and in the hour of fighting, the combatants were focused and fought with now thought of their selves. After what seemed like a few minutes Inuyasha landed the first hit, followed closely by Sesshomaru, and Kouga and Ayame. Sango's hiraikotsu sliced neatly through one of Naraku's arms and Miroku's kazanna was unleashed, quickly taking in the extra limb so he wouldn't be able to reattach it. With each attack and defense the group used, Naraku weakened just a tad more, until finally Inuyasha was able to strike the final blow, ultimately killing the half-demon who had given everyone, human's and youkai alike, trouble, pain, terror, fear, and loathing. Kanna's mirror quickly absorbed Naraku's tainted soul, holding him temporarily so that the group could make sure he couldn't revive himself again while they were disposing of his remains.

For a few minutes everyone stood still, not really believing that the odd group of hanyou, youkai, and human's had actually defeated the…thing (fore he couldn't be called a man, or a demon and it would be an insult to even call him a hanyou).

As the group gathered together most could hardly believe Naraku was gone. Miroku hesitantly unwound the sacred beads and cloth that stopped his kazanna from sucking everything up. The cursed black hole that had appeared when Naraku had cursed his predecessors was gone. Sango squeaked and started to grin when she saw Miroku's face. At Sango's squeak Miroku's shocked expression of disbelief changed drastically to one of excitement and joy. He laughed and pulled Sango into a hug, which she happily returned, tears in both of their eyes.

Sesshomaru, Kouga, Ayame, and Inuyasha sniffed the wind to see if Naraku's stench was truly gone. Three of them broke out in broad grins, while even Sesshomaru showed a small smile. Kagome spotted the two contaminated jewel shards in the remains of what once was Naraku and hurriedly picked them up. Even the two jewel shards couldn't bring back the demon pieces spread before the group. The shards purified as soon as she touched them, and she fused the last two pieces of the Shikon no Tama.

"Look." She said quietly, her eyes wide. Kagome held the now completed Shikon no Tama up for everyone to see. She handed it to Miroku, who took it, everyone's attention focused on the small pink jewel.

A tingling sensation made its way up her arms as soon as she had let go of the strings that held the jewel. Kagome looked down at her hands and gasped. Inuyasha quickly looked over at Kagome as she raised her hands in front of her face. The limbs were turning see through. Tears welled up in her eyes as she felt the barrier she had put up around Kouga and Ayame's home disappear. The see thoroughness started to travel up her arms.

"No…Kagome…" Inuyasha breathed out, stark desolation showing in both of their features, as the star-crossed lovers tried to reason out why this was happening. Kagome swallowed hard, and drew on her courage.

"There are history books in my bag from my time that should help you to survive. You've got to figure out how to put up a human illusion before the westerners come. Make sure that you watch for people with immense spiritual power, they'll try to kill you." Kagome said, bottling up her pain, she could cry when she couldn't see them anymore. Right now she had to make sure her mate survived long enough for them to meet again.

"Sango, Miroku, Shippo take care, and don't let Inuyasha go. Sesshomaru that goes for you too. Take care of my mate." Tears were starting to brim in her eyes. She blinked them away so she could see her friends clearly for the last time. "Kouga, Ayame, take care, and good luck everyone. Inuyasha-" Kagome choked up but pushed forward her body was now gone and her face was transparent, fading every moment until only her voice sounded throughout the battlefield.

"Inuyasha, don't grow cold again. Wait for me…I love you. I love you all." Kagome's voice was fading away to nothing by the end of her last sentence. A tear slid down one of her cheeks and Inuyasha went to wipe it off. His hand passed straight through her cheek and he jerked his hand back. She blinked away the tears furiously, wanting to see everyone's faces until the last second. Giving them a weak smile, she disappeared from sight.

Everyone looked on in shock as the miko faded away like a ghost going to the Divine Realms. Inuyasha stared dumbly at the spot where his angel had stood a few seconds ago. Sango and Shippo started to cry silently, while tears shimmered in Miroku's eyes. The older youkai in the group felt the loss of the miko deeply, but were more concerned about what her mate's reaction would be, rather than anything else.


Kagome's eyes were blank for the first few minutes when she suddenly shimmered back into existence in the middle of the living room back at her house. She blankly looked around trying to figure out what had just happened and why it had just happened.

Inuyasha… I have to get back to Inuyasha! Was her first coherent thought as her legs started to move towards the well house.

"Souta, I didn't know that you-Kagome?" Her mother called, growing concerned as her daughter flew past the kitchen entrance and out the door, sprinting towards the well. Korari ran after her daughter, dropping the knife she had been using next to the lettuce head she had been cutting up, the objects completely forgotten as she raced after her first born child.

Kagome jumped into the well, the wind rushing past her as the ground drew closer. No bluish glow emerged to cradle her in her journey to the Sengoku Jidai. She landed on the ground, her legs almost immediately giving out on her because of the force of impact.

A scream forced its way out of her mouth, utter despair making its voice heard in the world as tears cascaded down her cheeks.

A few hours later, her mother had finally gotten Kagome out of the well and into the shower. Blood from the battle, along with a basic coating of sweat and dirt churned together was washed from her daughter's body. After Korari urged Kagome to change by herself, she sat down with Souta and her otou-san whom had both come home after she had gotten Kagome into the bathroom; she then proceeded to explain what little she knew of the situation.

I…I can't see Inuyasha again… She thought in shock, her first logically clear thought in the past half day. She had pulled on one of the sweater's she had gotten for him years ago along with a pair of jeans, not really paying attention to what she was putting on. She silently made her way into the living room where she curled up on the couch next to her okaa-san, oblivious to the talk going on around her.

Her mother had her arm around her daughter, Korari's worry almost tangible as she continued to talk to her own otou-san.

A knock came from the front door and Jii-chan sighed. "I'll get it." He said bustling over to the door.

"Take me to Kagome." A commanding man demanded as soon as the door opened. He spoke impatiently flicking his long black braided hair behind him as his dark, worry filled eyes searched behind the grandfather.

"Kagome is unavailable right now-I didn't catch your name sir. Good day." Kagome's Jii-chan said coldly going to close the door.

The man effortlessly stopped the door from closing, picked up the older man, set him aside and started to walk towards the living room like he knew where it was, despite the older man's protests.

Kagome turned her head to look at what was making so much noise, not really seeing who was there. She blinked repeatedly, trying to clear the cloudy haze that had descended over her eyes. The blaze of whatever charm that kept youkai and hanyou from being seen was surrounding the man that had just jumped over Souta and twisted his body so it didn't crash into the ceiling or walls.

Kagome stood up silently, looking through the charm to see the demon underneath as the man waited patiently just inside the living room entrance, while Kagome's family stared at the man as if he had just grown an extra limb in front of them.

"What do you think you're doing-" Korari started in on the man, the first one to recover; only she was cut off by her daughter's soft cry of elation.

Kagome flew into the man's waiting arms, tears making their way down her cheeks. "Inuyasha…" She whispered as she buried her head in his chest.

Inuyasha's arms tightened; Kagome's tear tracks were mirrored on his face as he breathed in the scent he had missed so much. "I missed you…so much…" Inuyasha whispered into her hair, holding her tenderly as if she would break, but tight enough to know that this was real.

"I thought I would never see you again." Kagome sighed, never wanting to let go. Her family had left them after Kagome's first three syllables since she had returned had been pronounced. They were trying to give them some privacy. "But how did you…"

Inuyasha sighed, picked up Kagome cradling her against his chest, walked over to the couch, and sat down. "Well…it was tough, but I finally made it.

"After you left…Sango, Miroku…Shippo, they helped a lot, keeping me sane. Surprisingly Sesshomaru helped as well, over time I worked with him on the plans for everything. We basically did as you told us to. Creating a charm to make sure we looked like humans was the hardest. Miroku's family and descendents helped quite a bit. Did you know that Miroku and Sango are your ancestors?" Inuyasha asked, getting a silent negative answer in the form of a shake of Kagome's head.

"Hmm…anyways, after the westerners came, Sesshomaru and I started in with the stock market and funded a lot breakthrough research projects, building up our funds. Then the depression hit America and we bought up a lot of the stock under different identities. Over the years we slowly took over a lot of the international trade. When World War II broke out we left for America and started a branch of our base company from Japan. It wasn't easy, but we did it.

"Since we knew what was going to happen we made sure that the youkai and hanyou would be safe around the world. Making contact with the European youkai and hanyou was the hardest. Since we didn't have centuries to convince them we were telling the truth, they took heavy casualties in when the two World War's occurred. By the end of the Second World War, they were so weak in numbers that we had to search for the survivors of the chemical warfare. The Cold War wasn't too bad; we just controlled the government's movements, which is quite easy for the youkai.

"So I ended up waiting for you to be born. The first 475 years were easy compared to the torture of these last few years…I had to leave the country so my younger self wouldn't catch my scent. That would have been an uncomfortable confrontation if I hadn't left…" He finished off with, giving her a sad half smile. He'd tell her the rest over time, but right now he just needed to hold her, and a shortened version of what had happened was all he could really manage at the moment.

"Oh…Inu…" Kagome whispered, tears trailing down her cheeks. She hugged him closer, taking comfort in his solidness, while giving it back the same way. He feathered kisses across her brow and down her chin, breathing in her scent from the crook of her neck for a minute before catching her lips in a passion filled kiss. A growl rumbled in his chest, making Kagome shiver and thread her fingers through his hair. The kiss deepened as the two lovers concentrated on each other. Inuyasha's hand crept down to the bottom of his sweater, sliding underneath the material to find no t-shirt underneath, his hand flattening across her stomach to feel as much skin as he could, he wanted her now.

"Ahem." Kagome's Jii-chan coughed, secretly grinning at the chance to break up the couple before things got out of hand, well more out of hand than they already were. "There are more people outside, which I'm almost positive are waiting for Kagome and yourself…Inuyasha." He said smugly. Kagome flushed like a teenager caught in a compromising position (which she was in), while Inuyasha just glared at the old man who wanted to interrupt his reunion time with his mate.

Kagome's blush died as she looked at Inuyasha confusedly. "Come on…I see we won't get any private time until tonight…" He grumbled, standing up and reluctantly letting Kagome stand up, instead of carrying her outside which he knew she wouldn't have liked. He did keep hold of one of her hands though. The grandfather stood aside as his granddaughter and her mate walked out to the back of the shrine.

A blaze of a barrier charm surrounding it blinded Kagome for a few minutes as she stood, blinking back tears and adjusting her sight so she could see. There before her stood a grown, brown haired kitsune along with a fish hanyou standing next to him. Rin and Sesshomaru stood next to them, looking like they hadn't aged a day in 500 years. "Kagome-chan!" "Okaa-san!" Were two of the cries that came from two of the people before her.

"Sh-Shippo? Rin?" Kagome whispered, her eyes large as tears welled up again as the man whom she now recognized as Shippo and Rin darted forward and gave her a hug, which she returned.

"You probably can't recognize me Kagome-nee-chan, but I'm Ai from the old Mystic Island." Ai said smiling up at the group. Asagi, Dai, Roku, Shion, and Moegi were behind her smiles mirrored across their faces. Kouga and Ayame stepped forward from the crowd of youkai in the back of the shrine. Tears were in Ayame's eyes and Kouga was smiling happily, his arm wrapped around Ayame's waist.

"I remember. I just…you guys grew up!" Kagome said, with a grin, receiving one in return.

"Kaa-san, Ai-chan's my mate." Shippo explained, laughing at the shocked look on the miko's face. "Actually one of our kits was in your class two years ago. Ryochi." He added, laughing again as Kagome's eyes got bigger. Ryochi's head popped out from behind Asagi's body and he waved cheekily at his former teacher. "Hey sensei!" He called, a mad fit of giggles bursting from what sounded like a few other youngsters behind the grownups.

"Speaking of your teaching we'll need to discuss what's going to happen with that…" Inuyasha whispered into her ear and she grinned and blushed in response.

"Rin, let Kagome come and meet her adopted grandchildren and her nieces and nephews." Sesshomaru said, a wry smile making its way onto his face.

"Okay Fluffy!" Rin replied, giggling at Sesshomaru's pained expression that was a mix of exasperation and love, before whispering to Kagome, "It never gets old!" She giggled some more when Lord Fluffy growled low in his chest.

"I heard that one Rin, just wait until tonight…" Sesshomaru said with smirk, seeing his well picked words make Rin squirm. Rin stuck her tongue out in reply and took Inuyasha's hand.

"Come on Nii-chan, Kagome-chan needs to meet everyone! And say hi to some old friends!" Rin laughed at the look on Inuyasha's face. He scowled, and then grinned as Shippo took Kagome's other hand. The kitsune and the mate of Lord Sesshomaru led the reunited star-crossed lovers down to the youkai family that had grown over the years. Laughter, squeals of delight, and all around happiness could practically be seen in the air as the reunion party continued on into the night.

Somewhere in the middle of the reunion tables and food appeared along with utensils and drinks for the large group.

Kagome's Jii-chan, okaa-san, and Souta were introduced as well to the group of youkai. By the end of the night, Souta was trading stories about Kagome with Rin and Shippo, laughter coming from the small group often enough to make Kagome a little nervous. Sesshomaru was talking with Kagome's Jii-chan about seals and other spiritual topics while Korari was talking with all of the younger youkai and hanyou.

Soon it was time for everyone to leave. With many hugs, kisses, and promises to call for lunch/dinner dates the crowd left. "I barely got to talk with Kouga, Ayame, Shippo, Sesshomaru, and Rin…" Kagome murmured with a sigh, she was too happy to frown right now.

"We'll have plenty of time to catch up later." Inuyasha said, wrapping his arms around her waist as the couple watched the last of their youkai family leave for the night.

"Wow…I thought there would have been a mess to clean up…" Korari said surveying the back of the shrine with wide eyes. There wasn't a speck of trash, or anything that showed a large group of beings had congregated on the grounds.

"That's one of Sesshomaru's specialized groups of youkai server's. He's got this private company set up to help serve just youkai needs, since a lot of youkai families want to get together without the charms, and not freak out the servers or something. We came up with the idea after having one of our own reunions a couple centuries ago." Inuyasha explained with a grin. "Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to steal Kagome away for the night." He added a heated, hungry look passing between the couple.

"Of course." Korari said quickly with a wink in their direction, grabbing Souta's and her otou-san's arms and dragging them towards the house. Souta was on the verge of starting to tease his sister, while Kagome's Jii-chan looked like he was about to deliver a large lecture on proper etiquette and responsibility. "Just have her back by noon tomorrow." She added before she shut the door.

"Well, I think that went well." Inuyasha murmured, kissing the junction between Kagome's neck and shoulder.

"Hey, how come Rin doesn't look a day older than when I last saw her, and how did the two of them have full-blooded youkai and hanyou children?" Kagome asked, her head buzzing with new names and information.

"Hm…" The silver haired hanyou said distractedly as he turned his mate around to kiss her mouth thoroughly.

Kagome shivered and sighed, giving into the kisses without so much of a murmur of protest.

"We better go." Inuyasha said reluctantly, lacing his fingers through his mates and tugging her along.

"…what?" Kagome asked dazedly as she followed him out of the barrier. Inuyasha pulled Kagome up into his arms, his hanyou features being hidden by the ring he had put on before exiting the barrier. He then jumped, and soon the couple was speeding out of the city, towards a destination Inuyasha knew of. He found it to his advantage to use the dark hair from his charmed disguise instead of the silver hair of he true form when he was travelling in this fashion.

"Sesshomaru figured out that if a human and a youkai mated the couple could choose between having a full-blooded youkai, or a hanyou. Since youkai blood is so powerful, nobody can have a human child, plus I also thank Kami for that. With a youkai and human couple the human receives the same lifespan as his or her youkai mate.

"Later another couple, a hanyou and a human figured out that they could choose between all three. But unfortunately, the human child has a normal human lifespan…that was very hard for everyone to find out." Inuyasha explained, knowing that the questions would bug Kagome all night if he didn't answer them right away.

"Now, no more questions tonight. I only get about twelve hours to…get to know you-" Inuyasha frowned when Kagome giggled at this. "Anyways…to get to know you again." He finished his frown turning into a lecherous grin as his mate blushed.

The couple arrived at the private cottage Inuyasha owned and slipped inside, already tangled together. "I've imagined this so many times…" Inuyasha whispered into Kagome's ear, before giving the rim a lick, making her shiver.

"Well, think of it this way. We've got forever to do anything and everything, including what you imagined." Kagome said breathlessly as they disappeared into the bedroom.

The End.


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Kotobo wo kasanetemo
Even with words
Wakari aenaikoto
There are things that can not be conveyed
Mada shiranakatta ne
I still hadn't realized that
Kimi dake wo dakishimeta kute
The lost dream of holding you
Nakushita yume kimi wa
By my side, you said,
"Akiramenaide" to itta
"Don't give it up!"
Tooku harareteru hodo ni chikaku ni kanjiteru
The further apart we are, the closer you feel
Samishisa mo tsuyosa eto kawatteku
Even my loneliness turns into strength

It's a Japanese song (of course). One of the closing song's to Gundam S Destiny. I thought it fit the fic pretty well, not exactly perfect…but it fit better than any English song that I've listened to. I'd also like to thank everyone for reviewing this fic! Thank you so much!

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