Title: Reflections

Pairing: Calleigh/Natalia

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: CSI Miami does not belong to me. No infringement intended, no profit made.

Spoilers: 7x03 "And How Does That Make You Kill"

Summary: Another "scene" we didn't see in the episode. After the case, Calleigh reflects.

She never tired of the ocean. No matter the burden her heart carried, no matter the weight of responsibility or regret or fear: no matter how many deaths and disappointments, bloody crime scenes and broken bodies her eyes beheld, looking out over the endless expanse of water could make her feel small – her troubles insignificant.

The ocean was her constant. She could stand at the edge of the shore, see the ceaseless march of the ocean waves, and feel at peace again...if only for a moment.

She held to that moment now. A silhouette in black, she stood at the end of the pier, letting the soft breeze tease her clothes and skin. It was gentle, playful even as it tugged at her hair, and she turned her face into it. The smell of the sea was sharp, and a faint mist was tossed into the air as the waves crashed below her, pressing against her cheeks like feathery kisses. It felt clean on her skin and she closed her eyes, blinding herself to the dying sun as it bled scarlet and gold across the sky.

After I got shot, it put my life in perspective. Made me think about my future, about, settling down. Be nice if it was with Calleigh.

In her mind she saw the words, memory's eye once again tracing the curves and lines, the slant of the letters, the occasional flourish of the Dr.'s handwriting. Stark black against white, the tiny symbols held a man's dreams, and a friend's hope.

A hope Calleigh had no answer for anymore.

Perhaps once, she might have. She would readily admit there was a part of her that had always loved him. But to her, Eric would forever be a dear friend – like the younger brother she never had – and nothing more.

"We make a good team" she had told him, smiling gently and refusing to answer his question. It was true, but despite his desire, she could never return his feelings.

Not when her heart belonged to someone else now.

As if summoned by her thoughts, a pair of slender arms wrapped around her waist and a tender kiss was pressed to tousled blonde hair.

Smiling and opening her eyes, Calleigh turned her head, catching a glimmer of the sunset in the rich dark eyes that twinkled at her.

For a moment Calleigh simple looked, watching the deepening light bath the bronze of her lover's skin with its touch.

This, is where I belong, wasn't so much a thought as an understanding.

Leaning back into Natalia's embrace, the smaller woman closed her eyes again, but this time, it was not the eternal rush of the ocean that she concentrated on. This time it was the yielding strength of Natalia's body supporting her own, the silken cheek pressed against hers, the warm heady scent of her perfume and the hundreds of other tiny, seemingly insignificant sensations that she associated with the taller woman.

There were no words spoken, and none needed between them.

As the sun slipped gracefully below the waves, lighting the ocean on fire, Calleigh stood safe in Natalia's arms, all thoughts of the case, of Eric, of the uncertainty of their future long banished.

Right here, in that moment, she felt only peace, and this time, she knew that feeling would not vanish when she could no longer looked at the ocean.