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Chapter 1

It was always sunny in Spirit World…The sun never set, the clouds were light, fluffy, and few. It's a sunbather's paradise…

Kaori sat and stared out of her window, remembering the differences to the human world. It got dark then, and you went to sleep when the sun was down. If you were lucky, you had someone warm to snuggle up with and share body heat.

A smile crossed her face as she remembered that first night with Kurama, the sweet Silver Kitsune that had made her feel so at home, so safe, so loved. Her tails swished as she remembered his strong smell of roses that blended with her soft, smoky scent. He brought out the best in her with a smile in those bright emerald eyes and free-flowing red hair, he himself the perfect rose.

How long had it been? A month? A year? A quick glance at the calendar showed the first. It had been 26 days.

26 days since Koenma ordered her to remain in the Spirit World.

26 days since she had to say good-bye to her dearly beloved kitsune, the adorably anti-social chibi, the arrogant punk detective, and his trying but heart-strong sidekick, plus the other girls she had met that were tied to them all, one way or another.

Kaori sighed, and sat down on her bed. The room Koenma had prepared for her was well furnished; a bed, desk and chair, comfy reading chair, a shag rug to keep her toes warm, even a fridge and microwave to make up some food when she was hungry. There were shelves and they had brought her clothes and books to entertain her with when her time was free, but it still seemed empty.

The single, wilting rose on her desk embodied her. Though there was ample sun and water, she did not bloom. Though any trivial needs she had were met, she wasn't satisfied. And though kitsunes could manipulate plants to bloom and grow, she felt helpless.

Koenma had given her a little job in Spirit World to entertain her while they looked into her trustworthiness. She worked at the little deli for the workers in the palace, and even delivered food to cubicles when his ogres and ferry girls were too overworked to grab lunch. Though she herself was lonely, she always had a smile whenever she saw a hungry face. Botan was one of her favorite stops, and she gave her a rose daily with her sandwich.

Today was Sunday, if you had days of the week in Spirit World. Either way, it was her day off, so she sat in her room, musing over her return, if it would ever come, and they joy she would see on her friends' faces when Koenma said it was ok.

The light footsteps outside of her door made her ears swivel before there was a knock. Kaori stood and walked over, wondering who would want to see her today. She opened the door to see a serious Botan with an envelope in her hands. This made Kaori's tails freeze and her ears flattened.

"What's that?" she asked, voice coming out childlike and expressing her worry.

"It's Koenma's decision in your case," Botan said, voice emotionless, as she handed her the letter. Kaori opened it slowly and read aloud.

"I have decided that there is no immediate threat to the Human World, but I feel that there may need to be precaution concerning your freedom and whereabouts," she began slowly. "Therefore, I shall allow that you return to the human world in one week as Kaori Ikeda to be under constant supervision by the Spirit Detectives until I deem it necessary to deem otherwise."

The moment Kaori finished reading, Botan nearly tackled her in a hug.

"You get to go back!" She cheered, releasing all of the joy she held inside for so long. Kaori was nearly in shock. She hadn't expected Koenma to allow this so soon, and here she was, a week away from going back to the only other home she knew.

Before either girl knew it, they were jumping around Kaori's room, cheering and singing and thanking Kami. "I get to go to the Human World!" Kaori sang, bouncing off her bed and twirling in the middle of the floor.

I get to see him again…I get to see them all again…

Slowly and silently, the wilting rose in the corner of the desk began to bloom, filling the air with the strong, sweet scent of roses.