Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, ladies and gentlemen, here we go, another Pokemon fanfic. But alas, this is akin to my Mario fanfiction, in the style that this is an action/adventure/platformer based story, of which I thought up during my time in high school. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the fanfic. Ciao!

Disclaimer: Pikachu and all the other Pokemon belong to Nintendo.

It was a lovely days out on the open fields. As the wind blew gently across the grassy meadows, a pair of plump, brown-colored beaver like Pokemon came scuttling by. The two appeared to be Bidoof, the clumsy Pokemon that were often ridiculed for their stupidity. As the couple were having a wonderful time with each other, the wind suddenly blew harder as storm clouds appeared, thunder booming as rain started to pour. The two Bidoofs screamed as they ran around in circles, only to be zapped unconscious by the lightning bolt.

Pikachu, the famed yellow, electric mouse Pokemon, was relaxing on the beach after winning a battle against three Crobats. The rodent sipped some more of lemonade as he snoozed peacefully, the waves coming ashore on the bright, yellow sand. Pikachu, however, woke up as his pears perked up, hearing the cries of several Pokemon. He then witnessed that two Rattatas and a Starly came by, to tell Pikachu something troubling. Pikachu jumped off his white-and-blue beach chair to listen to the frightened Pokemon.

"Pikachu!" Said the female Rattata, trembling with fright all over her face, "Pikachu! Our friends, the Bidoofs, were reported missing, and they were last said to be at the meadow!"

Pikachu frowned as he folded his arms, listening carefully as the male Rattata and the Starly told him the rest. Listening carefully, and understanding the task he was given to, Pikachu smiled as he gave the two Rattatas and Starly a thumbs up, waving goodbye as he headed up north, towards the meadow. The two Rattatas and the Starly wished Pikachu good luck as the yellow rodent Pokemon headed off to look for the missing Bidoof couple.

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