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Chapter 40 – is this really the end?

White walls, white floor, white everything! Even the color of my hands were white. I would have given anything for a different color to surround me. It had been a very long fifteen hours. Alice was snoozing next to me and Jacob sat across from me, and as impossible as it might seem, even Jacob seemed white. We had been escorted to a private waiting facility and even though it was probably for a good cause, I resented the lack of people distraction. We all sat quietly, just waiting that's all we could do was wait.
"Mr. Cullen." I had been so focused on my thoughts I hadn't noticed him.
"Yes, Dr. …" I gave him a questioning look.
"Dr. Almond." Like the nut, hopefully he wasn't a nut.
"How is she Dr. Almond?" He frowned at me and looked around the room.
"We usually only speak with direct family but her father informed me over the phone that you were the one to make these decisions. If we could please step out into the hallway?" He stepped back, waiting for me to stand and pass. This did not sound hopeful. My stomach dropped and clenched. My Bella, my beautiful, beautiful Bella.

The door peaked open to the room they'd let me sit in. I felt tired, just tired. I let my eyes open just so I could look through the lashes to see who it might be. Warmth embraced my hand as another took it. I felt the faint smile come to my lips.
"Hello. I've missed you." I heard a stifle and opened my eyes a little more. Tears streaked the most beautiful face. The face of my angel.
"Edward?" He smiled, a little embarrassed.
"Bella why must you keep scaring me?"
"Dunno, keeping you on your toes I guess."
"Bella you keep this up and Ballet dancers will be jealous!" I snorted out a laugh and grimaced as it shook the wound in my stomach. He cleared his throat awkwardly and sat down in the chair next to me, he held my hand steadily but refused to look at me.
"Bella, how much do you remember?" He wouldn't look at me and I knew something had happened.
"I don't know. I remember Victoria and seeing Jacob, and then its blurry."
"You gave up…" The scratch of his voice was tense, not questioning .
"I know. I just…"
"I understand."
"I felt it Bella, I felt all of it. By the time I got there, they were loading you into the ambulance and you just kept telling me you loved me and I knew you weren't fighting to stay, not even for me. I understand Bella."
"Edward, I…" He stood up, and silently begged he would look at me.
"I love you." His eyes met mine and I wanted to curl into a ball for wanting to leave him.
"I know."
"Good. So you heal up, and we go back to the resort and get married and I will keep you safe."
"Bella I love you." Tears glistened as he prepared for my arguments and the news he was so sure was coming.
"Edward, I didn't give up because I didn't love you. I gave up because there was nothing left for me to do. It wasn't in my hands."
"I know, I just want to walk away from all this with you."
"And we will Edward, all three of us will…" He looked at me quizzically. The smile that grew from my lips was seductive and hinting. His free hand touched my belly and I nodded.
"The bullet missed the baby. Our baby." He caved into the chair next to me again and the noise that came out of him frightened me.
"Edward, Edward it's okay now…" His shoulders shook in the sobs that escaped him and I yearned to comfort him. After a few minutes he calmed down and he climbed onto the hospital bed with me, his hand resting on my belly.
"Bella, never ever again will I let…"
"Don't say that Edward. Just promise you love me."
"Always have always will." With that I closed my eyes and nestled into him.
Hopefully life would calm down, and it would always come to this.
Edward and I.

thanks for hanging with me guys... i really appreciate your dedication to this story. i have been working on a few non-fanfics and with everything going on i havent had the time to get this last chapter up. Thanks again