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Pairings: CloudSeph, AngealZack

Plot: Sephiroth has had a hard time recently getting interested in writing any new Romance Novels, even with a strict Publicist/Publisher among other titles breathing down his neck mixed in with deadlines, but, can one little blue eyed, blonde grafity defying hair styled young man change all of that for a struggling Novelist?

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"It's not possible for you to not feel anything for me! You can't be human!" the words came forth from her lips; it couldn't be possible to stand here, and stare at this man.

Physically, he was human. A man. A mortal man. Not a God that she had crafted in her subconscious. Something to full fill the longing her heart wanted for just one man to love her, be the one image of a man she had crafted with her subconscious. There was no doubting, that this man, this man was a beautiful man. But, there was a side to him she couldn't get over; his ignorance for her advances, the words she had said to him. Hoping, and lying in wait in hopes he would acknowledge her advances and words. But it seemed, this man was incapable of doing such things.

An immovable ball of bricks built against any one entering his heart.

Why was that?

Turning her face away, spotted dots of tears began rolling down her face, "...Good bye..."

She had hoped, just hoped in the back of her mind, he would speak up, move to her. Place his arms around her and stop her from leaving him. Just gather her up into his arms and whisper the words, 'Please...don't leave me...'

Oh Merciful Goddess, why do you tease my soul so?

"You can't leave..." the man's voice sounded robotic as his hands reached out for her; they moved slow, as if in slow motion.

Once again, he tried for her as he grabbed her shoulders, "Don't leave...I love..."

Her eyes turned around to face him, but something seemed to turn her head.

"What did you say...?"

"I said...I love...

"OH FIDDLESTICKS!" the clatter of fingertips against the keyboard, painting the love torn asunder image, stopped, "Mr. Sephiroth, I'm so sorry, I'm afraid I have broken another dish."

It seemed that the two lovers perfect ending would have to wait as apologetic mutterings were heard among the pieces of broken cuttlery was picked up. It was not an uncommon occurrence for such noises to come from the quiet apartment. But it was a catalyst that ruined the mood of the novel being written. If the characters in the fictional world beyond the computer monitor could speak. They would have a few choice words to say to the cause of the interruption.

But, as it was, the two star crossed lovers would have to wait.

The day's plans were to work on the story and to have it finished by lunch time. He was on a deadline and his Editor had been waiting impatiently for it, regardless of whether or not it was a best seller. Who was he kidding? He was going to be a best seller. His house maid would come in, do the usual cleaning then go home for the day.
Unfortunately, "My clumsy old hands don't have the control they used to have." seemed to be the excuse of the hour; it was etched across her face as she started to pick up the pieces. It had been an issue she was dealing with slowly, even at her elder like age; hoping that it wouldn't cost her her job. Things hadn't been easy to find work at her age, she should've been retired, but there was no reason to sit at home, alone. Working was all she had, and she appreciated the man that she worked for; he was different from her previous employers.

Her previous employers didn't care about the fact she had a life outside of cleaning their homes and cooking for their spoiled children. The man she was working for now, she didn't have to worry about that. Her employer was a single, working man.

A writer.

A perfect employer for her; she didn't have to worry about finding incriminating evidence in her employer's bedroom that he was sleeping with the Secretary at his High Rise job. Or even finding that the Misses was living a double life that was rather, scandalous. Having a writer for an employer was fascinating, and more fulfilling.
And less stressful, alongside, not having to worry about having her name being mispronounced or called something else.

"...I promise I'll pay for these ones, Mr. Maximus, oh dear me..."

Soft footsteps had begun to pad along the carpeted floors of the small apartment; he hadn't had the heart to let her suffer on her knees, "Its alright, I'm sure they weren't important anyways," the man remarked as he began the journey to the Living Room, Please let it be that crazy fan's home made plate...that woman was crazy.
Ever since he had hired her on to keep his house in a tidy style, a number of his dishes had suffered a similar fate as the one on the floor. The dishes that had fallen prey to her klutzy grip; they were better off. There were some though, he wished he had taken better care of. A few of the unfortunate broken plates were dishes he had inherited from his Mother. Others he waved off as nothing. The ones he waved off were from crazy fans, especially ones who had tried to work fro him. But this lady, she was different...

"Oh, I'm getting too old to be making excuses..."

He wasn't someone who thought he needed to hire someone to clean his apartment; the one that had broached the subject was his Publisher, who was also his Editor. She had come over to talk to him about an upcoming Novel. He was just starting out in the business of writing fictional tales of romance for little old house wives. Her screeching as she fell over his sofa from his College years had prompted it all.

"I swear. If I didn't care about you, I wouldn't even come over to this disaster zone to check in on you," the woman growled as she cleaned off her dress, "Are you even listening to me?"

A sound between a groan and grunt was heard as busy eyes scanned the computer screen and fingers tapped away, "Alright, if you heard me, what was I just talking about?"

"Same thing you always bitch about when you come here...If you're so afraid of killing your self on my stuff, then do something about it. On your free time come over to sort these things out."

Now, it was her turn, "Are you serious? I'm not your Mother, let alone your Personal Maid."

"So, are you saying I should hire a House Maid?"

It had been a thought she was playing around with on her way over, "Its a thought..."

"I don't have cash to pay for a House Maid..."

His attention turned back to the story at hand, "What if I fitted the bill? Would you consider it then?"

"I could be persuased..."

"So you'll consider it?"

"...Give me two weeks; if you can find a woman, a sane woman, I'll start the Interviews and if I can find a sane one among the bunch...I'll hire someone."

A smirk crossed the woman's face, "Alright, but one other condition. I get to be here for the interviews. Can't let you have all the fun of weeding out the loonies from the sane..."

He offered a hand, "Deal."

"Heh, forget about it...I'm sure that it wasn't long for this World," the man sighed as he leaned down to help pick up the pieces, "And please, call me Sephiroth."

As he helped her pick up the pieces, he started to reminisce about the search for the right House Maid. She had been one of the sane ones that he had interviewed for the job that was weeded out from the list of potentials. It seemed that an AD that read, "Single male man, living alone, works long hours at computer; needs competent house maid to do some light cleaning." seemed to attract the weirdos. The unfortunate side to it was, someone had spilled who it was for. Giving way to the crazy housewives who had read his works leeway to come into his home. A few gentlemen had come forth, but after meeting with them. Specifically outside of his home. He decided it wasn't a good idea to have a man doing the job. Even though he had pleaded with his Editor that it be a man; he learned the hard way they were just as insane as the women. He could plead all he wanted that he wanted a man for a House Maid, but his Editor/Publisher had other ideas. She thought that if he got a woman to clean his home for him; he might find a lover.

Not something Sephiroth was looking for at the moment.

Swearing off women had been something he had made in stone to himself after he graduated College. Having his heart twisted about one woman too many was enough for him. Let alone, having a friendship that felt more like a "friends with benefits" relationship like friendship in College. It had turned into an utter disaster. Losing a friend that had been dear to him since High School, all because he had let his male hormones, and the wiles of a woman get to him. Losing the war on wanting a man House Maid, his Publisher/Editor had begun to tick off the reasons why she wanted a female for him.

And oh how she listed them.

"One, I don't think you want someone to get the wrong impression...in this day and age, most guys who do house cleaning are either, a) gay, or b) have no other skills to apply to their lives and feel they can do the same job as a woman. Two, I'd just rather you have a lady. It would make coming to see you so much easier. Someone to gossip about you with when you aren't looking or listening...which is pretty much, most of the time I'm over."

"Are you finished?" Sephiroth moaned as he walked her out to her car, "Or are there more reasons why?"

She simply shrugged, "I don't know, maybe you'll have some fairy tale ending come to your life...maybe fall in love with a nice lady you hire for cleaning up that shamble of a castle you keep to yourself..."


Countless applications were turned in and then came the chore of sifting through them all. Setting up appointments to meet with the potentials, but, it soon became apparent that this was going to end in tears. And a lot of hair pulling. There was something not sane about these women. Many of them took to eying him during his private moments when they assumed he wasn't looking. It was a sense of a false hope his Publisher had given them. It just made their insane notions and actions, some appearing stalker like in manner. As soon as his first book hit the shelves, a number of the House Maids started to bring over "help" to help them. At first, it seemed harmless. But when he started to notice certain personal items missing. A decision had to be made, which meant giving the boot to the House Maid(s) he had hired on. But it never stopped them from sending him gifts. The first being the first plate to suffer a crushing blow to the floor.

"Sorry about that, Sephiroth, I'm just so use to talking to my employer by their last name..." the House Maid finished picking up the last shard of the plate.

She was the perfect House Maid; she had the demeanor much like a grand mother.


Until she started babying him the first time he fell ill while attempting to pull an all nighter, for a week, to meet a deadline. When his Publisher came over to check in on him, she found the man bundled up on the sofa, being babied.

"I'm sorry, Sephiroth, I truly am. I know I keep saying it and I'm sure you've heard it enough times..." her voice was timid and scattered as she tried to avoid his gaze, "If you wish to fire me, like you probably will, I'll take it as such..."

Faintly, his eyes looked upon her as he watched her move about; all he wanted was for her to stop five seconds and let him speak, "Mrs. Smith, don't worry about it, I'll handle it…"

"Oh don't worry yourself sir; I'll take care of it."

"I don't know what's wrong with me, I can't seem to keep a grip on the dishes, I was just dusting before I left for the weekend and look what I did," she threw her hands up, but as she began to bring them back down, "Mr. Sephiroth?"

He caught her by the wrist; his hand brushing back a few, stray strands of hairs from her face, "Take the rest of the day off, I insist…You've done enough…"

"Thank you, sir…"

Once she was gone, silence. Pure, lovely silence. Save for the chirping of the phone ringing, forgotten by Mrs. Smith on her way out the door. The phone continued its ringing as they met in sync with his heavy footsteps.

Whoever is calling, there better be a good reason for bothering me.

All he wanted to do was let the machine get it, but he knew better then that.

And yet, "Whoever it is...it can wait..."

The machine picked up the call, and it was the one person he hoped to avoid for another week, "Sephiroth, it's me, your Publisher, or have you forgotten you have a deadline in almost two weeks? I know you're there and I know you know how to answer a phone. I know you aren't sitting at that thing you call a desk, working, and key stroking out another winning Novel. Come on, answer the phone Seph."

As much as he hated the phone; he despised pet names, especially from his Publisher, Publicist, Manager; she was everything, "What is it Raechel?"

"Oh good, you are there, so good to hear from you," the icy tone of her voice seemed to be sugar coated, "I was going over your Date book. For the next couple of weeks and the upcoming months for your book tour."

Even though she couldn't see it, Sephiroth was rolling his eyes, "Yes Raechel, I'm going to have it done; I promise you, I'll have it done and on your desk no later then Noon this afternoon."

"Good boy…well, I won't keep you from your work; I look forward to seeing the newest little jewel."


Oh sweet Goddess…why do you have me under the grasp of such a devious woman?


It was moving day, a day that most people dread and some look forward to. The blond on the sofa, eyeballing his friend as he helped a lanky man bring in the last of the furniture. It was a day he had been dreading since the embarrassing incident that caused the move. He was doing all he could to not kill his friend with his gaze as he flipped the page of his book, "Hey, Cloud, you think you can put that down long enough to help?" a voice called out from the doorway; a lanky man with raven hair stood in the doorway, trying to push in a bookshelf, "Come on, man, this thing is heavy!"

"Quit your complaining, Zackary," another pair of hands pulled the bookshelf and the young man through the doorway in one fell swoop, "Cloud has done almost as much work as you."

"That's not true, Angeal…" here it came, the trademark pout, "I did my share, compared to Mr. Bookworm over there!"

Faint, sky blue eyes peeked up from the novel, "What share was that? The share of playing the pouty little puppy? A puppy that needs a kiss for everything he moved into the apartment or the share where you played 'Grope the Driver' most of the way here?"

"CLOUD!" that wasn't quite the answer needed as the blond returned to his book; blocking out the sounds of his friend attempting to fight him while the older male in the room tried to calm the teen down.

The fighting only seemed to filter throughout the room. It didn't help to enjoy the small space they were confined to; it was smaller then the old place. And why was it that they were living here now? At first, it was just the two young men; friends since High School, but things had become different. Zack had found himself head over heels with the man he was currently arguing with in the doorway. The dormitory they had been staying in was only meant for two people, but, that changed when Zack started bring home his boyfriend. His slightly older boyfriend. He had promised that it would only happen a few times, but those few times had become more and more frequent. That frequency had lead to their current situation. One of those frequencies had resulted into a fight that had resulted in the Domirotry Committee and the School coming into play. Asking for the duo, no, trio to vacate the Building and find a place off campus. Cloud hadn't been too happy with the situation; especially with what he had come back to the Dorm to. An image he would forever be haunted by in the dark of the night while he slept. It wasn't his friend's fault he was trying to enjoy his upcoming Break early by kicking it off by the only way he knew it.

In his friend's bed.

With his boyfriend, slightly, older boyfriend.

And all Cloud wanted was a simple afternoon in his room to do some last minute assignments and study since his class had been let out early. Unfortunately, Cloud was known for having horrible timing. Even as a child he had bad timing, but this time, it wasn't Mommy and Daddy he had walked in on. There had been a time when he had walked in on the two necking on the sofa after a late night cram session with classmates. Then there was the time he had walked into find them on the floor of the kitchen using items that Cloud had sworn off using ever again.

Whenever asked why, the simple remark was, "Ask Zack."

But the worst case of bad timing was the day he had walked in on the two men, in his bed. Making sounds that had worried Cloud the minute he had walked into the apartment; he had heard the sounds as he came up the stairwell. It only had seemed to had gotten louder as he came through the door. His first thoughts had been; was he at the wrong apartment? It was an easy mistake to make, especially as he heard the sounds of the moans. The moans sounded feminine, but yet again, his friend had been known for being a little loud when he was with his boyfriend. As he moved through the door, his worries that he was in the wrong apartment began to grow. His ears began to pick up on the sounds; the next thing they picked up on was the sound of a young man screaming.

Soon followed by the sound of Cloud hearing his own screams ringing out through the Dormitory. Unfortunately, the Dormitory had a Code System in place in regards to rules about the Dormitory. There were already so many strikes against Cloud and Zack, and this time, they had violated it one time too many. In the coming weeks, they were soon out on their butts, and looking for a place to live off campus.

"You owe me big time later…"

"Yeah, yeah, Pup, don't get in over your head or else you can kiss it all good bye later tonight."

It wasn't all too uncommon for Cloud to see them together like that. And it hadn't been that hard to figure out why his roommate would come home late after lights out. Or why he wore turtlenecks during the Summer. It became clear the day he had walked in on them. Zack had found love and in a way; it was like he was rubbing it in his face. Cloud never had the best luck when it came to relationships. Let alone, falling in love; it had been that way since High School. It was obvious with the first relationship he had with a girl he had known from Elementary school and on. Unfortunately, it had been short lived. It was a mere nightmare compared to other relationships he had tried to start in College. But he had found a way to escape the harsh reality of the nightmares of trying to date while in College; he had taken to reading a romance novel. If he had been younger, and not as desperate and down on his luck in love. He never would've touched such material, but there was something about the words and storytelling that took him away from the nightmares.

It had its typical, Man find woman, woman find man. Urrr...Man like woman. Man want woman. Man make woman his mate! Nothing unusual or uncommon about that. He just needed an escape from what was in front of him twenty-four, seven. Much like the love fest forming on the couch next to him.
Hard to believe there was anything his friend could nowadays, especially after the old apartment incident and the looks that were given by the crowd of students once it was over. Once things had settled, and both men were covered; Cloud made it a point to ask how it was the two had met. Especially since Zack had somehow managed to puppy dog eyes his way into letting Angeal come to live with them at the new apartment. There was no use avoiding those eyes, especially when they lit up when Cloud gave the okay. Only after he had an explaination of how they came to be together.

Angeal was someone Cloud couldn't see his friend with, but Zack was capable of saying otherwise.

"Well, we met at a Bar, I was completely smashed...was just looking to get a little buzzed and I was not about to walk home. I could barely see straight. But," Zack's gaze turned to the man at his side on the sofa, "This gallant Knight here, he appeared to stop my reckless ways. I was nose diving when it came to talking to the girls. I mistook him for some rugged woman, and a few drinks...Well, here we are!"

Cloud hadn't seem too taken with it all, "...I...guess I understand..."

"There isn't much to explain about it or how to really explain it...let's just leave it at this..." Angeal clapped a hand on Zack's shoulder, "If I hadn't saved him from himself; he would've end up on the floor under some guy's fist for hitting on his girlfriend...and probably would've found himself spending the night in jail."

"And why is that?"

Angeal chuckled as he saw Zack blush, "Because he was drunk to the point, he would've threatened someone into the point of making them his girlfriend. Whereas, he would've ended up someone's girlfriend in prison for assault, on a police officer."

"Angeal..." Zack whined.

"Oh hush. Be glad he was straight. I'm sure he would've enjoyed a punch...Kind of some guy's idea of a love tap..."

Angeal looked over as he saw that Cloud was ignoring them,"What are you reading?"

"Nothing special…just some book I found at the bookstore; figured I'd read it," Cloud's eyes never left the page as he turned the last page of the book

"Well," Zack piped up, sitting in Angeal's lap with his arms wrapped around his neck, "What do you guys say we go out and grab a bite to eat to celebrate our moving in?"