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Just some info about this story. This is pre-season 3 finale. Zach is still around. Otherwise there really is not much of a timeline.

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Chapter 1: The First Victim

Special Agent Seeley Booth parked his FBI standard issue SUV and got out. Dr. Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian, grabbed her bag and followed him. Neither of them knew exactly what they were dealing with except that there was a casket found on a construction site. As they walked up they observed their surroundings. The construction site was big and only about half had been bulldozed the rest was still as it was before: a big empty field. There was a trailer nearby that served as the "office" for all the higher up people on the food chain, higher than construction workers. There was five or six construction machines scattered on the site. Two of them were backhoes, the rest bulldozers. All of them had been stopped with a couple of men milling around each except one.

This particular one was taped off with a single cop standing guard and two men standing several yards away. The bulldozer had obviously hit something. That something, that looked to be the uncovered casket, was tilted slightly with the end the bulldozer had hit higher than the rest. The other side of the casket, however, was still covered by grass. This discovery appeared to have been made on the bulldozer's first time over that particular spot.

All of a sudden three men burst out of the trailer. One was obviously a local law enforcement officer in his uniform. Another was probably a contractor or some other higher up in the construction business. The third was a mystery but Brennan assumed him to be another construction higher up.

The officer walked up to Booth and Brennan. Before he could say anything, though, Booth introduced them.

"Special Agent Booth," he told the three men showing them his badge; "This is Dr. Brennan from the Jeffersonian."

"Officer Wilkins," the officer responded. He looked to be in his mid- to late thirties and a seasoned officer of the law. He was not fazed by the two men following him like lost puppies only with slightly more annoyed expressions on their faces. Wilkins was a tall man and more on the lanky side of the scale than robust. He motioned to the two men following him, but did not look at them. "This is the general contractor, Mark Decker and his lawyer, Joe Stolan."

Mark Decker was obviously the contractor. In his hand he had forgotten blueprints of some kind. He was wearing jeans that were ripped out of use not bought for double what not ripped jeans were worth not ripped and filthy work boots. On top, however, he had on a nice polo shirt. The effect was that he looked liked he dressed in the dark, but he probably did that so he could look somewhat nice yet be able to walk on the construction site without ruining all his clothes. Joe Stolan, on the other hand, looked nothing like a lawyer. He looked like he had come straight from a frat party. He was wearing jeans that not only had more holes than material but looked like they had not been washed in months. He had on a t-shirt that advertised Corona beer. Both men nodded when introduced.

"I really need to get this taken care of quickly," said Mark Decker, "We're on a tight schedule."

Booth replied, "It will take as long as it needs to." Booth then turned and looked questioningly at Joe Stolan.

"I'm just here to make sure that my client's rights are not violated in anyway."

"Okay," said Booth thinking it was a little early to be bringing in a lawyer but turned to Wilkins and said, "Lead the way, Officer."

Wilkins turned and led the way to the taped off bulldozer. As they got closer they could see the casket better. Some of the dirt had been wiped off and the color of the casket was evident. Black. It looked to have a few carvings on it but did not appear to be worth a lot.

"Where's the nearest cemetery?" asked Brennan as she ducked under the tape with Booth following on her heels.

Wilkins paused to think before saying, "More than twenty miles."

"So there's no way this should be here," asked Booth, "not even by accident."

"I don't think that a casket can get somewhere by itself or be accidentally left here so definitely not," replied Wilkins, ducking under the tape but opting to stay on the perimeter.

Brennan walked up to the partially uncovered coffin. She pulled on gloves and set her bag down on the ground next to her. Booth stood behind her, notebook in hand; he was ready to take notes on what Brennan is going to tell him.

She brushed off some of the dirt, "This is not a very expensive coffin. One of the cheaper ones to imitate a pricier one."

Brennan looked around for any sign that the coffin had been disturbed before the bulldozer dug it up. There were no obvious ones. She carefully used a shovel and brush to completely uncover the coffin. Then she moved to open the lid. Before everyone had been looking but not really seeing however when they noticed this everyone leaned forward to try and get a glimpse of what was inside. As carefully as she could Brennan pried the lid up and looked inside.

Lying in the casket was a full body. The body was not laid as if put in there already dead. It was almost in the fetal position but the coffin was too thin for the victim to get completely curled. The soft tissue was completely dehydrated. Some of the clothing was still in place although it was partially rotted. Brennan began her analysis.

"Caucasian. Female. Late twenties, early thirties. No visual signs of trauma."

"How long has she been out here?" asked Booth.

"More than five years. Probably closer to ten," Brennan answered. To the contractor she asked, "How long have you been working on this property?"

"About two months."

"You've been bulldozing for two months?" asked Booth incredulously.

"We got delayed two weeks in, lost a month and half's work because of a complaint."

"What was here before?" asked Brennan.

"A big empty field, I think."

"Well, let's get her back to the lab," said Brennan standing up and pulling off her gloves.


Brennan and Zach were leaned over the table, examining the coffin remains, taking note of any anomalies or abnormalities. Cam and Booth were watching. There really was not much for either of them to do yet. Booth tried to talk to the property owner only to be met with a secretary informing him that Mr. Roberts was on a flight home from Europe and he would call back tomorrow. There just was not enough tissue left for Cam. Hodgins was examining, well, dirt, bugs, and the remaining clothing and Angela was trying to get an ID from dental records.

"Childhood tibia break," said Zach.

Brennan took a look, "Probably from falling off a bike. If Angela can't get an ID from dentals, this will help."

Brennan went back to examining the upper body.

"Hodgins, any word on a more definite time of death?" asked Booth impatiently.

"Yeah, I would say she's been dead for approximately ten years," replied Hodgins without looking up from his microscope.

"What's this?" asked Brennan, magnifying the victim's neck on the screen. Before she got a chance to really look at it, Angela came up onto the platform, "I got an ID."

Everyone turned to face her. She opened the folder and began reading, "Laura Walker. Twenty-nine. Lived just outside of Bethesda, Maryland. Went missing May 9, 1998. Her car was found in the parking garage at the mall where she had just been with her friends and . . . oh, no . . ."

"What?" asked Hodgins, moving towards her.

Angela looked back and forth between Hodgins and Brennan before finally saying, "She was taken by the Gravedigger."


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