That's You In There
by pari106

Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: G
Code: M/Z; Drabble
Spoiler: "Some Assembly Required"

A/N: What can I say…I'm still in awe of this week's episode. M/Z moments abound… I've got so many
ideas bumping around my head, I'm about to overload. Maybe getting this out will help.

"Feel that?"

I put Zack's hand on my chest…over his heart, so that he can feel it beating. I hope he can't feel it
breaking …breaking with pain for all that's been done to him.

"That's you in there." That's Zack beating inside of me. He was inside my heart before I lost it. I just
never realized how much. I never realized how much I needed him…until now that he needs me.

"That's who you are."

"I love you, Max," he sobs, clutching me to him.

I can't even speak.

I love you, too, Zack. I love you, too.