Hello everybody! Well I decided to edit this chapter and repost it. There's not too much editing I did on this, but not to little either. So I 'd say there's about a fair amount of editing. I started working on the second chapter three days ago, and while reading over the first chapter I came to realize it was honestly extremely bad. My grammar was horrible, and I honestly did not see how the heck I could've thought that was good. Haha, but that was two years ago when I wrote it. So hopefully, this first chapter is better then the last. Hope you enjoy it!(:

First Kiss, First Death

The whole school day had been quite uneventful for me. Until, P.E. came up, that's when the new kid was introduced or was supposed to be introduced.

It was 8:00 A.M. and Gai-sensei was already bright awake and yelling out roll call.

"Naruto Uzamaki!"

A tall striking blonde with cat whiskers marked on his cheeks grinned and exclaimed with exuberance.


"TenTen Ama!"

A tall, toned, beautiful brunette waved her hand up in the air. A smile clearly perched on her lips along with a kunai.

"Sakura Haruno!"

A tall, flat chested, pink haired girl rolled her eyes and continued sucking on her lollipop. Annoyance creeping in her veins as Gai-sensei repeated her name over and over.

Finally, she threw her lollipop out at him and shouted in anger,


"Glad to know your youthful spirit is up and running Sakura!" Gai exclaimed, making sure to throw a very disarming gleaming white smile at Sakura.

Sakura merely groaned and turned her back on him.

"Rock Lee!"

Gai, didn't even have to mention his last name before a smile lit his face. Following in his example, Rock Lee gave one of his cheesy million dollar smiles that caused five of the freshmen girls to faint. They were probably the only set of girls that fainted at the sight of it.

"Shino Aburame!"

A guy huddled in the corner raised his hand, but quickly withdrew it once he saw the senior girls giving him lustful looks. They thought his mysteriousness was extremely sexy. I for one as his friend saw it only as peaceful and calm.

"Kiba Inuzuki!"

A tall, toned, brown haired young man gave off one of his sexy wolf smiles. All the freshmen girls sighed. Some even swooned. A small smile graced my features as he turned to wink at me. Then I jokingly rolled my eyes at him. He merely smiled in return.

"Hinata Hyuga!"

I hesitantly raised my hand, and gave out a meek


Hearing the lack of confidence and enthusiasm in my reply, he looked up at me. We'd been working on my lack of cooperation with the other students, along with me speaking up, confidence, etc… Pretty much what I got from other teachers.

He gave me one last stern look before he went back to him roll call.

"Sasuke Uchiha! Wait, Sasuke...Uchiha? The new student?"

Gai's voice was now full with youthful joy, as he liked to call it. To me, this was not a good sign. For one, Lee was like the exact clone of Gai, reflecting the same thoughts, looks, and expressions. Sometimes I thought he was Gai's unknown son. Therefore, this meant Lee was about to do the same thing as Gai, but to my shock, and to the others, he just looked at Gai in confusion.

All the girls gasped, while the guys drew a perplexed look along with me. What was all the sudden commotion for this Sasuke guy? Was he famous or something? If he was, then I could care less. I already had a famous father, cousin, sister, mother...need I say more? The honest truth was famous people were an agony, what with them thinking themselves above the others.

Honestly, I didn't want to meet this guy if he was going to be like all the other rich famous people. I'd had enough of them for a lifetime.

Yet, my wishes weren't to be delivered because just then the gym door began to open.

The girls held their breath.

Slowly a rubber boot stepped in. The girls scrunched their face, yet continued looking at the emerging figure in excitement.

Finally, the custodian's full appearance was in view.

Groaning, the girls turned back to look at Gai-sensi.

The custodian stared at their backs like they were aliens arriving from Mars. I started to peel my eyes of him, yet a glimpse of black caught my attention. Then slowly another body started emerging from behind the custodian.