Pikachu somehow managed to make it into a sprawling jungle, not knowing where to go or where to look as he was seemingly lost. Going by the flock of Pidgey, lead by the elder Pidgeot, that flew overhead, Pikachu followed the bird Pokemon, being sure to follow their path.

World 2: Jingle Jangle Jungle

Pikachu ran on the mushy ground, feeling the lush bushes and plants smoothly brushing his skin as he felt the heat coming into the densely populated jungle. Feeling the cool mist hitting his face, Pikachu turned to the right, heading westbound as he could still be able to see the flock of Pidgey. However a Victreebell spotted the yellow electrical muse Pokemon, and used its vine whip to grab him, gobbling the mouse within its large mouth. Pikachu struggled to get free, and used Thunderbolt to paralyze the Victreebell, allowing Pikachu to quickly escape as the Victreebell was unable to move about.

Pikachu noticed a green vine in front of him. Looking around, Pikachu climbed up the vine and started swinging from one tree to another, grabbing the other vines one by one, chirping with glee as he swung vigorously. Pikachu then landed on a tall branch of a tree, which was seventy eight feet above the ground, and looking up, the yellow mouse Pokemon could see the flock of Pidgey heading southbound. Pikachu then noticed a Fearow going past him, and taking all the courage within him, Pikachu jumped onto the Fearow, hanging on by its right, pinkish foot. Fearow bellowed as it glanced to see Pikachu, and fumed, shaking him several times to get rid of him. Feeling threatened, Pikachu used a Thunderbolt, electrocuting the fearful bird Pokemon. Fearow screamed as it fell to the ground, with Pikachu screaming as he followed.

After the rather rough landing, Pikachu shook his head, and started panicking as he could not find any of the flock of Pidgey. Pikachu then gulped, but soon stopped as it spotted several Oddish and Skitty clamoring nearby. Running to the wild Pokemon, Pikachu screamed as a Vigoroth snatched the yellow rodent Pokemon, swinging vine by vine. Pikachu grumbled, and he unleashed another Thunderbolt, paralyzing the Vigoroth in its path as Pikachu fell to the ground.

Pikachu sighed of relief, but could not hold his breath for too long as an earthquake suddenly occurred, and out rising straight from the ground was a Cradily, an ancient plant-like Pokemon that was part rock. Glaring straight at Pikachu, the Cradily roared as it used several of its vine whips to smack the rodent around. Pikachu moaned, feeling several marks left on his body by the vine whips as he attempted to bite them, being picked up by one vine whip. Pikachu winced in pain as he heard the painful screech the Cradily emitted, being chucked towards a tree straight afterwards. Plopping down to the ground, Pikachu shook his head and attempted a quick attack, using its fast agility to circle around the Cradily, confusing it as Pikachu then smacked the rock-plant Pokemon across the face with its Iron Tail attack.

The Cradily roared in pain, then fumed as it started summoning several bits of solar energy. Pikachu noticed this, and fired a jolt of Thundershock at the Cradily, but it was to no use as the Cradily charged enough to fire a powerful Solar Beam in Pikachu's direction. Pikachu screamed in agony as he was blasted by pure solar energy, knocked to the ground, wheezing as the Cradily laughed, using its vine whips to smack Pikachu more and more, damaging his body. Pikachu tried to get up, but he felt overpowered, not being able to move as he was picked up again by Cradily's vine whip. Suddenly, a thought sparked through Pikachu's mind, and he quickly unleashed his powerful Thunderbolt attack, electrocuting the Cradily. Cradily screamed in pain as it tossed Pikachu into the tree again, its vines wailing around as Pikachu quickly used quick attack to collide into the Cradily, and once more use Iron Tail on the rock-plant Pokemon's head, damaging it once more.

Pikachu panted, feeling satisfied as the Cradily screeched in pain, and then disappeared into the mud, the ground shaking as a strange, white-colored warp portal suddenly appeared in front of Pikachu. Gulping and taking as much chances, Pikachu darted right into the warp portal, not looking back as the warp portal then disappeared from the tropical jungle.