I really hate doing A/N updates, but this is very important. The Writer's Coffee Shop has started a new story archive called The Library. Please go check it out. It is the new home of all my stories. You can find a lot of your other favorite authors there as well. Find me at the Library at twcslibrary(dot)com/viewuser(dot)php?uid=1

They have a writing challenge called Birds & Bees Writing Challenge going on right now. I've teamed up with TheSpoiltOne and entered a one shot called Impassioned. Summary: Hate is a passionate emotion. It can drive people to do things they never thought they would do. Hermione and Draco's hatred collides and explodes into hot, steamy passion. Our entry for the Birds & Bees Writing Challenge.

Please go to twcslibrary(dot)com/viewstory(dot)php?sid=69 and check out our entry.