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A full day has passed since they had escaped from the slave camp and they had stayed at April's place for the night as they were not ready to go back to the lair. Master Splinter sighed, sadly, knowing what he was going to ask of his sons and friends would be hard for all of them but also knowing that it must be done for them to heal. He had his sons sit down of the couch together and he addressed them. "What we went through these past two months will never leave us, but one thing must be done if we are to ever heal from our emotional pain. We must not hold secretes from each other now. I know this will be hard for all of us, but we must talk of our experiences. I believe it will help us get through this time in our lives as only then will we be able to help each other. I fear it will be worse if we do not do this, my sons."

When he had finished his speech, his sons glanced at each other, worriedly. No one wanted to voice what they had gone through. They all believed it would only cause them to relive the terrors they faced alone. Most of the scars they now carried, both physical and emotional, will never leave them. They will always be constant reminders of their pain and sorrows. Master Splinter sighed again as he looked at each in turn. "I know it will be difficult," He said, "Nut this must be done. I do not want to force you to talk about this, but I warn you it will be worse when you finally do. Now who wants to start first?"

They glanced at each other again, nervously. None of them wanted to go first. Michelangelo looked down at his knees with thoughts of Joe's tragic demise flashing in front of his eyes, Donatello frowned as he thought of all of what Hun had done to him, Leonardo shifted nervously under his sensei's gaze, remembering his foolish outburst that almost got him killed, and Raphael allowed a tear to fall down his face as he remembered the torture he had endured in the infirmary. Master Splinter documented all his sons reactions, sorrowfully, hoping they would open up to him so he would know what was on each of their minds.

Raphael stood and walked towards the wall away from his brothers with Master Splinter's eyes following him. He sighed deeply and full of his own sorrow as he looked into his sensei's eyes. "Alright," He said, warily, as he leaned back against the wall, "I'll go first…"

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