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Off Course: The Delivery Boy Saga has a SEQUEL! ! ! ! !

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And now I offer a challenge for my readers!

Make your own sequels to OC: DBS using this provided prompt as a prologue:


The Back Roads: The Delivery Boy Saga


"Sure, give me an adventure and I'll ride it." -Melissa Auf der Maur


Prologue: Born For Adventure

Boredom was a terrible state.

Lord, it was awful. You become listless. You munch on anything you can get your hands on that was edible. You get halfway through a novel and then put it down, never to pick it back up again because you already guessed the ending. You rent a movie but never watch it. Thumb twiddling. Staring at the clouds. Staring at nothing, really. You then actually think about picking up filthy habits like digging boogers out of your nose just for amusement. Or smoking cigarettes. Or drinking oneself into oblivion. Not that someone enhanced like a super-SOLDIER could drink himself into oblivion. It was the thought, though, that counted.

Bored, bored, bored.

Cloud Strife, otherwise known as Rufus Valentine to those not in the know, was bored.

Here he was: immortal, powerful, chilling out on a tropical island with hot springs. And what was wrong? He was bored out of his blond-haired, sword-wielding skull. There were no bad guys to defeat. There were no evil aliens hell-bent on planetary domination to destroy. No corrupt organizations or companies to stop with eco-terrorism. No mad scientists to kill in fun and torturous ways. Everything was fine and dandy. Sunshine and daisies. Unicorns were prancing about somewhere on Gaia, shitting out rainbows and giggling farts.

What an outrageous and horrifying state to be subjected to after everything Cloud had experienced, suffered, and done. If he had been normal, the immortal would have been okay with everything and just fade into obscurity with a self-satisfying pat on the back for a job well done. And he had been going to do that, really. Just let it all go and relax on a permanent vacation. Pft, that didn't last long.

A couple of years he had let himself do that; take it easy and be normal. However, boredom set in quickly a few months after Rufus Shinra's marriage vows to Aeris Gainsborough. And no, Cloud didn't want to think about that, thank you very much. Nor did he want to think about Sephiroth's horrible PHS stalking habits. He absently wished that the blond executive had not given the General his PHS number. But Cloud was too lazy to change his phone number for a new one. Goddess only knew that the silver-haired bastard would find out that number as well anyway. All in all, no matter how off track he got, Cloud Strife, the time traveling, immortal delivery boy, was a bored man. Bored nearly to tears, in fact.

He wasn't meant for retirement, apparently.

"I need," Cloud muttered into his glass of Rocket Town Wolf Brand Whiskey, "an adventure." The blond chugged the whiskey and waved his empty glass in the air, hating his Mako-forced sobriety. "Another, please!" Once his glass was filled and the bartender walked off again, Cloud sipped the amber liquid thoughtfully. "Adventure…"

The question was this: Where could Cloud find adventure?



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