Disclaimer: I don't own TF. I only own my OC; Kat, Cammie, Maria, Alana, Paige and Midnight.



That's what my life should have been. But it's not. It is anything but.

I started out the daughter and sister of a family of stuck-up rich people. Then I became a run-away and went to Tranquility to live with my friend, Cammie.

I went to college, became a nurse, and got a job at Tranquility High.

Then came Sam and Mikaela…

Because of my friendship with them, I got me and my friends mixed up in an alien robot war. Thus, we came to live with the Autobots… each of us girls forming a bond with a certain Autobot.

Maria with Jazz, who I helped bring back to life. Paige with Wheeljack, who came along with my newly dubbed bros, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. Alana with Ironhide and Cammie with Optimus, the leader of the Autobots. And even though he has no one… yet, there is also Prowl, the mech who looks after Midnight when need be.

And lastly… there's me and Ratchet, a mech who is my equal in about every way. In my opinion, I think it all started with Midnight… our sparkling.

I became her mother and asked Ratchet to help with caring for her. He accepted, and I believe that is what started the bond between us.

So I guess… I should be thankful for that.


Then there's the whole being turned into Transformers by the Decepticon, Starscream. Even though I despise him for what he did, I also have to thank him. He made it even more possible for us girls to be with the mechs we love.

Besides… it also means we can help kick Decepticon aft!

Aside from that…


That one word has never been a part of me or my life. Of course… if it had been… I never would've gotten to experience all of this.

I never would've found love.

My name is Kat and my life is anything but simple.

And for the first time… I'm actually okay with that… and…

I wouldn't have it any other way.

And... that's the end.

I want to thank all you readers that stayed with this story till the very end. And don't worry... sequel is in progress.

You can expect it soon.

Until then! ^^