"What Could Have Been"

Nathan waits impatiently as the NBA draft is about to begin. On one side sits Hailey, his wife and high school sweetheart and on the other side sits his father and agent, Dan Scott. Nathan's heart is beating so hard and fast that Hailey could feel it through the pulse in his hand as they clench their hands together. Dan is talking fast and furiously on his phone regarding Nathan's potential future. Hailey's phone startles her and Nathan as it vibrates in her pocket. It is their son Jamie calling one last time to wish his father luck and tell him that he loves him.

As the Commissioner approaches the podium, Dan quickly ends his phone call and taps Nathan on the back. Nathan's face turns stark white as the Commissioner announces the first draft pick.

"With the number one overall pick, the New York Knicks select Nathan Scott."

Time seems to stop for a moment as Nathan and Hailey look at each other and kiss. Dan hugs his son as Nathan stands up to walk to the podium. Once behind the podium Nathan is given a jersey which he holds up with pride.

"I can't believe this is happening!" Hailey says to Dan as she watches her husband with encouragement. "It felt like this time would never come."

"I knew that if he worked hard enough he would be a star someday," replies Dan.

Again, Hailey's phone vibrates in her pocket as Nathan makes his way back to her and Dan with a huge smile on his face.

"Hi Jamie, do you want to talk to Daddy?"

"Of course!" Hailey hands the phone to Nathan as she smiles at him adoringly.

"Hey buddy, are you watching on TV?"

"You bet Dad. I can't believe you're going to be in the NBA!"

Nathan says goodbye to his son and hands the phone back to Hailey. He looks at Hailey and kisses her passionately as Dan looks on.

"Looks like we're moving to New York!"