Aw, nuts. Jen-chan is also the name of one of the sweetest girls I've ever met.

No, I'm not gay, Shadow. I suppose you could say I was emotionally bisexual- I could love a guy, but never do anything physical with him. But girls? I WUV girls! They're so soft n cuddly and warm and smart and for some reason they can all beat me up even though I'm 210lbs. y tengo mucho ablidades de los artes martiales.

GRR! Strong like bull!
*smell like one too

Just kidding. I don't smell like a bull, really!

This story froze one year and four months ago. I have been working on the sequel, but since I plan on having my associate in arts with a major in information techonology, going to the Massachusetts Institue of Technology for my bachelor's degree in the dual major of computer networking and foreign languge(multiple emphasis), and later in life to MIT for my doctorate(prob theoretical physics or some such), and also to Stanford for my Master's degree in international business, I haven't had so much time for writing. Blech. Too many AP courses.

So I apologize to the world. However, I am writing the sequel, just that it is squeezing out very slowly. And the writing is better, I hope.

Just for that one girl who prompted this public service anouncement, I will add extra long kiss scenes and passionate, passionate fluff that, because of its rather unnecessary nature, will be the BEST FLUFF EVER!!
If, of course, Gohan ever sees Videl again... Bwa ha ha!

Hint: I couldn't write the budokai and the buu saga, so I skipped them. Have you ever seen that episode of trigun where he shows up in rags after he fires his massive super-gun? That seems to have been the starting point.

So Gohan has little memory and is rather burned out on the streets of... Tokyo! How will he get home? What mysteries will be revealed?

John Tetsumano ^)^

"It's the moment you've all been waiting for!!"
-G gundam