BloSC/Sonic: Marred, but not Shattered

by Futuramakid


XR sighed. A routine mapping mission just outside known space. The probability of finding a planet with life, much less sentient life, was slim. So it was considerably surprising when he saw a blip on the scanners.
"Buzz, we got something!" he called. His captain walked over, and took a look at the screen.
"Odd...," Buzz commented, "Surprisingly small population for a planet that size. Estimated civilization level?"
XR moved the scan to scan for technology. He was taken aback.
"Buzz, there's a ton of tech down there and... over a 5:1 robot to organic ratio!" XR said.
"Okay, any indication of space capabilities?" Buzz asked.
"No. However, most of their other capabilities seem to be at the level where it is necessary for us to make contact," XR informed.
"Ok. Initiate broadcast, all channels," Buzz said. He got in view of the ship's camera.
"Greetings. I am Captain Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, I represent the Galactic Alliance. I come in peace, and I wish to speak to the local authority figure."

"Sir," Snively reported, "we have an incoming transmission of unknown origin. Do you wish to view it?."
"Of course, Snively. Any broadcast we can't trace to one of my networks is potentially the Freedom Fighters advancing to our level."
Onscreen, a face unfamiliar to either of them appeared.
"Greetings. I am Captain Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, I represent the Galactic Alliance. I come in peace, and I wish to speak to the local authority figure."
"Interesting," Robotnik said to his cohort, "I believe I should get in contact with this person... Connect me."
"Greetings, Captain. I am Doctor Ivo Robotnik, ruler of this planet," Robotnik began, bowing slightly, "however, I am in a spot of trouble... A group of the vermin is rebelling against my rule."
"Vermin?" Buzz said questioningly.
"A lower race of animals, bent against my kind," Robotnik lied, "and others like me, which you, sir, appear to be."
"I see. Perhaps we should have a meeting. Delegates of my crew meet you, get a sense of your world's history, for reference purposes."
"I would be honored, Captain," Robotnik replied, "Simply say the word. I await with anticipation."
The screen went black.
"Something seemed off about him, Buzz," Mira says, "I don't think we should trust him."
"I agree, Mira. I suggest we look into these 'vermin' and split into 2 parties- 1 party goes as delegates to this man, and the other looks into the 'vermin'."
"Sounds like a plan," she agreed.
"Mira, XR, you'll go down first, to greet this 'ruler'," Buzz said, "I'll keep in contact."
He turned to the screen, and began transmitting.
"My party is homing in on the source of your transmission," he informed Robotnik, "they'll be there soon."

"Foreign transmission detected, Sally," an automated voice alerted.
"Foreign?" Sally inquired. She was sitting, drawing up a plan.
"Transmission does not match any known frequency or format currently employed by Robotnik," the computer continued.
She picked up a small, handheld computer
"Can you play it, Nicole?" she asked.
"Yes. Transmission is lacking encryption. Playback, commencing."
A flat hologram screen appeared, and the image of a man was on it. He began to speak.

"Greetings. I am Captain Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, I represent the Galactic Alliance. I come in peace, and I wish to speak to the local authority figure."
"Hmm," Sally said, analyzing what she had heard, "this could be just the help we need... Nicole, can you transmit back to the source?"
"Yes. However, I am limited to audio- as you know, I posess no camera," Nicole replied.

"Good. Start transmitting. Hello. I am Princess Sally Acorn, heir to the Mobian throne, and leader of the Freedom Fighters. I need any help you can send. A warmongering tyrant named Robotnik has decided to take over, and now controls over 40 of the planet. He's a threat to anything and anyone around him. I beg of you, help us."
The transmission went up, and was received. Sadly, by the time this message reached Star Cruiser 42, Mira and XR were in a shuttle entering the atmosphere, and 42 was far from its reception range.

Within 5 minutes, Mira and XR landed the shuttle on the border of Robotropolis. They were greeted by a SWAT bot.
"This way," it told them. It led them through Robotropolis- a wasteland of mechanical junk. Mira coughed. This air, while breathable, was definitely all kinds of polluted. XR, having no nose, didn't notice it at all. They arrived at the center- a huge, hulking metal airship, docked into a large, dark metal palace. They entered. A short man with an abnormally large nose greeted them.

"Welcome to Mobius. I'm Snively, Robotnik's trusted nephew. My uncle will be with you shortly," he informs them. A platform lowers. The man who responded stood there- An obese man, with a tri-toned bodysuit of red, yellow, and black.
"Welcome, friends... Who might you be?" Robotnik asked.
"Mira Nova and XR, Space Rangers," Mira replied, "and we're here to find out more about this planet."
"My, you certainly are... interesting," the doctor said, looking over Mira. It wasn't every day he saw an alien, "and you say that the little robot... He's accepted as a citizen in your government?"
"More than a citizen, buddy, I'm a SPACE RANGER!" XR butted in, before Mira could reply.
"So I heard," Robotnik said, "would you mind if I took a look at your biology? I'm quite fascinated by the prospect of aliens such as yourself."
A small, glass tube rose on the platform.
"It's a simple, painless cellular scan and analysis," he lied.
"XR? Is it?" Mira asked.
"I... can't tell. It doesn't match any tech I've encountered," XR admitted upon scanning the machine.
"Different cultures spawn different methods," Robotnik said.
"I guess that makes sense," XR agreed.
Mira, still somewhat mistrusting, decided to show some faith, thinking it may help negotiations. She stepped onto a circular pad as the tube lifted. It lowered, and a near-blinding white light began rising at her feet. It slowly began moving upwards. It passed her ankles. She knew something was wrong, her feet felt... odd.
"XR! Help!"
He noticed what it was doing. Her feet had changed- they were sleeker, with a shiny, metallic sheen.

He drew his guns. Before he could move to fire, he felt a rush of data to the head. Robotnik had raised a wand-like device, and pointed it at him. He wasn't going to last long against this stream of data.
"Mass useless data transmitter," Robotnik said, grinning maliciously, "Increases till you overload. You are top of the line... perfect for reverse engineering. I was going to play nice, but this... this is worth the damages."
XR hung on, letting his processor overclock.
"And... Mira?"
"Your friend? She'll be a loyal soldier for my empire."
XR's last thoughts before he overloaded were "All my fault..."
"System overload... Emergency shutdown activated."
XR shut down.