by Gunman

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Summary: After their wedding, Shinji, Shampoo and the others head to Nerima to meet with Ranma, and find a conclusion to their lives.

Pretty much a response to Invincible Shinji's Romance Fanfic Challenge.


Chapter 3
Road to Nerima

Shinji blinked his eyes open, staring up at the ceiling of his new hut, feeling the presence of his wife beside him shift her weight and snuggle up closer to him.

That's right, Shinji and Shampoo were officially married in an amazon wedding ceremony preformed by Cologne not four days ago. It had been a week since his fight with Mousse.

Shampoo's enthusiasm and honest affection had won him over after only a day and the pair spent the next two days just enjoying each others company before their wedding, which the entire village pitched in for. Though a few things had to be sent for from other villages and towns.

When Shampoo had emerged from the bridal hut wearing a rather traditional white silk Chinese wedding dress, Shinji swore that she looked just like an Angel.

Ryoga stayed because Shinji needed a best man, though he did his best not to get into a fight with any of the amazons. He had no intention of getting married, at least until he settled up with Ranma. And it wasn't that he didn't like weddings. It was the karaoke at the reception that made his teeth itch. Ryoga knew from an early age that he was tone deaf. He couldn't carry a tune to save his life, and whenever he got drunk enough he would sing.

This often lead to people trying to fight him, and once sober he tended to agree.

Shinji had convinced him to stay for awhile, promising to help him find his way to Nerima. No telling when he would, or if he could, find even Japan on his own.

Shinji looked over and just watched the cute face of his new wife as she slept next to him. Her eyes eventually opened and focused on him. She smiled as she saw him, and then motivated her entire body over Shinji's, her lovely face filling his entire vision.

"Good morning, fu." Shampoo smiled as she kissed his lips tenderly. (Fu husband)

"Good morning, qi." Shinji smiled as soon as she ceased her kissing. (Qi wife)

Shinji sat up with the girl in his lap, the pair resuming their kissing as they held each other tightly.

The pair hadn't had a 'honeymoon' as yet, as Shinji and Ryoga still had a lot of stuff to do.

Like get to Nerima.

Cologne said that they would be ready to go in a few days. The reason: they had chosen Nerima for their next husband hunt, so Shinji had convinced Ryoga to wait so that they could all go together. So, while they waited, Shinji and Ryoga just spent their time relaxing.

"Mmm! Mmmmm!" Shampoo moaned as her tongue wrestled with Shinji's.

Though it was much better for Shinji.

Shampoo's overwhelming affection and fairly libertine attitude had actually emboldened the young man. Realizing that Shinji was actually a rather shy and suppressed person, Shampoo decided to help him in her own special way.

On their wedding night, after the reception, she crawled into bed with Shinji... naked.

Shinji was naturally unnerved by this, but Shampoo managed to get a firm grip on him and told him that if he was going to be her husband, then this was something he was going to have to get used to. Shinji didn't get much sleep that night, but he was able to overcome his fear of letting others be close to him.

Thanks to Shampoo's forwardness, Shinji's 'fear of intimacy' was crushed.

Since then, the newlyweds had been sleeping without clothes, and morning make out sessions like this were becoming more and more frequent.

Shampoo moaned as Shinji kissed down her neck to her supple breast, leaning her back down to the bed as he gently lapped at her naked flesh.

"Oh! Yes, airen! Shampoo feel very good! YES!" the girl cried out as he fervently kissed the valley between her breasts, his left hand reaching over to caress her right breast, his right hand venturing much lower, eliciting another series of strangled moans from his beautiful wife.

She held his head in position with her hands as he pleasured her. This continued for several more minutes, with Shinji moving around to different body parts all above the waist, until the built-up orgasm released and Shinji collapsed atop the curvaceous young woman.

Oh, god! Shinji is getting better at this. She thought, her breathing starting to return to normal. And this is just his kissing and caressing me. Her mind quickly played out the possibility of what it would be like when they finally went all the way.

And it made her moisten again.

Shinji may have become bolder in this last week, but he wasn't ready for that just yet. Shampoo understood that, but had subtly made it known to him that she wouldn't wait forever. Yet truth was, she would wait for him. Shinji was absolutely the perfect guy for her. She loved the way he lavished attention and care upon her, which she returned in great amounts. She loved his kindness, his well-mannered attitude, how smart he was, and his strength.

Mousse may have been annoying, but he was no pushover. Heck, if it hadn't rained when it did Shinji would have probably beaten the nearsighted fighter with skill alone. It would have taken longer but Shampoo was confident Shinji would have won.

A soft kiss to her cheek brought her back to reality.

"Did that feel good, Shampoo?" Shinji whispered to his wife as he got off of her and settled down next to her.

"It was wonderful." she cooed softly to him. "Shinji is getting better I think."

"I have you to thank for that." he said, gently caressing her cheek with his hand.

"Why are you staring at Shampoo like that?" she asked, noticing his unblinking gaze.

"You're just so beautiful." he smiled, leaning in to kiss her gently.

He pulled her to him and increased the kiss, their arms wrapped tightly around each other.

A knock on their door caused the pair to frown.

"Who is it?" Shinji said in a less than friendly tone.

"It's Ryoga!" the voice called back from the other side of their bedroom door.

Lose your way to the kitchen? He thought, still mildly annoyed at the interruption. "What's up?" he asked the lost boy.

"Cologne said to come and get you when we were ready to go to Nerima."

Shinji and Shampoo looked at each other in surprise.

"She's ready to go now?" he asked.

"Pretty soon. She told me to make sure you guys were ready and packed. Said we were going to leave after lunch."

Shinji looked at the small clock by their bedside. One of their wedding presents.

Three hours. He thought. Normally the amazons ate lunch about 11, this freed them up for the rest of the day, until dinner, which was about 6 o'clock or so. They'd actually let the married couple sleep in and skip breakfast.

"Alright, thanks. We'll be ready to go by then." Shinji called back.

Shinji heard Ryoga walk away then sat up, throwing his legs over the side of the bed.

"Shinji?" Shampoo asked, noticing the upset look on her husbands face. "Is something wrong?"

"I met you here, I fell in love with you here, I married you here, I promised to live with you here. I just thought..."

"Shampoo and airen would become one here." she finished.

He smiled at that. "Yes."

"Still have time." she said with a smile.

Shinji looked at her, a little shocked at what she was suggesting.

"Shampoo ready now. But Shampoo love airen. Would wait til airen ready." she said softly as she scooted up to Shinji's side, wrapping her arms around his bare chest.

Their foreheads touched gently, the young man looking at his gorgeous wife square in the eye. His look told her everything.

He loved her and wanted to prove that love to her.

Their lips met, tenderly at first. Their bodies turned to each other as their arms wrapped around their spouse's body. Skin rubbed against skin, tongues wrestled with increasing passion, a heat building quickly between them.

"I love you, Shampoo." Shinji whispered to her, as he held her tightly.

"Sham- I love you too... Shinji." she whispered back, correcting herself for only a moment.

No other words but those of ecstacy and rapture followed as the pair consummated their love.


"Where are they?" the short-haired, white and pink clothed Sugar asked as she loaded the last of her belongings into the large moving truck.

"No clue. They knew when we had to leave." the long raven-haired, red Chinese dress-wearing Spice said as she hefted her large sword onto her back.

"Don't worry, child. They will be here." Cologne said as she stood on the top of the truck and saw the talked-about pair step out of their house and tote their own bags up to the truck. She grinned as she noticed the fatigued expressions their bodies made, their hastily put on clothes, and a rather... satisfied look on her great-granddaughters face as she walked arm-in-arm with her husband, her head resting on his shoulder. Well, well, well. No problems there I see.

"Where have you been?" Pepper, Spice's twin sister, asked the pair as they placed their bags inside the large truck. "We've been waiting for you since lunch, which you missed by the way. What were you..." but she was unable to finish her question as Shampoo placed a hand over her mouth.

"Shampoo and Shinji here now. No get upset." Shampoo said. "We go now?" she asked her great-grandmother as she leaped down from the roof of the truck.

"Yes, yes. We can go now." the old crone said.

The group loaded into the large van that would drive ahead of the moving truck. The group consisted of Cologne, Ryoga, Shinji, Shampoo, Pepper, Spice, Sugar, Soy, Perfume, and Mint.

Shinji and Shampoo grudgingly got into the back seat and quickly fell asleep against each other, their fingers interlinked with each other.

The others just stared at them in confusion. Had they known the reason for their sudden exhaustion, they would have all turned the color of tomatoes. A couple of them, however, would have been bugging the married girl for details like crazy.

Cologne just smiled knowingly, but not telling the others anything than to let them sleep as the van and loading truck pulled out of the village, which was waved off by the other amazon maidens.


It was two weeks later and the group was almost to Hong Kong.

Along the way, the group encounters Ukyo Kuonji. She was on her way back to Japan, specifically to Nerima, and as it turned out, she was also looking for Ranma.

"So... what did that jerk do to ruin your life?" Ryoga asked.

"He ran out on me right after we were supposed to get married." Ukyo grumbled.

"Married? Why would Ranma want to marry a guy?" he gasped.

"Uh... Ryoga? She's a girl." Shinji said to his friend.

"What? He... she is?"

"Yeah. She just has really short hair."

"Oh. Wow." he gasped. "How did you know?"

"How did you not?"

The rest of the trip all the way to Hong Kong was carried out in silence, though Ryoga did his best to avoid the tomboy cook, especially if she should find out about his pig-curse.


The group arrived in Hong Kong and quickly got checked into a hotel for the night. While everyone went out to get some food, Shinji found himself sitting on the patio of his room overlooking the harbor. Next to him, actually in the patio next to his, was Cologne. Noting his rather somber mood and deep-thought appearance, Cologne spoke up.

"Is something wrong, son-in-law?" the elderly woman asked the boy.

"Yes, elder. A while back you said that Shampoo and I were the perfect match for each other. What did you mean by that?" he asked.

"Oh... that. Well, it was just an idea I was throwing out."

"You said it either had to do with our cat-curses, or because we were the perfect match for each other and I just wonder what you meant by that."

Cologne smiled. "I'm sure you've noticed how different you two are. Personality wise."

"You mean... because she is headstrong, impulsive, uninhibited, fearless, strong."

"And you are somewhat the opposite. Shy but not a coward, more a thinker but not weak, reserved and even sensitive to the needs of others before your own."

"Wait! Shampoo isn't selfish!" Shinji snapped.

"No. I did not say she was. Though it might have seemed like I was implying that, it was nice to see that you will stand up for your wife." the elderly woman grinned.

"Well, of course! She's my wife and I love her."

"Oh, Airen!" Shampoo cried as she appeared from inside the room after taking a shower. She was wrapped in a white hotel bathrobe, walked up and wrapped her arms around the boy. "You love Shampoo!"

Shinji smiled as he turned around and kissed her softly on the cheek. "Why shouldn't I?" he said. "You've done more for me than any other woman has. And I don't just mean in bed." he said, whispering the last part.

Shampoo looked a little lost, but smiled at the apparent compliment.

The pair kissed tenderly before the girl pulled her husband back into their room and quickly closed the curtains.

Cologne just grinned. I'll be sure to save them some food for later. She thought.


Moving a majority of their things from their village in China to Nerima in Tokyo wasn't a large problem, though there was some trouble with finding the right boat for the right price.

Cologne didn't want to take a separate boat from their truck, until Shinji was able to locate a barge that would accommodate them. It was slow, but the captain and crew didn't ask too many questions, didn't really mess with passports, and could keep to themselves the majority of the time.

Eventually the barge reached Kyoto within a week of leaving Hong Kong.

One month after leaving their village found the group of amazons entering the Tokyo ward known as Nerima.

They quickly set up shop in old restaurant that was For Lease. Shinji had to handle the arrangements since he was basically the more diplomatic of the group.

Cologne, Ryoga, Shinji, Shampoo, Pepper, Spice, Sugar, Soy, Perfume, Mint and Ukyo Kuonji were quick to set up their new restaurant, called The Cats Paw.

Once the majority of their stuff was loaded into the restaurant, an overly anxious Ryoga wanted to go out and find Ranma.

Seeing his friends distress, Shinji was able to convince Cologne to let them go out and find the boy in question. Shampoo wanted to go out as well, mostly to close that chapter of her life, and Ukyo also insisted.

"Very well. Go out and locate your former fiancée." Cologne said. "We can handle things here."

"Thank you, elder." Shinji said as the quartet left.

Shampoo lead the trio to the Tendo Training Hall, where she knew Ranma was now staying.

She knocked on the large door, but nothing happened. She knocked again and nothing happened.

"Hmm. Maybe no one's home?"

"No. Someone should be home. Always someone home." Shampoo said and then casually walked right through the large oak doors to the dojo, knocking them down like a bulldozer.

This left Ryoga and Ukyo with their mouths hanging open in total shock.

Shinji, however, just shook his head and walked in after his wife.

"HELLO!" Shampoo shouted.

Within a few seconds, a kindly woman in a house dress and apron stepped out of the house.

"Yes? Can I... Oh! Shampoo. You've returned." Kasumi Tendo said with a smile. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you knock." she said, noticing the crashed in door.

"Yes, Kasumi-neechan. Have come to see Ranma." Shampoo said, not really caring about the door.

"Uh... Ranma is at school. But he should be back soon." Kasumi said.

"Can Shampoo and friends wait?" she asked.

"I don't see why not. Who are you friends?"

"This Ryoga, friend of Ranma. Spatula Girl, also friend of Ranma."

"Actually I'm his fiancée and my name is Ukyo!" Ukyo snapped.

"And who is this?" Kasumi asked of the final person.

"This Shinji. Shampoo husband." the amazon said with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Shinji's neck.

Kasumi balked. "Husband?"

"I'm pleased to meet you, Kasumi-san." Shinji said with a bow.

"Please come in. I wish to hear this story." Kasumi said.

"Of course."

(One hour later)

"...and after we set ourselves up in our new café, we decided to come and look for Ranma." Shinji said as he sipped his tea. "Shampoo lead us here, you invited us in, I told you our story, and..."

"Oh My!" Kasumi gasped. "That's... incredible! And you all have curses like Ranma-kun?"

"Well... not all of us." he said, looking at Ukyo.

"I was never in this Jusenkyo place." the tomboy said.

"I see."

"While we wait, do you want to spar?" Ryoga asked.

"Sure." Shinji said.

The pair went out into the back yard and started sparring after a few quick stretches. While they did, Ukyo volunteered to cook dinner while Kasumi and Shampoo talked.

"I have to admit that I was a little shocked that you have a husband, Shampoo-san. You were so... adamant about being with Ranma." Kasumi said.

"Yes. At first I thought that Ranma was one for me. But... he reject me too much. I... realized that I could not continue with chasing him... so I left. I met Shinji when return to China... and... it like I find soul mate." Shampoo said with a smile.

Kasumi just nodded, also noting how much her speech had improved since they last met. It made her wonder if Shinji had anything to do with that.

"And he very good at loving Shampoo." the amazon said with a happy sigh.

Good at loving? Kasumi wondered, then blushed as to what she was implying.

A few minutes later, Ranma Saotome returned to the house, with Akane and Nabiki Tendo in tow.

"Just because Pop's is in Edogawa with your father on special business, doesn't mean he couldn't have given me a little warning or something." Ranma growled. "I just hope he doesn't try to marry me off to someone else. The last few times were just ridiculous!"

"Yeah. The last thing I need is to try and dig your sorry butt out from more trouble." Akane snapped.

"What? Dig me out? Who was it that saved you from Kodachi's poison dart?"

"She saw me as competition for you, ya big goof!"

"So it's my fault?" Ranma asked as Nabiki looked back to see the downed door the other two hadn't noticed just yet.

"No. I blame your father for that, but since he isn't here..." Akane shouted.

"Now wait a minute!" Ranma shouted back.

"What is all the racket out here?" Kasumi asked as she came around the corner.

"Oh, just the usual." Nabiki groaned. She suddenly paused as she noticed a collection of shoes next to the front door. "Do we have guests?"

"Yes. Very special guests. Mostly for Ranma." Kasumi said.

"Really? Who?"

"RANMA SAOTOME! PREPARE TO DIE!" Ryoga shouted as he appeared around the corner of the house.

"Ryoga?" Ranma gasped.

"He's Not The Only One, Suga!" Ukyo shouted as she pulled out her giant spatula.

"Ucchan?" Ranma gasped.

"Hello, Ranma-san." Shampoo said, appearing behind the upset looking Ukyo.

"YOU TOO?" he gasped.

"Hello." Shinji said, appearing next to Shampoo.

"Uh... who are you?" Ranma asked.

"My name is Shinji Ikari." he said with a bow.

"Shinji is Shampoo's husband." the lovely amazon said.

"Husband?" Ranma, Akane and Nabiki gasped.

"Yeah. They got married about a month ago. I was there." Ryoga said. "Now, prepare to die!"

"TIME OUT!" Ranma shouted, halting everyone.

"Time Out? What kinda stunt is that?" Ryoga asked.

"Dude! Give me a minute! I've got old friends and former fiancée's dropping in out of nowhere, one of them even telling me they're married to another guy when I didn't even know they were over me. And you wanna kill me right when I walk in the door. Give me a minute!"

"Fine." Ryoga huffed.

"So. You're Shampoo's husband?" Ranma said, shaking hands with Shinji. Hmm, firm grip.

"And Ryoga's traveling companion for about three months before I met Shampoo." Shinji said.

"Really? How did that work out?" Ranma asked.

"Not bad, all considering you can actually go to more than 90 different countries on seven continents and never see the ocean." Shinji said.

"I'm surprised you didn't end up on the moon." Ranma snickered.

"HEY! I'm not that bad!" Ryoga snapped.

"So... why are you all here?" Ranma asked.

"Well, it was mostly so that Ryoga and Ukyo could find you." Shinji said.

"And Shampoo wanted Airen to meet Shampoo new Airen." Shampoo said, holding the boys hand with her own.

Thank god that's something else I don't have to worry about. Ranma thought. And at least the guy seems like a good person. I wonder how strong he is?

"Alright, breaks over!" Ryoga snapped.

Within seconds, Ryoga and Ranma were trading blows in the main yard of the house.

"This... is going to be a problem." Shinji groaned.

"Yes." Shampoo said. "We have not told them about curses yet."

"Later, sweetie. He's got bigger things to worry about now."


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