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Chapter 7: Dream

Three days pass and finally it was time for me to get out of the hospital. I was there in the room's bathroom getting dress when I feel some cold arms wrap around my waist. I look at the mirror and see that it was Alice. She strokes her lips to my neck gently going up and down leaving a line of her scent. She turned me around, her face inches away from mine.

"I love you, my Bella. I'll always will" she said leaning in for the kiss. My arms went to lie around her neck pulling her closer. Her arms were perfectly wrapped around my waist. Our tongues danced in each others mouth. Alice broke the kiss because my lungs needed air. I look at her disappointed. I never wanted that kiss to end but I knew soon I wasn't going to need air and then there was nothing that was going to stop me from taking her completely. I look at her who was smiling. I didn't notice that I was thinking so perfectly when I had Alice all to myself. She laughed seeing what I was planning to do in a future once I was a vampire.

"Soon, my Bella. Soon you will have me for eternity" she said grabbing me by the waist. Her lips at my neck.

"Alice, do it now, please? I'm ready" I said bringing her face to me so that I could look at her eyes.

"Bella, are you sure this is what you want?" she asked me. I noticed a bit of worried on her face.

"Yes" was all I could say as I lean in to kiss her. God I wanted Alice and I wanted to do everything in my power to be with her forever.


Outside Edward and Jasper where waiting for us. Jasper smiled as he sensed my happiness. Edward looked at me and smiled. We got in the car. Edward and Jasper in front, and Alice and me in the back. I looked out the windows. The trees were growing bigger, leaves where changing their color. I notice how bright but warm the sun felt. I felt Alice's arms around me. I keep looking out the window admiring the last things I would see with my human eyes. Soon I was going to become a newborn vampire. After a while we got to the Cullen's house. Rosalie and Emmett where outside practically eating each other while Esme and Carlisle were waiting for us. Esme hugged me and kiss the top of my head.

"It's good to have you back home, Bella" she said smiling.

"Yeah, it's good to be home" I said looking at Alice who was smiling at me.

"Bella, love, we must take you home" Alice said grabbing my hand.

"I am home" I said smiling at her. I leaned in to give her a kiss on her cold but beautiful lips. All of a sudden we were in Alice's room. Our lips never separated from each other. I pull away needing to breathe. Alice looked at me confused. It was the first time I pulled away from her. She let me sit down on her bed while she went to her closet. I saw her sigh.

"Bella, I can't do it. Please stop thinking about it" she finally said breaking the silence and awkwardness between us.

"Please Alice. I want to be with you forever. Why can't you just suck the life out of me?" I said getting up. She looked at me in a blank expression. Oops, I though. Crap I just hit below the belt. "Alice I'm sorry, I didn't mean the last part" I said walking towards her. In a blink of an eye she was standing in her window.

"Don't" she said looking at me with coal black eyes. "Is that what you really want from me? Just to suck the life out of you and make you one of me?" she said growling the last part.

"Alice, I'm sorry. I didn't mean the last part" I said still walking towards her.

"Yes, you did. I saw it in your future" Alice said looking at the forest. I sigh. There was no way that she was going to believe me. I grabbed my bag and opened the door. In a second her cold hands wrap around me waist pulling me back.

"Don't go, please?" I heard her say. I pull away from her and look at her straight at her eyes.

"I have to. It seems like you don't want me anymore" her face went blank. She grabbed my hand and placed it where her heart is.

"Don't go" she said in a lower voice than earlier. I let her hand go and walked out. I felt tears building up in my eyes as I walked away from the Cullen's house. I feel someone grab my hand. I turn around and saw Edward. He looked at me confused and hugged me.

"What happened?" he asked. I couldn't talk I just buried my face in his chest and started to cry. He pets my hair and hugged me tighter. "Come on. I'll take you home" he said and in a flash I was in the passengers sit in the silver Volvo. He took me home and helped me with my bags. I throw myself on my bed and grabbed my pillow. I feel Edward sit next to me and pet my hair. I know he wants an explanation to of why I left the house crying. I look up at him trying to stop crying but the tears keep on coming.

"Bella, can you tell me what happened?" he said in a tone of worry.

"I said something I shouldn't have said to Alice and we sort of had a fight" I said while more tears keep on coming.

"Do you want me to talk to her?" he said getting up.

"No. Maybe we are not meant to be" I said knowing that Alice is the love of my life. That without her I am nothing. That without her I am a lonely and empty soul walking around. He looked at me confused and kind of angry.

"Bella, I can see how you two look at each other. Believe me I have lived a lot and I know what love is. What you and Alice have is true love. That kind of love that stays with you wherever you go" he said looking straight at my eyes.

"Edward, please leave. I want to be alone" I told him. He sighed. I heard him shut my bedroom door. I look up to the ceiling remembering all those happy moments that I was with my Alice. Slowly I drifted away into a nightmare.


It was a foggy night; I could feel the darkness around me. I looked around but all I saw was blackness until I saw a red light far away from where I stand. I ran at human speed towards the red light to find a plaza. In the middle of the plaza was a golden statue of a man. The statue had red eyes, a long black robe, and black boots. I looked behind the statue and saw a lot of shadows dress in black robes like the statue. One of them acted like a leader and step towards with two others. They looked at me with glowing red eyes and a hungry smile. All of a sudden the two others who step with the "leader", one of them had Alice grabbed by her arms and the other one had Edward pinned down. I whimpered as I saw the one that had Alice grabbing her by the waist and threatening to bite her. All I think I could do was run towards them but they were too many. Besides I was a fragile human being, while they were blood sucking powerful vampires. The one that acted as the "leader" looked at me and smiled.

"Hello, Bella" he said following my view to Alice and then back at me. "My name is Aro, and I have noticed that you know our secret"

"LET HER GO!!" screamed Alice while trying to break free from the strong vampire.

"Hm. I find this really entertaining. A vampire has a human for a lover" he said laughing. "Too bad we have to destroy you"

All of a sudden at least five vampires surrounded me. They all looked hungry with their black coal eyes. I looked at Alice who kept fighting and trying to break free. Everything happened so fast. From feeling no pain I went to unconsciousness. The last thing I heard was Alice screaming my name. Suddenly I felt a lot of pain in all my body. I tried to look and all I saw was bite marks. I could feel something inside of me changing. I felt my blood rising and my heart pumping each second more rapidly. Then everything went blank.


I wake up screaming in pain, tears pouring down my face, wrapping my arms around my knees. What did that nightmare mean? Suddenly I feel some cold hands around my arms. I look up and see Alice there looking at me. I see in her face pain, like if she was dying inside. She hugged me like if it was the last time she was going to hug me. It felt like she was saying goodbye.

"Bella, I'm so sorry" she said looking at me. She grabbed my hand and kissed it. I couldn't talk. From the silence I had Alice went to my closet and grabbed a blanket. She wrapped it around me and kissed my cheek. She looked towards the window and sighed. I grabbed her hand and made her sit down.

"Don't go" was all I said wrapping me arms around her. I felt her lips touching my hair.

"I'm not going anywhere as long as you want me here" she said lying down on my bed. I lay next to her wrapping my arms around her waist. After a few minutes I was lost again, fading from reality and entering a peaceful dream knowing that my love was going to be there when I awaken.

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