The Anger of Innocence Lost

Disclaimer: I don't own anything recognizable in this story. I am just playing with the Winchesters and will return them to Kripke's sandbox later.

Author's Note: A few readers such as StarMage1 mentioned they would have liked to see John pay for the way he treated Sammy in Anger's Outcome. This story is the result.


John pulled his black two door 1986 GMC Sierra Grande pick up truck over in the brush just outside of the locked entrance to a long forgotten park in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington state. The gate was recently locked to keep out unwanted visitors after some people had been found mauled to death.. State officials didn't want to take any chances with thrill seekers getting lost within Beckman's Cave since the cave was the fifth longest cavern in the state of Washington. A few weeks ago, some hunters had stumbled upon the caves during a rain storm and had met up with a grisly scene when they found three mutilated bodies about a half mile away from the entrance. The bodies had been literally dismembered and the chests had been ripped open with the hearts missing. Fearing that a wild bear had caused the grisly deaths, state officials had locked the gates and posted no trespassing signs hoping to keep anymore deaths from occurring.

John however had other ideas about what caused the deaths, After extensive research, he was sure the deaths had been caused by an Aitu demon. The Aitu demons often took the form of an animal and were more cruel than most other demons. They thrived on making their killings as gruesome as possible. They found strength in the fear their victims emitted as they were dismembered limb by limb while still alive. John was bound and determined that this demon was going to meet its match in him.

As he climbed from his truck, John thought about calling Dean for help on the hunt but quickly decided against the idea. Things had grown a little tense between him and Dean over the year that Sam had been gone and Dean had started taking more hunts on his own. John couldn't believe how fast thins seemed to just slip apart without Sammy there to keep the family together. It was like an adhesive bond had broken when Sam departed and the family just seemed to drift apart. As he gathered his gear from the lockbox in the back of his truck, John wondered where his oldest child was currently at. He figured Dean and Caleb had most likely finished the job there were working on together and parted company by now.

John wondered if maybe he should call in help from another hunter, but there wasn't too many he could call now since he had alienated most of them at one time or another. Hell, even Bobby Singer had threatened to fill his ass with buckshot if he ever graced his doorstep again. No, he would have to handle this hunt alone whether he liked it or not.


Dean pulled the Impala over just outside the gate of Stanford University. He knew from previous visits that Sammy would be between classes right now and studying in the park. He could always find him there laying under one of the trees so engrossed in his studying that he didn't notice the girls who strutted by him trying to capture his attention. It always amazed Dean to no ends that Sammy could be so focused on learning instead of having fun.

Dean stayed off of the usual path as he made his way to the park. He didn't want to chance having Sammy see him and know he was there. He had promised Sammy to let him try and make it on his own. He was keeping that promise, but it didn't hurt to check up on the kid when he didn't know about it right? As Dean neared the usual clearing where he would find Sammy, he was totally shocked by the sight that met his eyes. "Well I'll be damned" he said as he saw the pretty little blonde who was sitting on a blanket with his baby brother. "She is so out of your league " Dean whispered as a huge smile lit his face. Sammy did have some Winchester blood in him after all.

Dean felt like a peeping tom when he saw Sammy lean over and plant a deep kiss upon the beauty's lips. "Way to go kiddo" he cheered as he pumped his fist in victory. "You did learn something from your big brother after all." Dean stayed for about a little over an hour watching over them protectively until he saw Sammy and the girl stand up to leave. He followed them back to campus where they parted ways and went into separate classrooms. Knowing that his little brother was still safe, Dean walked back to the Impala and headed out.

As he drove down the road, Dean got a call from Pastor Jim telling him that rumor had it that John was taking on a dangerous hunt by himself in the Washington Mountains. Dean couldn't believe his dad refused to call in help. But then his dad hadn't been acting like himself lately. He was drinking more and he moved from hunt to hunt without a break since Sammy had walked out of their lives. He remembered his dad staying drunk for days after Sammy had left and wallowing in despair. He knew his dad was drowning in pain then, but he had been suffering too.

For the past few months, Dean had started taking on some hunts of his own as he and his dad seemed to be drifting apart. Dean recognized that there was a chasm growing between the two of them, but he didn't know how to stop it. He knew his family was irreparably broken and that the only thing that bound them together was now living a happy life in Palo Alto. Drawing himself out of his musings, Dean focused on driving towards Washington State and meeting up with his father.


Sam breathed a sigh of relief as his last class of the day ended. He had felt a little tense today and couldn't figure out why. He spent the day as usual, going to classes and meeting up with Jess at the park. But something seemed off and he couldn't place what it was. He wondered if he was putting too much pressure on himself. He wanted to ask Jessica to move in with him, but he didn't know if he was ready for that kind of commitment yet. He knew he loved her, but would that love be enough to get them through the rough times. And what if Jess questioned him about his family. She was already wondering why they never seemed to come around, but he had explained it by saying they were workaholics.

As he walked towards his dorm room, he stopped by the cafeteria along the way. He was starting to get a headache and figured it was because he hadn't eaten all day. Dean would kill him if he knew he had skipped eating today, but he had honestly forgotten to eat with studying and all. He got a quick meal of chicken and rice with a side salad in a white Styrofoam container and then headed off to his room. He knew he would be alone tonight since his roommate Brian said he was going home for the weekend and Jess was doing the same. He sighed with regret knowing that he no longer had a home to go home too. His dad had made that more than obvious on the day he left a little over a year ago.

Letting himself into the room, Sam turned on the television and sat at the table to eat. He flipped the channel until he found a horror movie. His thoughts drifted to Dean and the way they always made fun of the movies and how they always got things wrong when it came to supernatural beings. Feeling downhearted, he turned off the television and quickly finished his meal before taking a shower. He planned on going to bed early tonight.

Exiting the shower with a large white towel wrapped around his waist, Sam pulled on a pair of boxers and a tee shirt before popping a few Tylenols and climbing into bed. It wasn't long after his head hit the pillow that Sam drifted off into a restless sleep. He started to toss and turn as a nightmare overtook his unconsciousness.

In the dream, he stood outside a cave and watched as his father unpacked his gear from the back of his truck. His father looked worn down and his face had an almost haggard appearance to it. His mind flashed and then he was inside the cave watching as his father pulled his weapon from of the back of his pants. He shouted "Dad lookout" as a shadow approached his dad from behind. His father didn't hear his warning however and he was forcibly lifted from his feet and thrown against the cave wall just narrowly missing a stalactite that hung from the ceiling.

"Noooo" Sam shouted as he shot up in bed, gasping from the nightmare that had assaulted him. He physically shook from the terror of watching what his father had went through. He still loved the man even though he had kicked him out of the family. He was his dad after all. Sam massaged his temples as he tried to ease the pain throbbing in his head. Mercy, but he hated these tension headaches that left him hurting for hours.


After stuffing the gear he would need in is backpack and putting the miner's helmet on his head, John climbed through the locked gate and set off on foot towards Beckman's Cave which was situated near the Canadian Border. He wasn't looking forward to searching the cave knowing how deep it went into the mountain. He didn't relish the idea of having to hike twenty five miles through rough terrain and narrow passages. It would be even more tricky since the cave had stalactites hanging from its ceiling. As he approached the roped off entrance, he could see the evidence of a few all terrain vehicles that had been brought in to remove the bodies that the hunters had found. Reaching up to his helmet, he turned on the small light that he would need to help guide him safely through the cave.

Taking a deep breath, John entered the cave and scanned the walls of the cave and the path ahead. He was looking for demonic signs that could have been carved into the walls. He knew if the Aitu demon resided in the cave, the hunters had been lucky to make it out with their lives. After walking a few hundred feet, he stumbled upon some loose stones and cursed as he nearly hit his knee on a sharp rock jutting out of the cave floor when he fell. That could have done some real damage. He regained his feet and started down the passage once again as the air around him grew suddenly cooler. "Son of a bitch" he stated as he pulled his gun from the back of his jeans and scanned around looking for the demon. He had just managed to turn around when he felt himself flung through the air narrowly missing a stalactite as he collided hard with the cave wall.

He fell to his knees as he tried to draw in a deep breath after having all of the oxygen forced from his lungs upon impact. He looked up in surprise to see the yellow eyed demon who had killed his wife standing smugly in front of him.

"Hello John, remember me?" Azazel asked as he used his powers to telekinetically force the hunter against the cave wall. 'You and I need to talk."

John sneered at the gloating demon as he said "I'm going to kill you, you son of a bitch for destroying my family."

Azazel just laughed and shook his finger. "Now, now John, we both know it was you who destroyed your family and now you're going to pay."