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Chapter 1: New Beginning

Here I am in the airport of Phoenix saying good-bye to my mother Renée because I'm leaving her in Florida with her new husband Phil, yes she got remarried which creeps me out a little bit but as long as she's happy I'm happy. I am going to Forks, a little town in Washington to live with my father Chief Charlie Swan. My name is Isabella Swan but I like people to call me Bella. I have never really liked Forks but I don't want to live in Florida, it's too hot and sunny. Renée doesn't want me to go to Forks because she is afraid that I won't be happy.

"Are you really sure you want to go to Forks?" she said looking at me with puppy eyes.

"Yes, mom. I want to spend time with Charlie". I lied trying to convince myself since I hate Forks because it's all gloomy and wet but it's better than Florida.

"Okay. Call me when you get to Forks and remember if you don't like it you can always come back home" Renée said with tears in her eyes.

I hugged her tightly one last time and waved good-bye. When I entered the plane I fell into a deep sleep and found myself dreaming of something that would have never crossed my mind. In the dream I found myself in a weird place it was like a forest burned and it was dark full of smoke. I look around and all I see is the dark until I find a bunch of people. There were like 7 of them with pale white skin, red eyes, they looked like vampires. The atmosphere was cold too cold for me to feel the warmth of my body; it feels like it was 0 degrees maybe less. All of a sudden one of the guys, the reddish brown hair tall handsome one started to walk towards me smiling like if he knew me. He raised his hand like if I was meant to hold it but I stepped back and raised an eyebrow.

"Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you" he said taking his hand back.

"Who are you?" I said looking at the others smiling. I caught a glimpse of one of the girls. She had short spiked hair that pointed to every direction. She smiled at me and winked. There was something about her that I found attractive. The guy looked at her and then looked at me.

"You'll soon find out, sister" he said disappearing with the others except the spiked hair girl. She looked at me one last time before leaving. That's when I woke up; well technically the flight attendant woke me up. I left the plane and headed outside to wait for my father. Here I have to call him Dad, which is going to be weird since I have always called him Charlie. I kept on looking around and all of a sudden I see him. I see my father wearing his police uniform. Yes my dad is the Chief Police of little Forks. Like if there's a lot of criminality in a little town. He looked at me and smiled walking fast towards me with his hands open to embrace me in a big hug.

"Bella! I have missed you so much" he said still hugging me.

"I've missed you to Charlie" he raised an eyebrow to me. "I'm sorry, I mean Dad" I said smiling at him.

"I hope you like it here" he told me taking my luggage to the car.

"I know I will" I said trying to convince him and myself. The road to his house was kind of short. Like always it was a rainy day but somehow the trees where beautiful. I stared at the gray sky thinking about how my life would change now that I was living with my father. We got to Charlie's house and entered. The house was almost the same as I remember. The colors of the inside were still the same yellow, light green and blue in the living room, the kitchen had the same old western look that it has had since my mom got married to Charlie. I didn't notice that Charlie was right behind me looking at me. I tried to smile but from the looks on his face he looked kind of sad. I hated this awkward silent between us, it made things worse.

"Bells, I know it's going to be hard for you but please try to be happy" he said it like if that has an order.

"Dad, I'm already happy. I live with you, my father" I smiled at him and he did to. He grabbed some papers and gave them to me. "What are these?" I asked him looking at the papers.

"Those are your papers for school. You start tomorrow at Forks High School" he said walking to the living room and turning on the TV. I went upstairs to my room. It was the same as I left it 2 years ago although the paint was new; it still had my posters and my old books from elementary school. I took a deep breath and lie down and fell asleep.

The next day I woke up and started to get ready for school. Ugh I hate going to school and plus it was raining like always. I putted on a black T-shirt and some blue jeans. I hurried downstairs to eat some breakfast. I see Charlie waiting for me with some car keys on his hand.

"Good-morning, dad" I said smiling at him and grabbing some bread.

"Good-morning, Bella. I have a surprise for you" he said giving me the car keys.

"Don't tell me you bought me a car?" I said excited.

"See for yourself" he said opening the door. As I walked outside I saw this old Chevy red truck parked next to Charlie's police car.

"Is this mine?" I said amazed. I didn't noticed when Charlie came behind me and hugged me.

"Yes, this is yours. It belonged to an old friend and well now it's yours so that you can go around town if you want" he said opening the car door. I was too shocked to even smile at him. I couldn't believe that my father bought me a car. I looked at him and hugged him. He was surprise and hugged me back.

"Now, Bells, you have to hurry up if you want to get to school on time" he said opening the door to his patrol truck. He gave me another hug as good luck on my first day of school. I sighed and got on my truck. The school wasn't hard to find it had a big sign that read: Welcome to Forks High School. I parked my truck near the office. Before I got out I grabbed my book bag and put it over my head so that I couldn't get that wet. I exited my truck and hurried to the office. There I see this woman maybe on her mid-years at the other side of the counter. I took out my papers and walked towards the counter.

"Hi, my name is Isabella Swan" I said giving her the papers.

"Oh, so you are the Police Chief's daughter?" she said smiling at me. So this town is little everyone knows me because of my father. Who wouldn't know the famous Chief Swan? She gave me my schedule of my classes and also gave me a colored map that showed me the way to my classrooms.


I met some new friends like this hair brown girl named Jessica and she introduces me to her friends Angela, Mike, Eric, Tyler, and Ben. There was another girl but I don't remember her name. At lunch Jessica and I went to the cafeteria to buy some food. All of a sudden across the room I see this strange group of people. I recognized them from my dream except they were less. There were two girls and three guys. Jessica saw that I kept looking at that table.

"Those are the Cullen's" she said following my gaze. "The reddish brown gorgeous one is Edward, next to him are his brothers Emmet and Jasper. The girls are Rosalie, the blonde one and the spiked hair one is Alice." I didn't notice until I blinked, the five of them were looking straight at me. I blushed when I realized that Alice was smiling at me. God she was gorgeous, white pale skin, dark gold eyes. Jessica grabbed me by the arm and led me to the table Mike and the others had already. I kept looking down since I could feel their eyes still on me. Without realizing I miserably sat next to Mike Newton.

"So, Bella how is your day going?" he asked me looking at me. I looked up to answer and saw that they weren't looking at me anymore. I sighed and turn to Mike.

"It's going good, I guess" I said taking a bite of my sandwich. Lunch went by slowly every, mostly because from the corner of my eye I would look at their table trying to see if any of them noticed me. I didn't notice that Jessica was calling my name until she shaked me.

"Bella? What class do you have now?" Jessica said looking at me confused. Without looking at her I looked at my class schedule. "My next class is Biology" I told her slowly getting up. I looked one last time to their table to find that they weren't they anymore. Was I so hypnotized that I didn't notice when they left? Why did they look so alike to the ones from my dream? Was my dream a sign of what was going to happen to my life here in Forks? I needed to answer these questions but first Biology class was about to begin.

I headed to my classroom. When I entered I noticed that everyone was already in a seat. The only empty seat was next to Edward Cullen. I gulped and headed towards the seat. I looked up and saw that Edward was smiling; he had the same smile the guy in my dream had. I sat down and tried not to look at him. All of a sudden I felt some cold hands on top of mine.

"Hello, my name is Edward Cullen" he said still smiling at me.

"Hi, I'm Bella Swan" I said looking at his gold eyes. I saw that he moved his mouth in an attempt to tell me something but the teacher started the class. I was so bored on that class since I have already taken Biology. Instead of paying attention to the teacher I look at the light blue sky. I tried to do figures with every cloud that passes by; I made a train, a car, a boat and even the school. I didn't know how long I was looking at the clouds that I didn't notice that Edward had his hands on top of mine and calling my name.

"Bella, are you okay?" he asked with worry in his voice.

"Yes I'm okay" I said not too sure if I was okay.

"The class is over. What do you have now?" he said walking next to me as we approached the door.

"Umm, I think its gym" I said trying not to look at him. He looked at me and smiled.

"It was nice meeting you" he said still smiling at me as if he has known me his entire life.

"It was nice meeting you too" I smiled back at him shaking his hand. He disappeared on an instant between the crowed hallways. I sighed and headed to gym class. I have always hated that class since I have never been good at it. I have always been falling down a lot.


After school was over I headed back to the main office to give some papers to the receptionist. When I entered the office I saw Edward with the spiked black hair girl. Again like she always did she looked at me and smiled. She then looked at Edward and whispered something in his ear. It must have been something about me since Edward turned around and looked at me. He walked towards me and smile.

"Hi, Bella. This is my sister Alice" he said looking at Alice.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you" she said. Her voice sounded harmonically like an angel's voice that kept echoing in my ears.

"Hi, nice to meet you too" I said looking straight at her beautiful gold eyes. They were exactly like Edward's just that hers had a sparkle. All of a sudden there was a silence between us as we looked into each other's eyes. Edward seemed to notice our silence and looked at me smiling as always.

"What are you going to do now, Bella?" he said looking at Alice like if he could know what she is thinking.

"I'm going home. I have to cook for Charlie" I said with a little disappointment in my voice. I loved cooking it's just that I'm lazy today but I have to do it.

"Oh, okay. Then I guess another time" he said shaking my hand. They left and I felt a need to follow them. I hurried up and gave the receptionist the papers and left the office. To my surprise Alice was there like if she was waiting for me. She looked at me and smile which made me smile in return.

"Hi, again" she said. Her voice making me melts. Good she was so perfect. Her beautiful pale white skin, her spiked black hair, everything. I kept looking at her amazed. I snap out of it when I heard her giggle at my dumb folded expression. "Are you really going to cook for you father?" she said looking at me up and down. I blushed a little when I saw her eyes tracing every single line of my body.

"Yeah, he gets out of work soon and it gets ugly when he doesn't have food in his stomach" I said looking down.

"Oh, then can we hang out some time?" she said sounding cocky.

"Sure" I said smiling at her. She smiled back and waved good-bye. I watched her the whole way she walked to the silver Volvo parked next to my truck. The five of them got in the Volvo. I sighed and headed to my truck. I started the engine and went home. To my surprise Charlie wasn't there yet. I entered the house, putted my stuff my things on my room and headed downstairs to cook. After a while I didn't hear the door when Charlie arrived. It made me jump when my name.

"Hello, Bells. What are you cooking?" he said looking above my shoulders.

"Your favorite fish with a little bit of spaghettis "I said smiling at him. He smiled back and went to the living room. I heard him turn on the television and like men usually do he turned the channel to watch a baseball game. After I finished cooking we ate in silence. I hated this awkwardness.

"Bells, I'll do the dishes" he said taking my plate.

"I can do them, you go and watch your game" I said looking at him and taking my plate back. I washed the dishes and headed to take a shower. The water was cold and as I was washing my body I swore that it would be Alice's hand caressing me. I blushed at the thought and finished. I went back downstairs to say good-night to Charlie.

"Good-night, dad" I said hugging him.

"Good-night, Bells" he said looking back at the television. I went upstairs and went to sleep. That night I dreamed about Edward and Alice. In the dream I was in the middle of a forest. Edward and Alice were next to me, Alice holding my hand. I felt weird bit right at the moment. All of a sudden I saw a little boy with red eyes, dark reddish brown hair. On his lips was blood, below him was my body. I stayed in shock the little boy grew to be Edward. I woke up sweating and shocked my face between my knees. I laid back and went back to sleep.

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