Chapter 4: New Love

The Rovers had arrived back at HQ with Shadow and Sierra. They took them to Professor Hubert's so he can check them out. They Rovers them left for the briefing room where the Master was waiting for them. He faced them as they entered, "Good job Rovers you all managed to save Shadow and Sierra, and Parvo and Groomer are back in jail. You all out did yourselves once again. Your good dogs Rovers, good, good dogs."

Hunter turned to everyone, "To The Power Of The Pack!!"

Everyone responded in unison, "AAAAARRRRRHHHHHOOOOO."

After they were done Hunter, Colleen, Axel, and Ariel went to go check on Sierra and Shadow. They entered the med lab and approached the professor and he seemed to be done with examining Sierra and Shadow. Hunter spoke, "hey professor how are they?"

The Professor spoke, "they both are fine the only injury is Shadow's hand. It should heal a lot faster now."

"That's good thank you professor," Hunter said.

"Anytime," Professor Hubert said.

The four walked to where Sierra and Shadow were. Hunter spoke, "Mom how are you doing."

"Just fine Hunter and I have Shadow to thank for that," Sierra said.

"What did you two do before we rescued you," Colleen said.

"We just talked about things and he protected me when he had to," Sierra said.

Hunter turned to Shadow, "Shadow thank you for protecting my mom."

"No problem," Shadow said.

Axel spoke, "dad how's your hand?"

"It's a lot better now the professor put something on it to making heal better," Shadow said.

"That's a good thing to hear," Ariel said.

Shadow looked over at Sierra and smiled, he remembered the feeling he had when they were both together. He knew what that feeling was and can't hide it. He then thought what Axel would think. "Axel do you think I can talk to you alone?"

Axel nodded, "Sure dad." He turned to Ariel; "I'll see you in a bit."

"Alright," Ariel said as they kissed. Axel and Shadow walked out of the room in the hall.

Axel turned to his father, "so what did you want to talk about dad?"

Shadow stayed silent for a bit then spoke, "It's just that the time I spent with and protected Sierra meant something to me. The more I talked with her and the more time I spent with her gave me a feeling I haven't felt since I was with your mother. Axel I…"

Shadow stopped when Axel put his hands of his shoulders. "Dad I know where this is getting to and I'm ok with it. Most of all I'm happy for you."

Shadow was a bit surprised, "you are?"

Axel nodded, "yeah Sierra is a wonderful dog and I sort of noticed when you first met her. And I think this is why mom said about moving on, I think she predicted this would happen."

"I thought the same thing…but what would Hunter think?" Shadow said.

"Hunter will understand because he'll know that she will be in good care with you," Axel said.

Shadow smiled, "your right."

"Does Sierra know?" Axel asked.

Shadow shook his head; "I came close but didn't do because I wasn't sure she would return it, but now I she feels the same way."

"Well dad when your ready tell her…I was the same with Ariel and everything between us is great," Axel said.

"Thanks for understanding," Shadow said. They both hugged each other.

"Well I need to meet Ariel so good luck with it," Axel said. Shadow nodded as they parted ways.

Sierra was alone with Hunter, as she wanted to talk with him alone. "So mom what's going on," Hunter said.

"Hunter I need tell you something," Sierra said.

"What is it," Hunter said.

"It's just that the first time I saw Shadow I felt something. It grew when I spent time with him and when he protected me. I had this feeling when I was with your father," Sierra said.

"You love him don't you?" Hunter said.

Sierra nodded, "yes and I know he feels the same."

Hunter then smiled, "that's great mom."

"Your Ok with it," Sierra said.

Hunter nodded, "yes, Shadow is a great dog and I know your be good if your with him."

"Thanks for understanding," Sierra said.

"Your welcome I know your be happy with him," Hunter said.

"Thanks Hunter," Sierra said.

"Your welcome mom," Hunter said. They both then hugged each other.

Ariel and Axel were reading in their room when Ariel spoke, "What did dad want to talk to you about?"

"All I can tell you is that he loves Sierra," Axel said.

"He does?" Ariel said.

Axel nodded, "yes the time he spent with her gave him that feeling of love and I'm ok with it."

"Those two will be great together," Ariel said.

"I know they will," Axel said.

"Has he told her?" Ariel asked.

"No not yet. He was kind of like me when I started loving you," Axel said with a smile.

"And I'm glad you admitted it to me and I'm glad were together," Ariel said.

Axel smiled, "and I'm more happy for it everyday." They both kissed for a while, and they held each other closer for an hour. They cleaned up and went to sleep.

Hunter and Colleen had just gotten in their room. Colleen spoke, "So Huntie what did Sierra want to talk to you about?"

"She wanted to talk to me about Shadow," Hunter said.

"And what is it?" Colleen asked.

"She loves him," Hunter said.

"She does?" Colleen said.

"Yes and I know she will be in good hands," Hunter said.

"So your ok with it," Colleen said.

"I am," Hunter said. "Reminds me when I fell in love with you."

"And it was the best thing that happened to us," Colleen said.

"I know," Hunter said. They both kissed then sank down into their bed for some passionate activities. Then they cleaned up then went to sleep.

Shadow was alone in the rec. room watching T.V. not being able to sleep yet. His thoughts were still on Sierra. He thought about how he was going to tell her. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the door open and saw Sierra. She walked over to Shadow, "Hello Shadow." She sat down next to him.

"Hi Sierra," Shadow said. "Couldn't sleep yet?"

"Yes," she said. "Shadow I want to thank you for saving me earlier."

"I wanted to protect you because…because you mean something to me," Shadow said.

"And what is that?" Sierra said.

"Sierra when I first saw you I had a feeling inside me…a feeling I haven't felt when I was with Axel's mother. Sierra I…Sierra what I'm trying to tell is that I love you."

Sierra smiled, 'Shadow I feel the same for you; I love you too. The same feelings I for Hunter's father are the same with you."

Their heads got closer till their lips met. They broke apart after a minute. "That was new," Sierra said.

"I know," Shadow said. "Sierra I was sort of afraid of telling you earlier cause I didn't think you would return it."

"I sort of knew that you felt that way because of the way you were acting earlier," Sierra said.

"That obvious?" Shadow said. Sierra nodded. They then held each other's hand. "I think this is what she meant about moving on. I think she knew this would happen."

Sierra smiled, "I also think the same when he said to find someone else."

"Does Hunter know?" Shadow asked.

Sierra nodded, "yes and he's ok with it. How about Axel?"

"He's ok with it too," Shadow said. "I love you Sierra."

"I love you too Shadow," Sierra said. Their lips met again but they kept it longer both happy their let their feelings for each other known for each other. Both of them knew that this was the start of a new love for each other.


A/N: Hope you like. i will admit that i never planned on pairring these two. i got the idea of doing it after watching an episode of a T.V. show. the next one will be out soon.