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I think of you every second of every day

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When I hug you, I wish I never had to let go

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And I always get excited when I see you.


Because I'm completely in love with you

Forever and always


















It had been about three months after Sakura had finally agreed to date Sasuke and a month since they moved in together, that she realized something in her body was off.

Mornings were usually her time.

She would wake up before Sasuke and do her morning Sun Salutations, before taking a shower and preparing herself for her day.

Now, moving too fast made her woozy, she had the urge to just vomit, and for some damn reason her ankles no longer looked like ankles.

And Sasuke always woke up before she even made it out of bed.


Waking up sweaty and out of breath, Sakura closed her eyes and attempted to breath evenly to sooth her churning stomach.

"Sasuke, let go."
Feeling his arm constrict around her waist in protest, Sakura groaned and covered her mouth as she gagged.

Instantly, Sasuke released her and watched with mild alarm as she bolted into the bathroom before proceeding to throw up.

Pushing up off of the bed, Sasuke idly ran his hand through his hair before making his way towards the kitchen and grabbing a glass and filling it with room temperature tap water.

Slowly making his way back towards the bathroom, he was amused to find Sakura's hand already in the air waiting for the cup of water that had quickly become part of their morning routine for that past week.


He trailed off when she glared at him, and sighed before leaning against the counter as she took a sip of the water, swishing it around in her mouth to ride herself of the taste of bile, before spitting that too into the toilet.

"I'm not going to the doctor."

Sighing in irritation, Sasuke glared at her, "You've been throwing up for weeks. That isn't a common cold Sakura."
Sakura waved her hand at him dismissively as she flushed the toilet and stood, accepting the toothbrush and toothpaste Sasuke handed her.

"Well, the throwing up is the only symptom I have left of my cold. It's probably just lingering."

"For two weeks."

"I've seen it happen before. I think."

Spitting the toothpaste into the sink, Sakura looked at him exasperatedly, "Sasuke."
Cupping her face in his hands, Sasuke pulled her towards him and gently placed a kiss upon her temple.


The word was spoken softly, and Sakura sighed in defeat before she stood up upon her tiptoes to kiss his chin.

"Fine, I'll have Tsunade check me sometime this week when she's free."

Grinning, Sasuke gently nipped her chin.


Laughing softly under her breath, Sakura swatted Sasuke away before moving back into their bedroom and pulling out her familiar medic uniform while Sasuke quickly donned his ANBU armor.

"Are you still going to stop in to eat lunch with me?"

Pulling up his face mask, Sasuke nodded, "Ah."
Sakura smiled, "Good."

Pausing in buttoning up her shirt, she watched as he slowly made his way towards the window with purposeful strides, before crouching enough to leap through it without even slowing down.

Sighing, Sakura smiled briefly to herself before continuing on with her routine.

Just as she had finished slipping on her sandals, Sakura felt the familiar churn in her stomach and reached the toilet just in time to save herself another mess to clean.

Clutching the seat, she groaned and wiped her mouth on the back of her hand before flushing and moving towards the sink.

'Maybe we should have Shishou check us sooner rather than later.'

Rinsing her mouth with tap water, Sakura thought about it as she covered her toothbrush with toothpaste.

'Well, she is never really doing much in the mornings.'

'It couldn't hurt to go talk to her, you know.'

'It's just embarrassing… I know I haven't diagnosed myself right, but what else could it be?'

'Shishou isn't going to freak out on you for not knowing one thing. She even said it was nearly impossible to diagnose yourself half the time.'

'Still… it's annoying.'

'And I'd usually agree with you, but seriously, I'm so freaking tired of throwing up its ridiculous.'

'Fine, we'll talk to her today.'

'Thank Kami-sama.'

Ignoring the urge to roll her eyes, Sakura reached for her purse and slung it over her shoulders before heading towards the front door of the apartment pausing only to pay Mrs. Sakugawa their rent.


When she found herself standing before her shishou, Sakura couldn't help but feel embarrassed again.

"Was it really necessary I get naked?"

Tsunade shrugged, "Does it bother you that much? It makes the check up so much faster."

Sighing, Sakura bit her lip and pretended the numerous hickies that decorated her body didn't exist, even when Tsunade grinned wickedly while poking them.

"Alright, I've got one final check up, and then I'll be able to diagnose you. But you'll have to lie down on the table."

Grumbling to herself, Sakura did as she was told and tried to not show her nervousness when Tsunade loomed over her stomach with her chakra activated.


"Hm, what?"

Sakura fidgeted nervously. Hm, was never good.

Tsunade glanced at her, "Oh, nothing. It's just what I thought it was."

Shrugging, Tsunade waved off her questions before she could verbalize them and pointed towards her clothes hanging on the rack.

"Put some clothes on, then we'll talk."

Quickly shimmying into her skirt and pulling on her bra and tank top, Sakura skipped her lab coat in favor of joining her mentor at her desk.

"So, what did you conclude?"

Tsunade looked close to smiling, "I've concluded that you should learn to stop being stubborn and come to me sooner when you aren't feeling well."

Looking slightly guilty, Sakura admitted, "I wouldn't be here now if Sasuke hadn't wanted me to go so badly."

"Well, that's a good thing I suppose then, at least he actually cares about your health when you don't."

Huffing, Sakura ignored the comment.

"Anyways, you were saying Shishou?"

Rubbing her temples, Tsunade sighed, "Sakura, do you remember when I asked you the one thing you've always wanted to have?"

Biting her lip, and staring at the floor, Sakura nodded.

"Do you still want that family?"

Slowly, Sakura turned her attention to her Shishou, "Do you mean…"

Grinning, Tsunade couldn't contain her enthusiasm, "You're pregnant Sakura."

Touching a hand to her belly, Sakura looked at her mentor in amazement.

"You… I'm really…" she stuttered before the tears came.

Slightly alarmed, Tsunade stood and walked over to where Sakura sat before squatting beside her.

"Sakura, why are you crying?"

Sheepishly, Sakura wiped at her cheeks, "I'm… I'm so happy."

Hiccupping, she threw her arms around Tsunade's shoulders in a tight embrace before pulling back and touching her stomach again in amazement.

"I'm going to be a mother."

Tsunade smiled, "Let's hope it's normal, ne?"

Sakura swatted her Shishou's hand away, "Of course it'll be normal. It's your grandbaby."

Tearing up, Tsunade stood up quickly walking over to her desk and sniffling.

"Alright, alright, I've got work to do. Shoo," Tsunade gruffed, holding a file before her face as if she wasn't crying quietly.

Accepting Tsunade's privacy and need to be strong in front of everyone, Sakura quietly left her mentor alone and went to try and find her boyfriend.

Sitting in her office waiting to tell Sasuke that he was a father was the hardest part.

Especially since lunch was three hours ago and he still wasn't there.

When she heard a knock on her door, Sakura's heart soared until Shizune stuck her head in and smiled at her.

"Tsunade sent me in to check on you and give you this."

With her, she carried a lunch tray, along with vitamins, and a letter.

Slightly confused, Sakura accepted it, and didn't touch the letter until Shizune left.


You're probably very confused right now… but this had to be done. Sasuke is late for lunch because there has been a recent outbreak of activity that needs to be investigated along out southern borders, and Sasuke's team is the only one fully equipped to get the job done. All should return in about a week or so. Yet, there is the possibility, like all missions, that it is worse than assumed and the deadline could extend three months.

Now, you can be angry with me all you want, but eat your damn vitamins. I want a healthy grandbaby. You're feeding two people now.


"Fan-fucking-tastic," Sakura sighed as she dry swallowed the pills before shoving the note into the bottom of her desk and pushing the food away.

Staring at it agitatedly, she pulled the dishes back towards her and ate a few bites before giving up on it.

Turning towards her stomach, she patted her tummy before cooing softly, "Baby, mommy's mad now, we'll eat later."

When two months had passed and Sasuke still hadn't returned from the mission, Sakura stormed into Tsunade's office and demanded to be allowed to write Sasuke a letter.

Tsunade sighed, "Just, whatever, the address is in the recent missions' deployed file. You know where it is. SHIZUNE WHERE IS THE REPORT I REQUESTED?"

Grabbing the proper file without even looking, Sakura quickly hurried out of her Shishou's office and into her own.

Placing a hand on her swollen belly as she slowly sat down in her desk chair, Sakura sighed as she reached for a piece of paper and a pen.

Not feeling any need to beat around the bush, she quickly wrote him a message.


I'm pregnant.

Folding the paper in half, she placed it in an envelope and addressed it properly before stopping to drop it in the mail box at the hospital and then continuing to waddle to her rounds.

The suite Sasuke had managed to procure for the mission was extremely lavish.

Everyone had their own room, which were all connected to a living room area where they had meetings every night to discuss the progress of the mission and write mission updates to be sent back to Konoha.

Noriko, who was becoming rather homesick lounged across the couch, sprawled across his lover Shinji, and asked his usual, "How much longer till we're allowed to go home?"

Glancing at the two letters addressed to him on the table, Sasuke sighed, "Hopefully very soon."

Shinji tilted his head to the side, "Who is the other letter from?"


Ume, freshly showered stepped out of her bedroom, "Oi! Is that other letter from my boyfriend?"

Pushing Noriko over, she sat on Shinji's lap and eagerly grabbed Noriko's hand turning to him excitedly, "I hope we can go home soon. This mission is getting ridiculous."

Sighing and running a hand through his hair, Sasuke decided to ignore is subordinates.

Reaching for the letter from Tsunade, he placed it aside before grabbing the other and tearing it open.


Ume bit her lip nervously, "What's wrong?"

Smirking broadly, Sasuke shook his head, "I… Hn."

"Can you tell us what's going on?"

"Sakura is pregnant."

Leaping up for joy, Ume began to dance around excitedly, "About damn time!"

Chuckling, Sasuke reached for the other letter, quickly scanning its contents before frowning.

"Hn. Well, we have two more weeks on this mission before we're allowed to come back."

Noriko cocked his head to the side, "Isn't it a bit backwards to get your girlfriend pregnant before even getting married?"

Shinji nodded in agreement, "Won't your kid be a bastard if she gives birth before you are married?"

Ume rolled her eyes, "The kid is screwed, he hasn't even proposed to her yet."

Reaching into his pocket, Sasuke pulled out the ring he was meaning to use to propose when he got back and looked at it thoughtfully before heading over to the desk and quickly writing a reply letter and handing it to the missive bird to take back to Konoha.

"What did you say?" Ume inquired.

Sasuke shrugged, "Something that needed to be said."

Noriko sniggered, "Well… that wasn't vague at all."

Shinji rolled his eyes, "Honestly you two. Sasuke's business is Sasuke's business… Now, about the mission…"

When Tsunade called her into her office again, Sakura briefly wondered if she had done anything recently that could have gotten her in trouble.

Being pregnant was hard, damn it, and it wasn't her fault when people didn't realize what they were supposed to do.

Knocking upon her Shishou's door, Sakura was surprised when Shizune quickly pulled it open before pulling into the room and leading her to a chair to sit down.

"Uh, is everything okay?"

Tsunade grinned, "Fine, fine. You have a letter."

Cocking her head to the side, Sakura was surprised when Tsunade just threw it at her.

Catching it, Sakura gingerly opened it and pulled out a rather… odd shaped letter.

Fingering it open, Sakura gasped at the sight of the intricately designed ring, before searching for a message.

There were only two words on the paper.

"Marry me."

It was two days of torture waiting for Sakura to respond to his letter, yet he wasn't surprised when he did get an answer it was only one word.


Smirking broadly, Sasuke shook his head in mild amusement. Obviously, she wasn't hoping to be asked in such a matter… but he reasoned the time called for it.

He wasn't sure how far along she was, and there was no way any child of his was going to be a bastard.

Three days later, Sasuke received another letter.

Ino is planning the wedding.

What day do you want to get married?

"Ume, when do we get back?"

She looked thoughtful for a moment, "The third, of August."

Nodding, he turned back to the desk and quickly scribed his own response.

August 3rd.

When Ino informed her that the venue of the wedding was changed, Sakura didn't bother to ask why.

But, when she found herself standing at the alter in her wedding dress, right at the gates of Konoha, Sakura pondered that she probably should have asked earlier.

It would have been nice to realize that her wedding was going to have every citizen and ninja of Konoha as a guest, with dignitaries of other nations.

Looking out the gates towards the forest, Sakura felt her breathe catch in her throat when Sasuke's familiar form appeared on the horizon.

When he got close enough for civilians to notice, murmurs broke out amongst the crowed.

Leaping off the watch posts nearby, Naruto, Neji, and Shikamaru joined Sasuke and led him towards the alter before taking their place as the men of honor.

Moving his ANBU mask to the side of his head, Sasuke turned towards her and took his hands in hers, and the Minister went on with the wedding.

Their wedding was the talk of the nation for months, and Ino swore it was due to her planning skills.

"Honestly, Ino. I could care less."

Ino gasped, "You don't appreciate my twist on the norm? You and Sasuke aren't normal at all… hell, I thought I captured that perfectly."

Rolling her eyes, Sakura nodded, "Oh yes. You illustrated the dynamics of our relationship perfectly."

Entering the room, Sasuke scoffed before sitting down next to his wife.

"I honestly don't care. We're married. That is what matters."

"Aw," Sakura smiled as Sasuke rubbed her swollen belly, "That's sweet."


Ino gagged, "I think this is my cue to leave. You two are disgusting in your lovey-dovey ness. Seriously, what the hell."

Waving her friend off, Sakura ignored Ino's incessant gagging as she left, and returned Sasuke's kisses.

When she went into labor, it was two weeks early.

The first five hours weren't much of anything… Yet when it reached twenty four hours of labor, Sakura was screaming so loud all of Konoha could hear her. Or, that's at least what Naruto swore.


Tsunade snorted, "Don't talk about my grandbaby that way."

Sasuke smirked, "Hn. Sakura, push."


Their son was greeted to the world with his mother screeching.

Tsunade beamed, "It's a boy."

Sasuke smirked, and looked down at his tired wife and gently wiped the sweat from her brow.

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Save it. I know you said it was going to be a boy. But you damn well owe me a daughter."


Shizune, hurrying over with the birth certificate looked barely able to contain herself.

"His name?"

Sasuke glanced at her, "Ryuunosuke."

Rolling her eyes, Sakura nodded her agreement before glancing at her husband.

"How did we come to the agreement that you were to name the boys and I would name the girls?"

He glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes, "I'll remind you later."

On Ryuunosuke's tenth birthday, Sakura sat at the breakfast table and smiled fondly across it towards her husband who was currently dealing with a very important issue that the girls demanded his attention on.

Masami had tears in her eyes, and pointed accusingly at her twin sister Akane.

"And, and then! She took my kunai and threw it on the roof! And, and then Katsu said that he wouldn't get it for me cause I was a baby!"

She then promptly burst into tears, clutching onto Ryuu's arm causing the boy to sigh and awkwardly pat his sister on her head.

Akane looked indignant, "I was practicing my trajectory yet the wind caught it and it ended up on the roof instead of the practice beam. I said I was sorry, but she wouldn't listen!"

Sasuke sighed and looked at both his daughters, "You two are turning six in three days. I believe you are both smart enough to realize that tears don't solve everything, and that if something like that happens again, just come and get either your mother or I."

Ryuu shrugged and squatted down so he was level with his sisters, and motioned for them to come towards him almost conspiratorially, "Or, you can come get me."

He winked, and they giggled, and suddenly everything was forgiven until Katsu came in with a large box in his hands.

The girls glared at him, pouting that they were being ignored.

Handing it over to Ryuu, Katsu grinned.

"Uncle Naruto helped me pick it out."

Opening the box, Ryuu smirked, "A Katana? Really?"

Katsu grinned, "It's specially made. I'll show you the extra stuff later."

Shaking her head, Sakura smiled to herself before turning to Takeshi, who recently turned four, and handing him another rice cake.

Takeshi hit his hand upon the table, "Park, park, park!"

He giggled, and held his hands out to Akane who obediently picked him up.

"Can we go mom?" Katsu asked.

"Ask your father."

Ryuu clutched his katana, Masami clutched her beginners medical herbs book to her chest, Akane cradled Takeshi, and Katsu held his Fuuma shruiken.

"Hn. How about we go to training ground three."

"Yes!" the children squealed.

Sakura shook her head in amusement, calling out, "Be back in time for lunch!" just as the front door slammed.

Humming to herself as she picked up the dishes before walking to the sink to wash them, Sakura couldn't help but think, I really do love my life.

This has honestly been the biggest pain in the ass to write.
So, later when I have more time I'll probably revise it and whatnot and make it better. But for now, here's what I've had for about six months.
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