Chapter 1: Meeting Hunter's mom

It was a new day at road rover HQ as the rays of the sun shined through the window of Hunter and Colleen's room. The rays hit Hunter as he awoke with a yawn; he then looked over and saw Colleen sleeping by his side. She soon awoke and looked at Hunter, "Morning Huntie how are you today?"

Hunter smiled and kissed her then broke apart when needed air, "Wonderful Colleen, it always is when your right here beside me."

Colleen smiled, "Oh Huntie." They both kissed again but longer and more passionate. After they broke apart Colleen spoke, "so Huntie what do you want to do today?"

"Well I was planning on going to visit my mom today so why don't come along I would really love for you to meet her," Hunter said.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea Huntie, when do you want to leave?" Colleen said.

"How about right after breakfast," Hunter said.

"Sure," Colleen said. They both got out of bed and went for a shower; after they finished and got dressed they left for the kitchen.

Axel had awoke up feeling wonderful he looked over at his wife Ariel, both have been married for a month. Ever since they were married they couldn't be happier. Axel's room was made bigger so his and Ariel's things could fit inside. Ariel just then awoke and looked over at Axel, "How are you today Axel."

Axel smiled, "Wonderful love just wonderful." They both kissed. "How are you today."

"Just fine love," Ariel said.

They both took a shower and headed out the room. They bumped into Shadow in the hallway, "Hello you two." Since Shadow didn't have anywhere to go the Master decided to let Shadow stay at HQ, both Axel and Ariel were happy about that.

"Hi dad," they both said. All three then left to the kitchen for breakfast.

As everyone arrived in the kitchen for breakfast they sat down and talked about various things. Soon after they finished eating Hunter and Colleen left in the sonic rover and left for Wyoming.

A few hours later they landed a little away from the farm, they exited the Sonic rovers and stood on a hill over looking the farm. Colleen was a bit nervous at meeting her, Hunter saw this and held her hand. "There's nothing to worry about I know she'll love you."

Colleen smiled at Hunter, "thanks Huntie."

Hunter looked and soon spotted his mother, he smiled and they both walked down the hill. They hopped the fence and came close to her. Hunter spoke, "Mom."

She heard the call and turned to the, "Hunter! It's good to see you again." Hunter hugged her and she looked at Colleen, "and who is this Hunter?"

Hunter smiled, "Mom this is my wife Colleen, Colleen this is my mother Sierra."

Colleen held her and out, and Sierra sniffed it then licked it. "Huntie she likes me."

"I know she would," Hunter said. All three of them headed to the porch and sat down.

Sierra spoke, "So how long have you two been married?"

"Almost a year," Hunter said.

"That's wonderful," Sierra said. She turned to Colleen. "Hunter has told me a lot about you the last time he was here."

"Oh like what?" Colleen said.

"He said you were beautiful, sweet, caring, and how much he loves you," Sierra said.

Colleen smiled, "that's my Huntie."

Sierra looked at Hunter, "Hunter when did you relies you loved Colleen?"

"The first time we met, but at first I didn't know what the feeling was. Over time the feeling grew stronger whenever I was with her. It wasn't until I saved her from a Cano-mutant on one of our missions is when I relished I loved her," Hunter explained.

"That's wonderful," Sierra said. She turned to Colleen. "Colleen when did you relies you loved my son?"

"Like Huntie said the first time we met, my love grew over time. I wanted to tell him but I was afraid of what he might have said. But then after a mission we did we both finally admitted our love for each other," Colleen said.

Hunter then held her hand, "and then six months later I proposed and we were married a month later."

"That's wonderful I'm really glad that you two found love through all of this, and I'm glad I got a new daughter now." Sierra said.

Hunter and Colleen both smiled at that, "Thanks," they both said.

Hunter and Colleen then started talking about everything they did and what they did with the team. They told all the missions they been on, told her about their teammates. Colleen even told Sierra about her past and how she lost her mother. Sierra thought she had it bad but was glad she found happiness on the team. "Wow you two defiantly have good lives together not to mention good teammates," Sierra said.

"So mom how things on the farm?" Hunter asked.

"Well same as always but something has happen," Sierra said.

"What do you mean?" Hunter asked.

"Well it's been days since I've seen the farmer and any of the other animals, I would look around but I can't see that much," Sierra explained.

They both were surprised at hearing this. Hunter spoke, "would you like us to look around?" Sierra nodded. Hunter and Colleen then both looked around the farm and they didn't find anything, it was like it was deserted. They explained it to Sierra and she too was surprised at this. "My world I wonder what happened," Sierra said.

Hunter then began thinking, it was starting to get late and they needed to head back soon. He then made a decision. "Mom why don't you come back to HQ with us, I'm sure the Master wouldn't mind.

"Really? He wouldn't?" Sierra said.

"Yes wouldn't you say Colleen," Hunter said.

Colleen nodded, "Yes I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

"if it's alright then yes I'll go," Sierra said.

"Alright lets go then," Hunter said.

They all left for the sonic rover and soon were off home. A few hours later they arrived back at HQ and the first place they went to was the Master. They entered his room and he faced them, "Hunter, Colleen what can I do for you two." He then saw Sierra, "And who is this you two brought back."

"Master I'd like you to meet my mom Sierra," hunter said.

Master walked over kneeled down and petted Sierra. He smiled, "So this is your mother nice to meet her."

"Master it seemed that the farm she was on was abandoned and I couldn't leave her, is it ok if she stays here?" Hunter said.

Master stood up and looked at Hunter, "Yes it wouldn't be a problem."

Hunter was both surprised and Happy at hearing this, "Really that's great!"

"Yes that is great," Colleen said.

"Why don't you get her transdogmafied and introduce her to everyone," Master said.

Hunter and Colleen both nodded as they left with Sierra to the transdogmafier. After ensuring that it was safe she got in and the tube filled with smoke. Then she came out on two legs. "Wow this…I can talk, this is great Hunter."

Hunter walked over to and hugged her, "it's good to have you here mom."

"It's good to be here to," Sierra said.

"Come on lets introduce you to the others then we can give you a tour of the base," Hunter said.

Sierra agreed as they left to find the others. They soon found everyone, except Shadow, in the rec room. everyone looked and saw Hunter and Colleen and also Sierra. Blitz spoke, "Hey Hunter who's she?"

"Everyone like you all to meet my mother Sierra, mom this is the team," Hunter said.

Everyone got up and went to great her. Axel spoke first, "Hello Sierra my name's Axel nice to meet you."

Ariel spoke, "Hello I'm Ariel Axel's wife, great to meet you."

Exile spoke, "Greetings comrade Sierra I'm Exile, it's nice to meet mother of comrade Hunter."

Then Blitz, "Hello there my names Blitz it's great to meet you."

And finally Shag, "Wello Ri Rm Rhag."

Sierra was confused, "What did he say?"

Hunter chuckled, "He said 'hello I am Shag'."

Sierra smiled, "it's nice to meet all of you."

Just then shadow came in to the room, he stopped as soon as he saw Sierra. Hunter noticed and Walked Sierra to him. "Mom this is Shadow, Axel's father."

"Hi," Shadow said.

"Well hello there," Sierra said.

"Well mom if you like it me and Colleen will show you around," Hunter said.

"Sure," Sierra said. The three of them walked out. Before they left the room Sierra looked at Shadow again, 'what a handsome dog' She thought.

Shadow watch Sierra exit the room, 'She's beautiful' he thought.

The rest of the day went good as Hunter and Colleen showed Sierra the whole base, she was amazed at everything she was shown. Soon after they all had dinner they all headed for bed for the night. Hunter showed his mother a spare room and she was asleep as soon as she laid down. Everyone else went to bed peaceful. Little did they know that it would be a race to save two of their own.

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