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My brown eyes were clogged over with makeup.
-"Alice Cullen, I won't even be able to open my eyes tonight if you put anything more on them!"
-"It is so I know exactly who you are at the party tonight Bella. That is unless you want to lemme see…."
- "Not a chance." So now I knew. Alice was desperate, and the fact that this outfit was all a secret had to be driving her nuts. Especially since it was the Cullen's annual themed party and this year some genius had pulled a Phantom of the Opera theme. This party signaled the end of the season here at the Ritz- Carlton. Soon I'd be back in New Orleans for my final semester of school with Alice and Jasper, Alice's boyfriend.
Living life out on the St. Thomas resort was a dream, and every break I had from school I had was spent working here. I'd gotten so close with the repeated tourist and the staff. I lucked out the day Alice had decided to work at the resort in New Orleans, so lucky she had decided to leave this island and come to Louisiana of all places. That was five years ago, before she had gotten me to agree the year after being friends to come here. Since then, she and her brother Edward and I had become amazing friends.
I smiled up at her in the mirror.
-"Have I told you lately that I have the best friends in the world?"
-"Nope, but im sure they know it Bells. I declare you done." She put the straightener down and a stood to give her a hug.
-"Youre the best Alice."
-"I know I know, but I need to go get ready. Sure I can't see it." I shook my head again. I knew she was going to be mad at me when she figured it out later tonight. But she shouldn't have told me why she wanted to do my hair and makeup. I walked her out the door and waited a moment before picking up the phone on the night stand.
-" Hey Angela, it's Bella. I have a favor to ask."


My green eyes stared back at me, large with fright, from behind the black mask. 'tonight, tonight is the night' I told myself sternly. I'd been trying all summer to talk myself up to it. To finally telling Bella how I felt. I'd tell her about the four years that I had known her and that she was all I would think about. How being on this resort without her was miserable, that when she was at school and got swamped with work and exams and couldn't find time to email me i was a nervous wreck. I'd tell her with all honesty that the day she and Alice stepped off the plane i had thought my heart would never beat again. A knock on the door threw my thoughts aside and I jumped. I slowly moved towards the door to open it and I guess my face fell as Alice slipped into the room.
-" Thanks Big brother I love you too." She laughed. Her short hair was curled around her face and she was wearing a green dress to match her eyes.
-"You know you really would look like Tinker bell if you died your hair blonde." I retorted. She knew what tonight was. Alice scoffed at me and I smiled in apology.
-" How does she look?" I asked hopefully. This night would have been easier if I would have known what she was wearing to find her by, but no I had had to resort to Alice's hair expertise. Stupid girl masks. What girl in the phantom of the opera wore a mask!? This was ridiculous. It had turned into a masquerade without meaning to.
-"Amazing if I do say so myself. Straight hair and brown eye shadow with white sparkles over them. I do hope it looks good with her dress though." Alice was very disappointed in Bella's sudden declaration in fashion secrecy.
We walked to the lobby and waited. Soon Jasper and Emmett appeared, not long after Rosalie came down in a crystal blue dress. Now just Bella and Angela. The door to the stairs opened and Angela appeared in a pastel pink dress. I looked past her for Bella. Angela walked quickly towards us.
-" Bella has a headache and said she would meet up with us all later. She asked, well demanded, NO ONE stay back to wait on her." I was already hitting the up button on the elevator, I turned and glared at Angela.
-"Wh..what?" Bella was not feeling well, I was always there when Bella didn't feel well, why would she say this?
-"She said it would ruin her dress. Don't worry Edward, I made her promise she'd meet us there later. It is after all just a small headache." Angela amended trying to comfort me no doubt. My anger flared at her words. Don't get me wrong Angela is such a nice girl and was so good to Bella, but this was ridiculous about dresses and being sick. But then again it was so like Bella. I'd call in an hour and see how she sounded. If she wasn't there by then I'd come back. Maybe I'd give her two hours, I'd figure it out later. I led the group out to the cars. Tonight she'd be my Bella or I hoped so at least.


Angela had helped me so much. My hair now hung to my shoulders in curls and my makeup matched perfectly to my midnight blue ball gown. I slid in the blue contacts I had bought for the occasion. I slid out of my clothes and cautiously slipped my dress up to me, zipping the back carefully. I adjusted the shoulders just down past my shoulders and smiled at the effect. I felt like Cinderella. I added the simple silver chain to my neck and the matching earrings before sliding my feet into silver slippers. I slipped my midnight blue mask with dark beads onto my face and glanced into the mirror. I didn't even recognize my face. I stood slowly and headed to the door but I stumbled. This was going to be my downfall.