Together by AndromedaMarine

They were the three deaths that had hit him the hardest. They were three people he'd only ever really cared about. What nearly killed him was the fact that he was the cause of one of their deaths. Logan barely spoke. He spent his hours brooding in the gaping absences that could never be re-filled. Three people that he'd loved. Something wet fell onto his cheek and Logan roughly brushed it away; he didn't want any of the students to see him with tears on his cheeks.

One of the newer additions to Xavier's School for the Gifted, Warren "Angel" Worthington III, had become a fast friend among the students, which pleased Ororo to no end. Logan didn't want this Angel to share his grief – Warren hadn't even met the Professor, or Jean, or Scott.

Three teachers were gone. The single-most contributing mutant in the world, the head and creator of the School, was dead. Hank had wanted the school to end when Charles died; but Ororo took her chance and honored the Professor's memory by continuing the school.

The deaths had been chain reaction, beginning with Scott's murder and the rise of the Dark Phoenix. The facts were coldly brutal; so harsh that the last thing Logan wanted was to dwell on them. He felt Ororo's warm hand on his shoulder, and he reached up to grab it.

"Logan, you have classes this afternoon," Storm reminded him, ruffling his hair with her other hand. "We have the simulator in an hour. Together we're teaching some more to Kitty, Bobby and Pete."

Logan grunted, and shrugged. "I know, Storm. Every day. I haven't forgotten." But he wasn't talking about the simulator.

"None of us will, Logan," she said, sitting next to him in the bay window. "But it's been six months. We can't keep revisiting this. She's gone, Logan. This time she's not coming back." She wanted to be gentle when berating Wolverine on his gloominess about Jean.

Logan's mind began to wander, and he lost his attention on Storm.

"Kill me..." she'd begged, her face in Logan's hands. "Kill me before I kill someone else... Please!"

If he'd complied right then, the Professor wouldn't have died and Magneto wound never have been able to fully pull off his attack on Alcatraz. In a way Logan felt it was his fault, and it didn't matter that Storm and Kitty and Iceman tried to tell him otherwise.

"Logan," Storm sighed, resting her chin on his shoulder. "Will you please listen to me?"

"Hmm?" Logan replied, his unseeing eyes staring out the bay window.

She took his chin and turned his head so he was looking at her. He blinked. "I know you loved her. And it was because you loved her that you were able to stop her. You were the bravest person there – and it was because of you that Los Angeles isn't entirely wiped out. You saved millions of lives because you loved her. Logan, look at me." His eyes had drifted away, cringing at each word that brought up the painful memories of Jean Grey. "And Jean loved you."

Logan choked. "How do you know?"

"It doesn't take a genius to tell, Wolverine." Storm patted his arm. "I don't want to sound too harsh, but you need to let her go. What you're doing isn't healthy. Move on with your life – she would have wanted that...I want that. I can't run the school on my own. I'm stretched enough having Kitty, Bobby and Pete teach the simulator as their own course. Help me out, Logan. If you get back up on your feet then we'll be in this together – not alone."

The tears were back, which made Logan feel vulnerable. He seized her hand and simply held it, his eyes not meeting hers. "Thanks, Storm. Don't worry about me – I've got you."