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She cornered him as soon as he walked out of the ice cream store that he frequented after school. Apparently his extra-curricular activities were no longer covert. He'd have to try to be more secretive in the future.

"I need your help." She pleaded with despair.

Ken took a step back, trying to regain some distance between himself and her devilishly imploring eyes, and raised an eyebrow.

"What do you need my help for, Kari?"

He was conscious of the mint-pumpkin scoop of ice cream slowly melting and dripping against his left hand, which was clutching the wafer cone. Mint-pumpkin was his absolute favourite, and the shop he had just vacated was the only one that sold it in the city, as far as he knew. Liquefying beneath his wondrous concoction was Wormmon's scoop as well—bubblegum flavoured. Ken had never understood the Digimon's interest in the girly flavour, and doubted that he ever would.

"I'll explain it later… let's just say for now that TK and I are in a rough patch, and we need some outside help to fix this whole mess. We'll drop by your house around six, okay?"

She smiled at him gratefully, and then walked off, leaving Ken stranded in the middle of the busy sidewalk, bubblegum-mint-pumpkin ice cream coating his hand. He was exceedingly bamboozled at the thought of Kari and TK fighting. What was it all about? Could he really help solve their relationship problems? Time would tell.

Sitting crossed legged on his computer chair, Ken faced the two teens before him, each on their own respective chaises. Ken twirled around on the chair a couple of times, getting slightly dizzy, before he realized they were waiting for him to say something.

"Want some Jolly Ranchers?" he offered, thrusting a small bowl filled with the tasty candy at TK and Kari.

They each took a few, before TK asked the question Ken was dying to hear the answer to: "Why are we here, exactly?"

Kari sighed through her nose, as if the answer was obvious, and said to him, "Because, TK, Ken is going to help us."

Ken cleared his throat quietly to try and get his friend's attention, but it seemed as though he did it too softly, because they did not take notice of him.

"With what, Kari?"

"With our relationship, you—"

"O-kay… why don't we take a breather for starters?" Ken suggested, pulling his handy dandy notepad from one of his many drawers. He certainly didn't want them to commence a battle of the sexes in the middle of his bedroom, with his parents not 10 metres away. "And why don't you tell us what you think is the problem here, Kari?"

Kari sat up straighter, understanding that this was the only chance she'd get at presenting her case.

"For the past few weeks, TK and I have been… not getting along as well as we used to, and while I don't want to point fingers, it's his fault."

TK looked outraged at this, and glared at her, but kept his mouth shut.

"You see, TK has his basketball, and while that's fine, and I support him in that, I think that he could be a little bit more proactive when it comes to his fan girls."

Ken frowned at the use of the term "proactive"—that was one of his words. Kari must have thought about this speech quite a bit. He gave her a gesture to continue.

"I mean, he knows they're there, and yet, every single time, what does he do to stop them from climbing all over him and planting kisses on him? Nothing! Not a damn thing! And it's driving me up the wall, Ken!"

"Now, hold on a sec!" TK countered. "You've got guys crawling over you at school, but you don't do anything to stop them."

"That's because they're harmless, Takeru. Don't tell me how to live my life."

"Do you see what she's doing, Ken! She's the biggest hypocrite of life, and she just sits there and stares at me, as if she's the innocent one here!"

Ken was leaning in TK's favour slightly. He did not believe Kari's statement of "harmless boys" was entirely true—he knew a few of them himself, and they were far from cuddly bunnies. Kari was being a bit of a hypocrite, yes, but TK overreacted to the simplest things at the worst times. Like, that time when Davis had accidentally slipped on some spilled juice, and coincidentally landed on TK, who was right behind him. TK hadn't talked to Davis for a month, ensuring his status as grudge-holder of the group.

It was a definite possibility that he was dramatizing the situation.

"I don't know what to say, guys. This is more complicated than I thought." Ken glanced down at his notes, as if consulting them, when in reality he was finishing up the drawing of a turkey he had been doing for the last few minutes. It was almost perfect. "I'm going to have to go more in-depth with this evaluation in order to identify and isolate the problem, and then come up with a diagnosis that is treatable. I'll have to conduct several experiments, and have some one-on-one sessions with each of you. This process may take some time, and I hope you are willing to try some newer-age testing for this dilemma. Are we clear?"

They both nodded, their heads bobbing up and down as they agreed to hand themselves over to Ken's experimentations for the few weeks. They really had no idea what was in store for them.

Doctor Ken was in the house.

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