The Dark Depths of Desire

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Remus was given the task of finding the leader of a well known pack of werewolves in the dark forest to try and infiltrate himself into their ranks. It had been three months since he received the directive from Dumbledore and he was still trying to gain their trust.

The leader of the pack, Jonas Striker, was a strong and powerful man with a penchant for defiling young girls. He would search out young virgins and bring them to his pack for a night of entertainment. Remus would watch in horror as numerous men used these girls as playthings and would leave them severely battered and beaten to die on the forest ground. Many times Remus would try to stay behind and gather up the girl to take her to St. Mungo's for treatment. But only one had survived.

His mission was to gain the loyalty of Striker and convince him to offer up his gang of werewolves to fight against Voldemort in the final battle. It all started four months ago when Severus overheard some information from Voldemort's ranks that the Dark Lord was planning on using the werewolves as his final line of defense.

Dumbledore knew that it would be disastrous if Voldemort gained the loyalty of Striker's pack. He could not take the chance of one of the students becoming inflicted with Lycanthropy. So he assigned Remus the task of finding Striker's pack, becoming a part of the clan and convincing Striker that Voldemort will only betray him in the end.

The nights of the full moon were not all that difficult for Remus to participate in. He always took his Wolfsbane, and would head out to the dark forest to find the pack. They would run and roam through the forest all night long. Some of them were coupled together with their mate and they would rut like the animals they were in their transformed state.

It was the rest of the month that plagued him with sleepless nights. Striker would howl in the hours of darkness to call his followers together. When he was bored and ready for a diversion, which was about once a week, Remus would hear his call beckoning him to join in the torture of another innocent girl. The majority of the pack excused their actions by claiming they were getting in touch with their inner Wolf; that they found greater peace by giving in to their instinctual depths of desire.

But this night Remus became even more on edge when he arrived at the gathering place. He smelled the fear of the young girl and her innocence called to him for help. But, this time he smelled a familiar scent that he could not place. He moved forward to the crowd to try and see the young girl in the middle of the men and women gathered in a circle.

When he got to the center he stopped suddenly and gasped in sheer terror at the sight before him. Hermione Granger was lying on the cold ground, completely naked. She was blindfolded, and her hands were bound together in front of her. She had curled herself up in a fetal position on the ground as tears streamed down her face.

Remus looked up to see Striker's face. Striker was snarling and growling in anticipation of the evening's activities. Remus knew it was know or never…he had to do something.

"She is Mine!!" Remus moved to the center of the circle and growled loudly to get everyone's attention. He stood crouched over in a stance that left him ready to attack anyone that went near Hermione.

"What do you think you are doing Moony?" Striker hushed the crowd with his words as he strutted to the center of the circle to approach Remus.

Remus let out a low rumble of a growl as his leader came closer to his claim. "She is my mate! I have a claim on her!"

"Since when do you have a mate, Moony? You have always been a loner." Striker stood tall next to Remus to try and intimidate him. "Besides, she is innocent, I can smell it …she can't be your mate if you have not marked her."

Remus bent down to Hermione and grabbed her roughly by her hair to raise her up on her feet for everyone to see. "Look at her! She is young. It was not until recently that her body matured enough for my inner Wolf to recognize the call her scent has on me." He moved his other hand to her abdomen and grasped her body in a show of dominance. "This womb is meant to only carry my cubs. If anyone else can say they have a claim on this girl, let him come forward now and face me!" Remus looked around at the crowd to see if anyone dared to make a move.

After a few seconds Striker began to speak as he spit out his commands, "If she is yours Moony, then take her."

Remus wrapped his arms around Hermione and picked her up to walk out of the circle and get Hermione to St. Mungo's for treatment.

"Stop!!" Remus came to a halt at Striker's command and turned to see what was wrong. "I want you to take her here. Mark her as yours before us all." Striker let out a menacing laugh as the rest of the crowd began to laugh as well. "It is only fitting that you be our entertainment for the night, since you are stealing our main event from us."

Remus heard the gasp of realization come from Hermione in his arms as he looked around at all of the faces and tried to think of a way out of it all. Remus looked down at Hermione whimpering in his arms. "I beg you, let me mark her in private where I can have the opportunity to woe her utterly to my whims. I desire a willing mate, not one I force to carry my offspring."

Hermione turned her body into Remus's and grasped onto him tightly. She pressed her face within his robes as she tried to hide her nakedness from the crowd.

"It looks as though she has already given her heart to you Moony; she seems attached. Take her now…or never come back to this pack without severe consequences." Striker snarled in an attempt to intimidate Remus to his will. But Remus knew he had no choice if he was to carry out Dumbledore's command.

Remus looked around one last time before he went down to his knees on the forest ground. He laid Hermione on the ground before him. He could hear the rustling of everyone around him as they moved to get a better view of the action about to take place.

He leaned over Hermione's body and covered her partially with his robes. He removed the blindfold from her face to see the devastated eyes before him. Her eyes were full of panic and were completely red and swollen from crying.

Remus leaned further over her until his mouth was close to her ear. "Hermione, I'm so sorry. This is the only way I can save you from the rest of these monsters."

Hermione sobbed at his words, knowing that she had no other choice. Remus moved his head to look her in the eyes again. He saw her acceptance and a slight nod of her head that let him know that she understood.

Remus grabbed her bound hands and moved her arms above her head to press them down on the forest ground above her. He then descended his mouth upon hers in a sweet and gentle kiss. He tried to tease her into submission and give her some semblance of pleasure amongst this pain filled night.

Hermione closed her eyes to everything and gave herself over to Remus's soft kiss. It was nice and soothing…and it hurt even more to feel his pity induced attempt at giving her something less agonizing to remember than what was actually happening. She needed to hurry this up.

Hermione bit down hard on Remus's bottom lip and broke the skin.

"Bloody Hell!" Remus sat up and looked at her with a question in his eyes.

Hermione whispered to him in a terse manner, "Just get it over with. Don't be sweet…give them what they want."

"Hermione I don't want your first time to be like this…please let me try to at least make it tolerable."

Hermione pulled her arms over her head and moved to wrap her bound hands around his neck. She pulled him close to her as she ground out, "I want to keep something for myself. Don't let them see the tenderness…just fuck me."

Remus looked at her for a few seconds before he conceded to her request and nodded to her his submission. He then took a hold of her arms and roughly pressed them back on the ground above her head. He climbed up over her body to cover her with his own and roughly took her mouth in an aggressive kiss.

Hermione gasped at his sudden move. She felt his teeth clash against her own as she opened her mouth to his invasion.

Remus decided to take control and give her exactly what she wanted, though it hurt his heart to see her used in such a way. He moved one of his hands down to her thighs and pushed them apart in a harsh manner to settle himself between her legs.

He then pressed his lower abdomen against her body and began to rock against her to create the friction he needed to prepare his own body to complete this act.

It didn't take long for him to become fully erect. He pulled away from her body slightly to unbuckle and unzip his pants. He sat up to arrange his robes around his body and extract his erection from his clothing. He remained fully clothed as he laid over Hermione again, hiding her nakedness from the crowd.

It sickened him as he heard the crowd began to cheer him on and beg for more. They called out to him, telling him to move his robes, to give them a better view, and to 'pound that little whore unconscious.' Remus tried to block out the noise coming from all around him as he positioned himself at her entrance.

He leaned over her fully with his face next to her. He whispered only enough for her to hear, "I'm sorry Hermione. I never wanted it to be this way." And with those words he thrust hard and fully into her.

Remus heard the harsh and frightening scream that came from Hermione as he ripped through her innocence. Hermione opened her eyes as hot tears flowed down the sides of her face. She saw Remus, breathing hard, as he began to drive into her with quick, hard thrusts.

Hermione closed her eyes to the pain and humiliation of it all. She turned her head away from him and began to sob hard with every fiber of her being. She could hear Remus murmuring softly in her ear, "I'm sorry…I'm sorry…Merlin…forgive me…It wasn't supposed to…be this way."

Hermione began to cry in earnest at his words. Her heart broke for him as she realized how much this hurt him emotionally as it did her physically. He was always her friend, confidant, and protector. And now he was reduced to the role of a rapist. That word sounded so harsh and criminal; especially when Remus was given no choice in this situation unless he wanted to risk his mission and possibly the lives of numerous children.

Hermione opened her eyes and turned her head back up to face Remus above her. "Open your eyes Remus."

Remus opened his eyes to find Hermione below him with tears still trailing down the side of her face. His instinct was to stop, to hold her gently, to make it all better, and it hurt him to look upon her pain.

"Remus, let's end this." Hermione pulled her legs up underneath his robes and wrapped them tightly around his arse. She dug her heels into his body to pull him as close as possible to her. She then used all of her strength to clench her inner walls around his erection.

Remus was startled by her actions as he unconsciously let out a strangled cry when he felt her body tighten around him. Remus lost control as his rhythm became erratic. He pounded into her a few more times as he roughly drained his seed from his body into her womb. Just as his climax began to subside, he leaned down to Hermione's shoulder and bit down hard on the back of her left collarbone. His teeth drew blood as he heard the sound of Hermione crying out in pain.

Remus shocked himself as his instincts took over and he marked her body as his. He laid over Hermione for a few seconds as he gained control of himself again. He then tenderly pulled away from her and looked down to see her virginal blood staining both of their bodies. He performed a wandless spell to clean them up and adjusted himself back inside his clothing.

Remus heard the cheers and cat calls of the crowd around him as they begged for an encore and asked to taste her blood. Remus was disgusted with himself and the crowd of men and women around him. He unhooked the clasp of his robe around his neck and pulled it off his body to wrap Hermione up in it. He didn't want her to endure any more humiliation than she had already been through. He then leaned over and picked her up gently in his arms and got up from the forest ground.

"Is that all Moony? Would you deny your pack members the rest of their entertainment for the night?" Striker stepped forward from the crowd as he addressed Remus.

"She is now mine. I have marked her as my own. And I am taking her with me."

"You may take her Moony, but make sure you keep a watchful eye over her. If I find her again, know that I have no problem sharing with my fellow pack members."

Remus glared into Striker's eyes with pure hatred as he realized that he would kill Striker if he ever came close to harming Hermione. Remus then turned from the crowd and apparated to the first safe place he could think of in his fractured state.


Severus was enjoying a quiet evening in the library of Grimmauld Place with a flask of firewhiskey and his newest issue of Brewing Bugle. He heard the sound of someone coming in to the living room and creating a lot of noise. Most of the people who stayed at Grimmauld Place were out of town on missions or other assignments, so he wasn't expecting anyone tonight.

Severus put down his publication and went to the doorway that leads to the living room. When he came into the room he saw Remus hovering over an unconscious Hermione wrapped in his robes.

"What is going on here?" Severus made his presence known with his usual professorial tone.

Remus jumped slightly at the unexpected interruption. "I need help. I figured you would be here tonight. She was caught by Striker and was laid out as the entertainment for tonight." Remus brushed her cheek affectionately as he worried about her. "I had to think quickly, and I claimed her as my mate in order to take her away from the crowd."

Severus walked over the couch that Hermione was lying on and examined her body from a distance. "Why is she unconscious?"

"I don't know. On my way over here she either fell asleep or went unconscious. I was too distracted. Severus, I was forced to claim her in front of all of those beasts at that meeting. I…I…"

"Leave her with me. I'll make sure she is physically taken care of. Go to my room on the second floor and find my satchel. In there you will find some potions for healing and a calming draught." Severus got on his knees before Hermione and pulled the robes from her body, exposing her to the cold air. She moaned slightly at the movement and shivered from the sudden chill.

Severus examined her body closely and ran a few healing charms over her that he had learned over the years. She seemed to be in pretty good shape. She had no internal injuries and very few external marks. He noted the minor bruising beginning to form between her legs.

Remus came down the stairs in a hurry and passed the potions to Severus. "Will she be okay?"

"She is fine. I fear the hardest part of her recovery will be her psychological healing." Severus administered the potions to the drowsy Hermione and continued to examine her body, while Remus paced with a nervous frustration. "What are these markings?" Severus pulled Hermione's left shoulder up to inspect the bruised marking on the back of her collarbone. Severus's eyes went wide when he saw the familiar markings etched into her skin.

"How could you Lupin? She is just a girl." Severus stood up and turned towards Remus to chastise him.

"I didn't mean to do it. I don't know what came over me, it was an instinct. I had no intention of claiming her in that way."

"What are you trying to tell me? You know as well as I do that you are only drawn to claim a mate with your mark when they are either your chosen companion or carrying your offspring."

Remus stopped in his tracks and looked down to the ground in a guilty manner.

"Lupin, tell me you used a protection charm on that girl." Severus began to get angry.

"I forgot. It was all so confusing; I was just winging it to try and find a way out of that horrible situation."

Severus sighed with aggravation as he went over to Hermione's sleeping form. He grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch and draped it over her. He then performed a quick, but complicated spell with his wand over her body. A bright yellow orb danced in front of his eyes before it disappeared.

"She is with child." Severus turned to Remus with accusation in his eyes. "She is only nineteen Lupin. How could you be so careless?"

"I don't know it just…it just happened. I wasn't expecting any of this. I didn't ask for it. But, it felt right, somehow, when I was with her." Remus looked up at Severus with a guilty expression marring his face.

"Really?! Did it feel the same way when you gave me this?!" Severus pulled the back of his collar away from his body as he showed the identical markings etched into his skin that now decorated Hermione's collarbone.

Remus stood in shock as he tried to find the words to defend his actions. His mind was blank; he couldn't concentrate on anything tangible.

Severus let go of his collar and took a deep breath before he started to move towards the library again. "She will need a friend with her when she wakes up to explain to her the implications of what you have done."

"I'll call Harry." Remus's voice was meek and uncertain as he tried to find a way to explain…anything.

"Tell him to bring his wife. She will want a female companion for comfort." Severus then turned away and went into the library with a bang as he slammed the door behind him.


Hermione began to gain consciousness slowly. She struggled to force her eyes to open as she moaned and squirmed in the soft bed she was lying in.


Hermione heard the familiar voice of Harry fall over her as she tried again to open her eyes.

"Hermione, can you hear me?" Harry grabbed her hand and squeezed it lightly to confirm his presence.

Finally, Hermione managed to open her eyes slightly. She shielded her eyes from the light above her with her free hand. "Harry? What are you doing here?"

Harry smiled down at her and flicked his wand to damper the lights in the room. "Is that better?"

Hermione went to sit up in the bed when she felt a slight pain between her thighs. She was sore. It was then that the events of the day before came rushing back to her. "Where am I?"

"Hermione, you are at Grimmauld Place. Remus brought you here after. Do you remember what happened to you?"

Hermione's eyes became glassy as unshed tears began to gather in her eyes. "You never forget something like that."

Harry ran his hand gently down the side of her face and used his thumb to wipe away a stray tear. "I'm so sorry Hermione. This should have never happened to you. I should have been there."

"There's no way you could have known. Striker didn't even know who I was when he captured me. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time." Hermione looked down at her lap as she tried to take in the magnitude of the situation. She unconsciously lifted her left hand up to her shoulder to massage the sharp pain she felt there. "Remus bit me here. I think I'm going to have a mark."

Harry looked worried as he thought about what that mark would mean for his best friend. "Hermione, Remus asked me to be here when you woke up because he wanted a friend to tell you what that mark means."

Hermione's forehead scrunched up in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Harry took a deep breath before he began his explanation, "A werewolf claims his mate in life by marking them with their bite. It is an outward sign of the bond that is made between the two in order to ward off other werewolves from that person. In your case, Remus unconsciously marked you last night as the instinct took him over."

"Does this mean that he wants to keep me as his mate." Hermione was becoming more confused by the second. She had always had a great respect for Remus, and sure she thought he was cute, and even had a school girl crush on him back in her third year, but she never imagined he would feel strongly for her.

"Hermione, there's no easy way to tell you this…you're pregnant." Hermione's eyes went wide at her proclamation. "Remus's instinct to claim you was the result of you being fertile at the time of consummation."

"I can't be pregnant…it was only the one time. How could this happen to me?"

Harry hugged her soothingly as she began to shake with emotion. Her tears were running down her face in earnest as he just held her to try and comfort her.

A couple of minutes later there was a soft knock on the door. Harry released Hermione from the hug and looked in her eyes to see if she was okay. When he saw her determination kick in he went to the door to allow the other person to enter.

When he opened the door Hermione saw Ginny standing there with concern written all over her face.

"Ginny!" Hermione cried out as the tears came back full force.

Ginny ran over to Hermione's bed and grasped Hermione in a tight hug as she soothed her with words like, "It will be okay," or, "We'll get through this together."

Harry saw that Ginny was now ready to take over in the healing process for Hermione, so he left the room and closed the door quietly behind him.


Later that day Remus sat in the library of Grimmauld place hoping to find Severus. It didn't take long before Severus came in and went to the corner bookshelf to return an old periodical he was reading last week.

"Are you going to talk to me?" Remus weakly tried to get Severus's attention.

Severus turned around to eye Remus sitting pathetically in his usual club chair by the fire. "What is it that you want me to say to you Lupin?"

"Something…anything! Yell at me, curse me; just don't ignore me."

Severus walked around the chair sitting in front of Remus and sat facing him. "Just tell me one thing: did I ever cross your mind when you were impregnating that girl? Did you even once think about the bond we share before you decided to change our lives forever?"

"It never occurred to me that she would become pregnant." Remus closed his eyes as he thought about how things would change. "I had to save her Severus. You have seen the girls I have brought back from those…gatherings. Only one survived…and even she was severely wounded and never the same again."

"There must have been a reason?" Severus sat there without showing any emotion as he questioned his long time lover.

"What are you talking about?"

"There must have been a reason for Moony's need to impregnate her. Werewolves do not complete that kind of bond without some motivation."

Remus broke eye contact and looked around the room. Severus recognized the avoidance in Remus that was a sure sign of his guilt. He waited patiently for Remus to come up with his answer.

"I would be lying to you if I told you that I had no idea. The truth is that I have had a desire for Hermione for about six months. I wanted to wait until I was sure of her feelings for me before I even confronted you with the idea of introducing her into our relationship."

Severus stood up from his chair and began to pace in frustration as his anger rose. "What makes you think that I would ever want any part of that little know-it-all chit? I have no desire, nor have I ever had any desire to make her a part of my life!"

Remus stood up and made his way over to Severus to try and make things better. "Severus, please forgive me. I would have never done anything without your approval first. You are mine…and I will always be loyal to you first." Remus stood in front of Severus and made strong eye contact as he slowly came closer to his mate. "I choose you."

Severus stood completely still as he watched Remus come within a couple of millimeters from him. The air between them crackled with desire as he began to feel the familiar pull he had for this wolf. It always amazed him how much of a control Remus had over him. He would never have thought that he would fall for this man and give himself to him so freely.

Finally, at the last second before their bodies came into contact with each other, Severus stepped away from Remus and turned away to face the other side of the room.

"Do not touch me. You have Hermione to take care of now; and until you have talked to her about this situation do not come near me." Severus sat back down in the chair he previously occupied. "You mentioned that Striker will be looking for her to take out his revenge on you. I am willing to offer up my guest quarters in the dungeon for her to live out her pregnancy. That way I can be sure to watch over her and she will be protected at Hogwarts. Also, Poppy can be sure to track her pregnancy through each trimester."

Remus closed his eyes as he felt the pain of his life falling apart. He sensed the distance between he and his mate grow with each word. He knew it would be a long time before Severus forgave him for all of this.


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