I'm stuck on 'Deterioration' for the time being, have been for a while, so I decided to start posting some of my older, random stories for all those Aurikku fans out there. Yay for this pairing!

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Back and Forth

Death by

"It's the only way she knows. And…the only way it can be done."

It was the stupidest, most narrow-minded argument I could think of.

I could have strangled him.

It would be really easy, I think, as I cock my head to the side and grin, imagining my fingers tightening around his throat. A thought pushes me back into reality. They wouldn't fit around his neck. My fingers, that is, so I imagine what other things I could do to him.

Pushing him into the Moonflow seems like the most viable option, but seeing as he's the night watch right now and I would preferably not want to be night watch, I find myself at an impasse.

I'd have to settle for verbal sparring for the time being. Shit. I feel like Mr. Bug-up-his-butt has already won.

"It's not the only way it can be done, I'm sure of it! Why my father…"

"Hmph. You mean the leader of the Al Bhed?"

Hey! I never told him that.

"Hey! I never told you that!"

"I met your father once," he says.

That's right, he was the 'legendary guardian' of Braska, Yuna's dad. It only made sense that he'd have met Yuna's uncle.

I already liked Yuna a lot, even though I'd only just met her. The others were okay too. Especially that crazy kid that we'd saved at the Baaj Temple ruins. In fact, the only person I could see myself not liking on this pilgrimage was the stick-in-the-mud 'legendary guardian' I was currently in an argument with.

It was like going on a really awesome vacation to Luca, and then finding out that your whole family was coming along too. When you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself, thank you very much.

Yeah that had sucked. Especially when you ended up spending most of your time with your idiot older brother.

Crap! He's staring at me. Probably waiting for some sort of reply. Like people usually have in an argument.

"Anyway, my father has been thinking of many ways to explore the fight against Sin without sacrificing anyone."

There. That should satisfy him. It sounded good to me anyway.

"Have any of them worked?"

That's it, I'm really going to strangle him this time. And then he's going to rake his katana down my body, leaving huge scar down my face. We can be the scar people.

I giggle. I can't help it.

He narrows his eyes. I roll mine. If you thought I was going to be this much of a pain, then why did you say 'yes?' You held my face in your hands and examined me like a piece of broken machina. That was humiliating enough. If you had a problem, you should have said so. Yunie would have obviously listened to you.

Yunie. I like that.

"Be serious," he says, interrupting my thoughts again. His voice is stern and he grimaces through both eyes. His personality sucks, but that scar does make him look pretty badass.

"You saw them back there. They were annihilated. I knew it wasn't going to work. Hell, Seymour and Kinoc knew it wasn't going to work!"

Wait, what? Those were my friends and family that had risked their lives out there.

"Wait. What did you just say?"

"Nothing. Go to sleep Rikku." His voice is gruff and bitter.

"You just said that the Maesters knew Operation Mi'hen wasn't going to work! Those were my friends! Some of them were my family!"

I'm pissed now. How can this guy continue to defend Yevon if they knew it wasn't going to work and let all those people die in vain?

"Is your religion so important to you?"

There's a long silence. I guess he's ignoring me. Who's the childish one now?

"I know there's a way. There has to be. And I'm going to find out what it is."

I hear the words spill out of my mouth and dart into the heavy fog that has settled over the river. There's an eerie glow from beyond the trees from the pyreflies casting odd shadows into our campground. When I squint, I can see the figure of Sir Auron, his back turned towards me.

A/N: All of these chapters will be back and forth arguments between Auron and Rikku at different points of the pilgrimage. Will romance blossom? I sure hope so. Auron's POV next time!